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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  B
Bimini Bahamas to Highborn Cay
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Tuesday June 10th
location - Chub Cay Club
Fishing Boats
a day of Dinghy Trips
Sunken Ship
In Port - Chub Cay Club Marina ( 242-422-7183 ) ..
.. we had another Sunny, bright and hot day .. good day for the Bimini Top on the Dinghy .. at first light the Fisherman are heading out, probably looking for more dolphin and a number of large Boats headed to Nassau .. both Marv and Betty were able to get on Skype  for the first time since leaving Bimini .. Marv contacted Marinas and Betty was able to talk to her Mother and children ..
.. Marv splashed the Dinghy and today was a day to explore area waters by Dinghy .. we took in Queens Beach, Diamond Rock, Rum Cay, a Sunken Ship that had sunk while delivering a load of sand to Chub .. we went up into a Creek for quite a ways, till the water got too shallow, then we beached the Dinghy and Betty and Mary Kay were able to look around for any interesting items .. another bag of items went back to the Boats ..
.. we used the Viewing Bucket and were able to see, several Rays, Turtles, many different kinds of Fish and a lot of different colors of Coral .. much to the girls dismay there were Sea Biscuits they weren’t able to retrieve .. Marv offered to hold them by their ankles but they were not at all interested ..
.. Marv had also talked to the Dockmaster about Sand Dollar Hill and he gave us a location but we were unable to find what we thought would be the right place .. the area is only exposed during low Tide and supposed to be just LOADED with Shells .. needless to say the girls were not happy ..
.. when Marv went 'trolling' on the Docks he talked to a neighboring Boater who later brought us over about 6 lbs of Dolphin all filleted and packaged up .. Marv put the Dolphin into smaller bags with water and froze most of it .. we had been wanting fresh Fish and were unable to find it in Bimini due to the high winds .. ie the Fishermen just did not go out ..
.. John and Mary Kay prepared dinner on their boat .. we had grilled burgers, rice, salad, and was Marv excited as Mary had made Cornbread ..  everything was just yummy and thennnnnn you  guessed it .. YUP 3 dippers each of Strawberry Ice Cream while the girls enjoyed their 'diet' Jell-O ..
Wednesday June 11th
location - Chub Cay Club
a few of the treasures
Autumn says I think I am missing Docktails
In Port - Chub Cay Club Marina ( 242-422-7183 ) ..
.. Chub Cay Club is a large marina with floating docks and slips large enough to accommodate  most any large Boats .. it is a beautiful Marina with good amenities .. the had no Diesel or Gasoline for sale .. the Ship Store had almost no merchandise, the Gift Shop has only a few items .. there is an area for transient workers which was virtually empty, there is a Church, laundry, shower house and store .. the Staff is very friendly and helpful .. Dockage was $2.80 per foot plus electric at 45.00 day and water at 40 cents a gallon ..
.. another beautiful sunny day .. Marv and John are busy changing our route to take in a day on the Island of Andros before we head to Nassau .. we have not been there so will be an new experience for all of  us .. we got a Golf Cart for half a day and set off to see the Island by land ..  we found the Airport and headed right to the Beaches where Betty and Mary Kay lost no time heading down to the Shore .. Mary Kay got so many she couldn’t carry them in her arms and pockets were bulging .. she was so excited as she found her first Sea Biscuit .. Betty wanted to cool off so she went out a little ways from Shore and the resident Ray didn’t want to share so she came back a whole lot faster than she went out ..
.. the girls spent the afternoon doing laundry and working about the Boats and the Guys got right on their computers ..
.. last evening  we contacted a native person about bringing us some Fish for dinner this evening, he came but wanted $40.00 for it .. Marv shook his head and said NO .. sooooo we thawed out some of the Dolphin that our neighbor had given us .. Marv marinated it and John cooked it on his Grill .. was just yummy! .. Betty made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the Guys had their usual 3 dippers of Carmel Cheesecake while the girls had their diet Jell-O .. another great day !! ..
Thursday June 12th
Travel - Chub Cay to Andros
  Conching on Andros
Betty afloat
GB Packer Bar - Andros
Root Beer Float on the Hook
Travel - Chub Cay Club to Andros - 16 Nautical Miles.. Morgans Bluff Anchorage ..
.. we departed from Chub Cay Club at 7:50 am .. Sunny with stiff breeze and we were greeted with 3 footers on the Port Side so we rocked and rolled all the way .. once we made it to the Harbor it was well marked   and we dropped the Hook in about 8 ft of water at 9:15 am .. splashed the dinghy right away as John was having issues with his anchor .. he said a breaker kept clicking off .. we had a brief but hard rain shower, by the time Betty was got the windows  and doors closed it was finished, .. Marv had the Dinghy out so he got a fresh water shower .. Autumn was not happy and was sitting on Betty's feet ..
.. Betty and Mary Kay see beaches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.. Andros has an interesting history, it is believed the first settlers were Seminole  and escaped slaves from Florida who paddled their Canoes across the Florida Straits .. the Island has many legends as the Chickcharnie ( a red eyed elf like creature with 3 fingers and 3 toes with a tail to hang from trees .. it is said if you make one angry it will turn your head around backward .. I am sure not going looking for one ..
.. on the way into the Harbor we noted a small skiff with 2 native men loading something into their Boat, as we got closer we could see they were Conch tied together, in groups of 3, they collect them all week and store them by the Breakwall and on Boat Day they collect them put them in Crates and ship them to Nassau .. they sell them for 2.00 each .. the Island has over 400 blue holes and so much fresh water they export it to Nassau to assist with their water needs .. the beautiful printed material batik Androsia is manufactured and sold through out the Islands .. the Island produces large amounts of fruits and vegetables, which is sold mostly in Nassau .. we took the dinghy to shore so Autumn could potty and watched the supply boats load and unload .. we filled the Dinghy with gasoline at $5.79 a .gallon .. Betty and Mary Kay checked out the beach while Marv took pictures .. there was not even 1 shell .. the waters were so choppy we didn’t take the Dinghy exploring ..
.. Marv and John made plans for dinner at “Angie's” .. Chris that drove us to Angie's stopped at a Green Bay Packer Bar on our way .. the Owner / Developer was from Green Bay Wisconsin .. small World .. the food at Angie's was excellent .. Mary Kay and the guys had Grouper and Betty had Cracked Lobster and her usual Kalik and large glass of ice .. YMMMMMMMM ..
.. we returned to boats and was nearly dark, loaded the  Dinghy  in the wind making it a little more difficult than usual .. latter Marv relaxed and enjoyed his 3 dippers and Betty got out her diet Jell-O ..
.. the winds picked up ( 20 plus knots ) during the night and we rocked and rolled all night ..
Friday June 13th
Travel - Andros to Atlantis
Atlantis Marina Nassau
Atlantis home land of Mega Yachts
Tim Russert died today
Travel - Morgans Bluff, Andros to Atlantis Marina . Nassau, Providence Island .. 40 Nautical Miles ..
.. Friday the 13th .. UUUFFFDDAAA !! what a day ..

