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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log B
Nassau to Compass Cay
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Thursday May 21st
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-21 and 22nd - Photo Album - an all dayer
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
we woke up to RAIN and thunder ( Autumn does not like the THUNDER ) .. and it looks like an all dayer ( our first ) .. due to the weather the boats from the Landings decided not the leave for Bimini.  We used the day to catch up with a few things around the boat...attempted to get the Garmin weather module working by checking all the connections, etc. but no luck yet...could sure use it about now.  
the weather did not prevent all the boats coming and going in the harbor .. another 60 Viking just like Dee Light arrived today .. the Rio Grande Belle from Albuquerque, NM.  Decided to have dinner aboard and  finally  around 5 pm the skies started to lighten up...we walked out to see if we could catch a nice sunset and the day ended with a few "red sails" as we watched several of the larger yachts move about the harbor.   Carol used the Magicjack to call her sister in WI which worked great and we finished the evening with a little TV and ice cream. 
Friday May 22nd
location - The Atlantis Marina
Nassau to Highbourne
updated on May 23rd 2009
2009-05-21 and 22nd - Photo
Marv's surgery
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
at about 10:00 am the three boats from The Landings headed out for Chub .. with a following sea they are planning to do some fishing on their way to Chub ..
made an appointment for 1:30 pm to see the "skin doctor"...Marv had a "boil" on his port thigh that just wouldn't budge despite all the home remedies we tried...so before heading for the Out Islands we decided to have it looked at by a professional ..had  the good fortune to meet up with the lovely Dr. Richelle Knowles who diagnosed the problem as a Sebaceous Cyst that wasn't going to go away by itself! .. so an hour later she very adeptly cut out the offending mass all the while being assisted by her husband Dr. George who happens to be an OB/GYN and was at the office helping out before he went to his clinic!  They are a wonderful couple with 2 sons and a 3rd on the way .. Richelle is from Trinidad and they both did their residency in London with George proposing to Richelle under Big Ben .. we wish them the very best!  After Marv was stitched up and bandaged up we decided to head directly back to Dee Light to rest up!
Watched a few boats come in but think many are being held up by the weather .. had dinner aboard again and then took a nice walk to the Marina Village for ice cream before calling it an early night. 
Saturday May 23rd
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-23 - Photo Album
dinner at Columbus Tavern
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
...another rain filled morning so we spent a leisurely morning aboard.  Still recuperating and feeling the effects of Marv's "minor surgery"  we stuck close to the boat and allowed the Captain to rest up while watching the rain showers come and go .. Marv also spent some time working on the Garmin XM Weather Unit and just got frustrated .. UUFFFDAA !! ..   Made reservations  for dinner at the Columbus Tavern at Paradise Harbour Club and Marina.  This restaurant is on the eastern end of Paradise Island (also owned by Atlantis, who we are told now own about 3/4 of the island) it is on the 2nd floor overlooking the harbor and is the island's "only native Bahamian waterfront restaurant" ...we enjoyed a wonderful meal...white tablecloths and fed the birds a little of our Bahamian bread on the open window sill next to our table.  Also enjoyed the "island music" provided by a live entertainer. Called it an early evening as we anticipate leaving in the morning for Highbourne Cay.
Sunday May 24th
travel - Nassau to Highbourne
2009-05-24 - Photo Album
photo from last year
was much the same
weather this year
2009-05-24 - Photo Album
Highbourne Plantation
2009-05-24 - Photo Album
Sharks at end of Pier
Travel - Nassau to Highbourne Cay - 37 Nautical Miles
after checking out at the Marina Office .. UUFFDA !! .. at 0800 we left our slip at Atlantis and headed out for Highbourne Cay .. at 0815 called Nassau Harbor Control to leave the harbor and proceeded on our way with 2-3 footers on our bow...just enough to throw an occasional mist of salt spray over the windshield.   Skies were partly cloudy and when we were about halfway we noticed a large bank of dark clouds off to the starboard side (to the SE)...arrived at the entrance to Highbourne about 1100 and were advised that our slip was still occupied and check out time was not until 1200...waiting for the M/Y Monique which had also been docked at Atlantis. After standing by for a bit we finally pulled alongside the long north dock to wait for our slip...walked Autumn and checked in at the office ...Monique was just leaving as we returned so we moved Dee Light to our assigned slip...AND just as we were getting all our lines, fenders and power cords situated the first drops of rain began...within 10 minutes it began to POUR...along with lots of thunder and lighting...we were most happy to be snug in our slip!...also got a fresh water wash down compliments of Mother Nature! .. after a light snack we launched the Dinghy ..
Called Cool Runner Catering at 242-355-1010 for some bread and johnnycake .. we left a message and later had two loaves of Bahamian bread delivered to the boat...will have to wait for the johnnycake.  By 5 pm the sun was back out so we decided to have dinner on the bow of Dee Light while the sun was going down .. Autumn joined us along with a couple of tiny winged visitors with yellow bellies .. they sure like Bahamian bread!
