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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log A
Fort Myers Florida to ???
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Friday April 29th
the Royal Wedding
Carol and Marv
The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place on Friday, 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. Prince William, second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II, first met Catherine Middleton in 2001, whilst both were studying at the University of St Andrews. Their engagement on 20 October 2010 was announced on 16 November 2010.
The build-up to the wedding and the occasion itself attracted much media attention, with the service being broadcast live around the world, and being compared and contrasted in many ways with the 1981 marriage of William's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. It is estimated that the wedding was watched by a global television audience of two billion people.[1]
Much of the attention focused on Middleton's status as a commoner (i.e., not of royal blood or a part of the aristocracy) marrying into royalty. Hours before the service, the Queen conferred the titles Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, and Baron Carrickfergus upon William. Upon her marriage, Middleton therefore became Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, but is not styled as 'Princess Catherine'.
As William was not the heir-apparent to the throne, the wedding was not a full state occasion and many details were left to the couple themselves to decide, such as much of the the guest list of about 1,900. It was, however, a public holiday in the United Kingdom and featured many ceremonial aspects, including use of the state carriages and roles for the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry. It was attended by most of the Royal Family, as well as many foreign royals, diplomats, and the couple's chosen personal guests.
Middleton wore a white dress with a 270-centimetre (110 in) train, by British designer Sarah Burton, as well as a tiara lent to her by the Queen. Prince William wore the uniform of his honorary rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards. William's best man was his brother, Prince Harry, while the bride's sister, Pippa, acted as her maid of honour. The wedding ceremony began at 11:00 am BST (UTC+1). John Robert Hall, the Dean of Westminster, conducted the service, with Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, conducting the marriage ceremony itself and Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, giving the sermon. A reading was given by the bride's brother, James. After the ceremony, the newly married couple travelled in procession to Buckingham Palace for the traditional appearance on the balcony and a flypast before crowds assembled in The Mall. Later the Prince drove his Duchess the short distance to Clarence House in his father's classic Aston Martin DB6 Volante,[2] decorated by Prince Harry and James Middleton with a number plate "JU5T WED".
Following the wedding, the couple intend to continue living on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, where Prince William is based as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot.
Friday May 06th
travel - Legacy Marina to Captiva
Cruise Leaders
images from Cruise
Travel - Legacy Marina Fort Myers to South Seas Plantation for the RPYC Mothers Day Cruise ..


Friday May 13th
Carol waving good by to the Laskey's .. images by Tom Laskey
dinner at  Nervous Nellie's
the crew at dinner
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Travel - Royal Palm Yacht Club Fort Myers to Moss Marine, Fort Myers Beach
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on Thursday evening, our Bahama crew Joan and Marv McMahon delivered the last of their gear to Dee Light  and began to settle into our forward stateroom suite .. they then left for their condo to spend the night with the plan to be back in mid-morning to begin the first leg of our journey ..
.. on Friday morning we had all our gear, groceries, etc. and everyone on board .. after taking care of a few last minute details we pulled away from the Royal Palm Yacht Club docks at 1145 .. weather was perfect for a day on the water (warm with a light breeze ) and we headed to Fort Myers Beach .. a little after noon as we were enjoying the conversation, dolphins and scenery we were abruptly interrupted by the sound of a loud blaring horn and flashing blue lights .. OH NO! .. the Fish and Wild Game patrol boat was fast approaching our port stern! .. seems we did slow down quickly enough for the Manatee Zone that conveniently begins right before the entrance to Gulf Harbor Yacht Club ..after our admonishment by the courteous Wildlife Officers and our promise to take it easy .. we were presented with a citation and fine for $88.00 to be mailed in to the Lee County Clerk of Court  .. and finally we were back on our way to the beach ..
as we left Fort Myers we contacted "MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA" .. John and Marcia Bouquet will be traveling  from Fort Myers to Bimini and beyond with their 55' Marquis which they cruised down from Wabasha, MN ..  we caught up with them as they were entering Mantanzas Pass and  by 1400 we had both boats docked at Moss Marina ...
after getting the boats secured and cleaning up we all walked over for dinner on the outside deck at Nervous Nellie's where we were entertained by Magic Frank along with superb guitar playing of "Left of Center"  .. after a delicious meal we all retired for the evening in order to take off from the Marina at 0700 ..
.. as we returned to the marina from dinner we were astonished to look down and see the bottom hull of a boat floating in the water .. it was about 40 feet long and someone said the T-top was sitting on the bottom .. they also made the comment "that's what happens when you forget to put the plug in when you launch a boat!" .. apparently it had slowly filled with water and flipped as it pulled the cleats out of the dock .. the owner was on site and was waiting for Sea Tow to arrive .. when we left the dock in the morning the boat was gone ..   