.. and FRIDAY the 13th it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. we both Boats pulled our Anchors and were underway at 6:45 am .. skies partly cloudy and very breezy .. and right out of the Harbor area we went and were greeted with 6 footers .. Marv felt it might settle down as we got further from land .. haha

they increased to at least 8 foot at times with a 26 knot wind coming right at our Port Bow ..  we pitched, yawed, rocked and rolled till everything we hadn’t put on the floor or tied shut went flying ..  about 15 miles out Johns Dinghy came loose on one end so we stopped and idled till he was able to secure it .. we took it a little slower the rest of the way arriving at Nassau Harbor ( land of many Mega Yachts ) around 1:30 pm .. even Autumn got sea sick with the rocking and rolling .. she was unable to find a place to sit or lay where she wasn’t rolled around .. Marv says he is just SHOT and got a coke  and fired up his Computer and Betty started to clean up some of mess .. we had rocked and rolled all night so should have known it would be a bad day on the water ..

.. John and Mary Kay hung right in there .. their boat was bounced like a top right along behind us .. when we talked about the day over dinner I think John might have LIKED it ..

.. Marv had Dee Light washed as she was just caked with salt .. John did his own as he has a Power Sprayer .. after we were docked we heard over the TV that Tim Russert died today .. he apparently had a heart attack .. we have really enjoyed him on the news and ‘Meet The Press’ .. he always seemed like a kind man always smiling .. he will be missed for a good long time ..

.. after our clean up we went for a walk around the Marina .. John and Marv were like kids in a candy shop, they looked and drooled over the Boats in the Harbour all the way around ..

.. we had a light dinner at a deli near the Casino ..  then we walked around the Shops, and you know it, they found the Atlantis Ice Cream Shop and had their usual 3 dippers ..