After dinner we all strolled down to the fish cleaning station to watch the nurse sharks feed on the fish remains and talked with a couple of fishermen who came in tonight from Miami...they cleared customs at Bimini...fished to Nassau and refueled and arrived at Highbourne around 8 pm...both in a 30' and a 28' boat!  Had a rough ride this afternoon thru the storm but brought back a nice catch in spite of the weather...talk about die-hard fishing enthusiasts.
Met a few of the marina residents gathered at the Tiki Hut on our way back to Dee Light and will probably join them for "docktails" tomorrow. It is a beautiful evening at Highbourne tonight and we have opened the windows to let the breezes come in.
Monday May 25th
Memorial Day
location - Highbourne Cay
2009-05-25 - Photo Album
Allen Cay
2009-05-25 - Photo Album
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) - Dockage $2.00 plus electrical power - Diesel $3.11
After breakfast the sun was shining brightly so we loaded up the dinghy and set off for the Allens Cays which are located just north of Highbourne.  It is very odd to float up to an absolutely pristine deserted beach and no sooner than the bow of your boat touches the shore .. an army of lizards march your way .. can be a bit intimidating! .. they are not shy about looking for a handout .. and have a face "only a mother could love" however we forgot to pack a lunch so nothing from us today and before long they moved back to the coral crevices from which they came in order to escape the midday sun. Actually they are Marine Rock Iguanas and these Cays are their protected sanctuaries.  We explored a couple of other beaches in the Cays (waved and said hello to the boats anchored) and eventually made our way back to the marina.    
We decided to run the water maker as Highbourne charges a flat rate for the electric power .. so far it is running perfectly ..  took a walk to the other side of the island and came across a great open pavilion with a wonderful view of the surrounding area .. decided to head back to the boat as the skies began to darken again .. rains eventually moved over around 5pm and lasted about an hour .. hopefully back to the typical summer weather pattern!
Tuesday May 26th
location - Highbourne Cay
2009-05-26 - Photo Album
dinghy trip to MacDuff's 
2009-05-26 - Photo Album
Leroy - "that be me"
2009-05-26 - Photo Album
fresh conch tonight
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 )
.. well the summer weather pattern definitely seems to have returned (we hope!) as we woke to blue skies and fluffy white clouds. We had noticed some beautiful large conch shells on the dock next to our neighbor's boat and asked where she got them...gave us the name 'Leroy - the local conch fisherman" ...so began our search for Leroy.
Loaded up the dinghy and left the marina about 10 am and headed out for Norman's Cay and MacDuff's Restaurant for lunch. Had a great trip down and observed one of the high-speed tour boats (probably out of Nassau) head into one of the Cays on our way down to Norman's.
 Beached the dinghy and tied the anchor to the "hitchin' post" and followed the road signs up to MacDuff's - we were a little early as they do not open for lunch until noon so we took a walk across the airstrip and down the road to the anchorage on the other side of the island - they also have a dinghy dock at the remains of the old fuel docks.  Before we sat down for lunch .. walked back to the beach to retie the dinghy as the tide was quickly receding and didn't want to be left high and dry after lunch. Ordered conch fritters which were a "10+" on a scale of 1-10 and today's special...grilled chicken sandwich with sautéed garlic mushrooms, mozzarella and micro greens - YUM!  Service and food was exceptional!  After a little coaxing - we launched the dinghy (glad we had pushed it out further before lunch) and headed back in calm, almost flat waters
...decided to take a side trip to Saddleback Cays where we saw the tour boat headed...a to-die-for gorgeous area and while there waved down a passing skiff to inquire about Leroy .. with a big grin the fellow in the skiff said "that be me!" ...so we placed our order for fresh conch.  Shortly before 5 pm Leroy was at the stern of Dee Light with a half dozen huge conch which he cleaned for us on the spot along with the shells for us to keep.  After a little chopping and pounding in the galley we enjoyed a dinner of fresh conch salad and toasted Bahamian bread on the bow while watching the sun set...no rain tonight!
After dinner wandered up to the Tiki Hut and met up with John and Susan Griffin aboard the sport fishing yacht Loon out of Fort Lauderdale.  Met them a couple of years ago in Staniel and they plan to fish their way  down again this year.  Hope to cross wakes with them again in the next few weeks.
Wednesday May 27th
location - Highbourne Cay
2009-05-27 - Photo Album
the Loon
2009-05-27 - Photo Album
2009-05-27 - Photo Album
Highborn Cay Icon
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 )
the Electrical Power on the Island was shut down for some scheduled maintenance from 0900 to 1200 ( no power - no Internet ) .. about 0930 the Loon ( John and Susan ) pulled out of the Marina .. they are heading for Compass .. we fired up both the Generator and Water Maker, Carol made Conch Chowder and Conch Salad, did laundry etc .. two the resident boaters had trouble with their Generators so they spent the morning in their Engine Rooms to no avail .. the power was not back on until 1415 i.e. must have been a Bahaman Electrical Crew ..