Saturday June 14th
Location - The Atlantis
Atlantis - Water Park
Dinner on the Point
In Port - The Atlantis ( 242-363-6068 ) ..
.. we are Docked at a prime location here at Atlantis .. we are in Slips Number One and Two at the Marina Entrance thus we are enjoying a parade of Boats both going in and out of the Marina as well as the boating activity on the East - West Waterway between Nassau and the Island of New Providence .. this is a premier Marina .. in addition to all the other amenities they even have every Slip hard wired with a direct Internet Connection ..
.. today is a beautiful sunny day ! .. Mary Kay and I took cab to a laboratory  right across the street from  Doctors Hospital to have my PT/ INR drawn,  it was very well organized and very clean, they wont take anything but cash or credit card, she just shook her head when I got out my blue cross cared .. will have results on Monday ..
.. we walked on to the Straw Market and Mary Kay enjoyed the color and business .. we each got a “knock off” coach bag ( they look pretty good ) and  they tried to sell us the whole building I got my duty free spirits that I wanted to take home .. we took the water taxi back to the Marina ..
.. Marv and Betty have a terrible mess going on Dee Light, somehow the hatch above the bed in the V-Berth was not latched the last time that it was opened and with all the ugly water on Friday the 13th everything was soaked with salt water .. many of Marv's books are water soaked and ruined .. the bed and pillows soaked ..  the carpet soaked, so we spent a lot of  Saturday cleaning and drying, washing what we can, the rest will have to wait till we are back to Fort Myers .. UGGGHHHHH
.. all of us enjoyed the Water Park and YUP Marv couldn’t stay off the Leap of Faith the rest of us with good sense rode the one with the tubes .. we all enjoyed the Lazy River it has been completely redone since we were here in 2005 and a lot of fun .. some of us had trouble getting our  “rear ends” up and out of the inner tubes ( see photos ) ..
.. we had dinner at The Point close by the Boats then scooted over to the Promenade for the Junkanoo .. It was so much fun and the best we had ever seen .. they had probably 20 people in it all of them in costume and playing some type of instrument from several drums to a tuba, trumpet, trombone, cowbells etc .. it was really neat and THEN John had chocolate and Marv had rum Raisin .. we were so tired we did not go near the Casino and hopped right into bed ..
Sunday June 15th
Travel - Atlantis to Hurricane
Root Beer Float at Atlantis
Dinner at The Poop Deck
Travel - The Atlantis to Hurricane Hole Marina ( 242-363-3600 ) ..
.. we woke up to another beautiful sunny day .. Marv  has been trying to extend our stay here at Atlantis Marina for two more days without much success .. he visits the off ice several times daily .. this morning they finally assigned us different Slips as there was a large Boat coming in that had reserved our tie-along spots ..  the new Slips were OH MI GOT  $7.00 a foot sooooo we decided to move our Boats .. on our way to Hurricane Hole about a mile to the West we TRIED to get Fuel at all of the Nassau Fuel Watering Holes only to find out that NASSAU IS OUT OF FUEL !! .. so we ended up going to the Hurricane Hole Marina for a few nights .. Hurricane Hole has Fuel but they have a broken Fuel Line which they don’t know when it will get repaired .. ie Island Time .. and  we don’t know how much a gallon it will be .. UGH!!! .. t hey wont tell you over the Marine Radio ..
.. the weather doesn't look good for travel till Wednesday and we sure don’t need another Friday 13th .. we stayed on the Boats  and did all our ADL S .. Betty and Marv worked on putting Dee Light back in order ..
.. later we all took a Taxi across the Bridge to the “Poop Deck” for dinner, it is an older original restaurant on the second level overlooking all the Marinas in the Channel  and also has fabulous food .. then on to the Casino where Betty left her deposit right away and Marv proudly carried his winnings home by way of Marina Village for the usual 3 dippers for Marv .. John had only one ???? ..
Monday June 16th
Location - Hurricane Hole
view from the Bridge
Market under the Bridge
Straw Market
In Port - Hurricane Hole ( 242-363-3600 ) ..
.. Hurricane Hole is currently being re-constructed and is in the demolition stage at this time .. their Internet System is down and I have tried to get on alternate Hot Spots with limited success ..
.. we had a partly cloudy sky and when Autumn heard thunder she is not happy .. we only got a few sprinkles but that is all it takes for her .. the weather looks good for traveling to Highborn Cay tomorrow .. the fuel Docks once again have Fuel and this morning there was a line of Boats waiting .. we are planning to fill up in the morning on our way out of Nassau ..
.. we walked over the Bridge and visited Potters Cay .. and the Markets under the Bridge .. the odor was terrible and the fruits and veggies were not fit for consumption .. we took the Water Taxi to the downtown Nassau area near the Straw Market and sure enough we found the Ice Cream Shop .. Marv had his 3 dipper .. Marv got a new Camera just like the one he has as his back up Camera .. when we were on our way to Nassau his other back up got wet during the Friday 13eth disaster ..
.. later we walked to Anthony's for dinner and returned to the Boat to finish getting ready for our travel on Tuesday .. can you believe no scoopers tonight !!! ..
Tuesday June 17th
Travel - Hurricane Hole to Highbourne Cay
Highbourne Cay
Dinner on the Dock
Travel - Nassau to Highbourne .. 37 Nautical Miles ..
.. we made it across the Waterway and were tied off to the Nassau Yacht Harbour Fuel Dock by 06:15 am .. we wanted to get to the Fuel Dock before any other Boaters so we would not have to wait for other Boaters to Fuel up ahead of us .. as we waited for the Fuel Dock to open ( 08:00 am ) up we watched Sabrina ( FOX 4 TV - Fort Myers ) for our last time as we will be outside the Fort Myers Direct TV Cone when we head East out of Nassau .. the cost for Diesel was $5.73 a gallon and we took on 648 gallon .. UFFFDA !! .. once fueled up we headed out of Nassau at 8:45 AM into two to three footers on our Port Side with 10-15 knot winds from the South .. we had a bright and Sunny day for our cruise .. and we had a beautiful cruise to Highborn .. we wound our way thru the Rocks and Coral that guard the entrance to the Highbourne Marina and was in our Slip by 11:45 am .. Betty and Mary Kay went right to the Grocery / Souvenir Store where Betty found the hand painted tops and visors that she had seen there before and brought a pink one back to the boat .. Mary Kay enjoyed the 8 Sharks and 2 Rays that were swimming at the end of the Fuel Dock .. Joel brought his bread and Johnny Cake for our dinner later tonight UMMMMMM .. Marv splashed the Dinghy and washed out the interior of it quite well as he had forgotten to put in the Plug .. ( just cant trust those River Boaters ) .. the four of us went exploring the area via Dinghy and found a beautiful Bay with a wonderful white sandy Beach where the girls found a number of Sand Dollars and just enjoyed the water .. when we got back to the Boats we had dinner on the Dock just behind Dee Light .. the waters here are unreal .. they are every shade of blue, clean, clear, warm etc .. it would seem this is truly Paradise .. no 3 dippers again tonight too much Johnny Cake ..
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