...enjoyed a leisurely day at the marina...stowed the dinghy and conch shells...after making a pot of conch chowder walked down to the fish cleaning station and fed the nurse sharks some scraps, stopped in at the office and the ship's store to pick up a couple of odds and ends and ended up lazing in the beach chairs just savoring the scenery...ended the day with a sunset up at the Tiki Hut with a couple of bowls of chowder and Bahamian bread...more on the way in the morning!
Thursday May 28th
Travel - Highbourne to Warderick Wells
2009-05-28 - Photo Album
Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park
2009-05-28 - Photo Album
Bill and Michelle
Travel - Highbourne Plantation to Warderick Wells - 37 Nautical Miles
...left the dock at Highbourne Plantation at 0900...another beautiful day for traveling...saw several sailboats heading northbound...seas very calm and had a great ride down to the Exuma Land and Sea Park and about 1100 called for a mooring ball at Warderick Wells where the park headquarters is located...were able to get on our favorite mooring ball No. 15 in front of the the office and Carol was able to pick it up with no problem - hurray for the first time!!!!!!
...launched the dinghy, took Autumn for a walk and checked in at the office (they are closed for lunch from 1200 to 1300) and were able to deliver a book to Mechelle from Kim back in Fort Myers called  Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods ...after we got settled in we explored the area by dinghy...ended up at Capture Beach on the south end of the island where 2 boats from Palm Beach were anchored and walked a trail to the Pirate's Lair that has a fresh water spring along with a beautiful beach...AARG! what a life the pirates must have led! 
Bill and Mechelle who have worked at the Park for many years stopped by Dee Light before dinner and it was great to spend some time with them...it's their anniversary tomorrow but we hope to get together with them again before we leave. 
Friday May 29th
location - Warderick Wells
2009-05-29 - Photo Album
Boo Boo Hill
2009-05-29 - Photo Album
Dee Light at the Exuma Park
 Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells ( 2423578344 ) - $50.00 per night
...had a relaxing morning aboard Dee Light and then got ready to take a walk up to Boo Boo Hill before it got too hot .. contrary to local lore, Boo Boo Hill was NOT named for the various dings, etc, that boaters incur on their journeys .. rather as legend has it an unfortunate schooner  was shipwrecked at this site and no survivors were ever found for a Christian burial .. so on a moonlit night or even during a sunlit day you can hear the sounds of hymns being sung from the caverns and the sounds of "boo boo" from the "blow holes" as the surf comes in on the island .. so we walked up to the the famous hill and left a RPYC burgee that Gary Gyarmathy retired from his boat the Bandit .. after we secured the burgee to the "pile" we found a spot to sit and enjoy the fabulous vistas on both sides of the Atlantic and Bahamian Bank waters.  
Carol spent some time on the swim platform cleaning the conch shells we got from Leroy at Highbourne .. flies were buzzing so we knew that they needed a little extra TLC...and Autumn watched the little Banana birds flit in and out of the boat .. about that time a 55' Azimut cruised by on the way to mooring ball No. 16 .. and with the wind and current today it was not an easy pickup for them so we took the dinghy over to give them a hand...met a very nice couple on the boat Belle.
Finished off the day with cocktails and hor d'oeuvres on the aft deck of Dee Light with Bill and Mechelle before they left for their anniversary dinner.  We found out from Bill and Mechelle that the new park administrator is a young man by the name of Andrew.
Saturday May 30th
Travel - Warderick Wells to Compass Cay
2009-05-30 - Photo Album
Compass Cay Marina
2009-05-30 - Photo Album
Little Pipe Creek Lighthouse
CruiserNet Photo of the Week
Travel - Warderick Wells to Compass Cay - 18 nautical miles
Autumn had a LONG night .. an electrical storm moved thru the area during the night .. 0130 to 0500 .. it did provide enough rain to get most of the salt off Dee Light .. at 0900 we checked out at the Park's Office .. said our goodbyes to Mechelle .. pulled off of the Mooring Ball area at about 1000 .. had a very lovely cruise down to Compass Cay ... as the day was a bit hazy we called on the VHS for a guide to lead us into the harbor .. after passing the first red marker keep all the markers to starboard until you make the "u-turn" pass between the 2 stakes and keep the next set of red buoys to your starboard also and you are home free.
after launching the Dinghy we headed south of Compass Cay to an area called Pipe Creek which was quite busy with many small craft .. even a large inflatable with a water boarder ..  stopped at the "Pipe Creek Yacht Club"  (alas no conch fritters) .. took the dinghy as far south as OverYonder Cay (just north of Sampson Cay) and then doubled back to check out the working stone light house at Little Pipe Cay .. quite an impressive place with an airstrip, beautiful docks and buildings but no sign of any activity at this time .. all very private!  Took a little side trip at Rat Cay thru a rock jetty to check out a nice little harbor and were immediately greeted by 2 large dogs who are very well trained to deter any unwelcome visitors .. mainly US!  We did a very quick 360 and beat it back before we found out if they could swim!
As the tide was falling we decided to head back to Compass before we became stranded waiting for high tide .. cleaned up and had dinner on the boat.   As we are posting this they are also doing maintenance on their electric system so the power just ceased .. so we turned on the generator for the second time today.
Sunday May 31st
location - Compass Cay
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
2009-05-31 - Photo Album

awoke to thunder rumbling in the distance and a very watchful Autumn on high alert for foul weather .. started out with a light rain and as the morning progressed the weather quickly worsened and had several bouts of pouring down rain .. contemplated taking the dinghy out a couple of times but by 3 pm decided to stay put and catch up on some reading and computer time.


Our dock neighbors decided to go out for some afternoon fishing but about an hour later radioed that they were headed back in on one engine and could use a hand on the dock.. with the wind, rain and current it made for a bit of excitement but they arrived in with no incident .. just not exactly in the same slip they started out from!!


Had dinner on the boat and then took a stroll up to the office/boater's deck area where an impromptu potluck was just getting underway as the rain had finally let up .. we stayed and chatted a while while Autumn tried to coax tidbits from the participants .. even though we had eaten we sampled some wonderful grilled dolphin and BBQ lamb chops while enjoying the camaraderie of the boaters.

Monday June 01st
location - Compass Cay
2009-06-01 - Photo Album
a walk on the beach
2009-06-01 - Photo Album
Carol with the Sharks and Gary
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker (242) 355-2137
awoke again this morning to the sounds of thunder and a light rain .. however after breakfast the rain let up .. although it was still overcast we headed over to the other side of the island to check out the beach .. it is a short walk over the rise and down to a beautiful crescent-shaped beach (around 3 miles long) with sugar-fine white sand with some small structures with picnic benches to rest or get a little shade .. we spent a couple of hours doing some beach-combing and enjoying the cool breezes off the Atlantic. After we returned to Dee Light the skies darkened again and got a good amount of rain from about 2 to 5 pm.
In the early evening after the rains passed we walked down to visit the resident sharks .. the tide was up over the little dock where they hang out and after a little coaxing Carol worked up the nerve to actually walk down to "pet" one! .. felt like a "sharkskin wallet" .. we are told that you can actually get in to swim and play with them but decided to wait until another time to try it!
Spent the rest of the evening visiting with Marcus and Edgie from Toronto who are working on the electrical system on the island .. and a couple (also from Canada) who have produced a DVD about the local area (we purchased a copy) .. also met Sally and Larry from Seattle who bring their 28 foot boat over every summer from Ft. Lauderdale .. plan to be here about 5 weeks.
Tuesday June 02nd
location - Compass Cay
2009-06-02 - Photo Album
Dinghy to Rachel's
and Rocky Dundas
2009-06-02 - Photo Album
Potluck at Compass Cay
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker (242) 355-2137
...the rains were gone from the area this morning and it turned out to be a beautiful day at Compass Cay .. took the dinghy to Rachel's Falls and Rachel's Bubble Bath .. we mucked about at low tide and found a lovely helmet conch shell along with a few other  "keepers" .. we plan to go back at high tide when the "bath is bubblin".
.. after leaving Rachel's Falls we traveled over to Rocky Dundas which is part of the Exuma Park and is surrounded by shallow coral heads.. there are 3 dinghy moorings if you care to tie up but we just putted around the island with our viewing bucket over the side .. lots of great coral and fish to be seen particularly on the SE side.
.. enjoyed a little down time in the late afternoon and got ready to join the potluck at the marina .. Captain Bruce on the charter sailboat "Bahama Star" came in this afternoon bringing along a family of 14 from TN and a deep fryer with a HUGE turkey, a big stockpot of ham and pea soup, a watermelon and 3 gallons of rum punch!  Along with some fresh caught yellowtail contributed by the crew of Loon and the South American grilled pork and steak from La Vida we all ate like kings and queens .. along with Loon we now have 3 boats visiting from the Lauderdale Yacht Club.  The evening ended with a cool breeze and the moon and stars shining overhead .. no rain in the forecast tonight.
we have been exchanging e-mails with Steve and Marny Hann .. they led a great cruise to Palm Island and left immediately for Marco Island and Marathon on their way to the Exumas .. we are looking forward to meeting up with them soon and wish them fair winds and smooth seas!
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