 Saturday May 14th
a new adventure
dinner at Castaways
dinner at Castaways
Marcia, John and Carol
dinner at Castaways
Marv and Joan
 Travel - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon Florida
we left the docks at Moss Marine right on schedule and were welcomed and sent on our way out Mantanzas  Pass by the sight of 3 dolphins jumping in our wake .. skies were filled with mostly high clouds and a few  patches of sun .. the breeze out of the southwest made for a 1.5 to 2 foot chop on our bow .. MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA had decided to follow DEE LIGHT on our trip south to Marathon and as the progressed on our southerly course the skies cleared and the waves settled down nicely .. just as we were off Cape Sable area about 30+ miles from our destination DEE LIGHT took an abrupt turn to port .. UFFDAAAAAA!!! .. and then the dreaded burnt rubber smell emanated from the engine room!  .. after some quick course corrections and radioing John and Marcia to appraise them of our situation our Captain made the trip to the engine room to confirm the assumed diagnosis .. those who followed our 2010 Bahama log will recall that as we were on our way to the Bahamas last year we were forced to make a detour to Fort Myers Beach to repair/replace the starboard engine "transmission saver" ... YEP! . this year we will be replacing the same part on the PORT engine! 
MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA took the lead and we both continued on to Marathon at around a 9 knot clip .. the good news is that the waters calmed and it turned into a beautiful sunny day .. at 1700 we reached Pancho's Fuel Dock in Boot Key Harbor we realized our bow thruster was not engaging as it is run off the Port engine .. after a bit of maneuvering our Captain expertly nudged DEE LIGHT against the dock on our one remaining engine .. after tying up he remarked "much like boating on the Mississippi River with one engine and no bow thruster and using the current to put the bow into a sandbar for a weekend stay along the river bank" ..
we filled the fuel tanks and after a well deserved chilled cocktail we all walked up the street to Castaways for a bite to eat .. UH OH - forgot it was Saturday night and the joint was packed to the rafters .. however, except for a couple of of forgotten salads and a fish sandwich that was late to the table, it was a good meal - heartily enjoyed by everyone and we all decided to call it an early night after a long day .. after all was said and done it was good day on the water .. and three scoops of ice cream after dinner was very good for the Captain ..
Sunday May 15th
Marcia and John
Joan off to hospital
dinner at Burdine's
 In Port - Pancho’s Fuel Dock & Supply - Marathon Florida
 over coffee in the morning, we reflected on the many number of miles and hours we have traveled on DEE LIGHT since last year's repair on the starboard engine, .. we give thanks and know that God has blessed us with the timing of this mechanical problem when we think of the many inconvenient and relatively inaccessible places this might have occurred .. we seriously pondered last year if it would be prudent to go ahead and replace the Port side at that time, but after consulting with Wendal, our mechanic, he felt given the time and expense require to complete the job, it was not necessary, so here we are today ..  Joan and Marv have been wonderful crew and so far have been content to fill the down time with reading, crosswords and just chatting .. in the words of Joan "it's a boat" ..
at 1000, Roger Bennett (and Charlie), the mechanics who will be handling the repair came aboard .. after a "look-see" he also confirmed that the problem was, indeed, the transmission coupling .. unfortunately they are tied up with another job on Monday and will not be able to start the work until Tuesday .. fortunately however, he may have the part in stock or alternatively will order one out for delivery on Tuesday ..
in the meantime, we wait .. the Wonnenbergs on SERENITY showed up today to refuel on their way to the Bahamas .. their plan was to continue to Ocean Reef today but the Miami/Key Largo area was being hammered this morning with the same weather that went through the Fort Myers/Naples area during the early hours of the morning .. we have managed to miss all of the showers so we did not receive our wash -down courtesy of Mother Nature as we had  hoped .. 
at 1700 Tim and Monica on SERENITY phoned to say they had made it to Ocean Reef and planned to make the Gulf Stream crossing to Lyford Cay, New Providence first thing on Monday morning ..
.. with all of the morning rain clouds gone we enjoyed a nice breeze on the back deck before deciding to walk over to Burdine's Marina for a bite to eat .. it was a short walk to the other side of the canal and just as we were about to approach the restaurant Joan caught her foot on an uneven spot on the concrete walkway .. in an attempt to catch her fall she landed directly on her right wrist while just barely missing making contact with her head on the park bench located directly in her path! .. Double UUUFFFFFDDDDAAAA!!   - Yep - we confirmed that her wrist was now at a very awkward angle ..  a VERY nice couple, Ed and Dot,  on the DOUBLE E immediately came out of their boat with a cold pack for Joan's wrist and we proceeded to call 911 for an ambulance .. in due time we were surrounded by 4 capable and polite young men who took charge and whisked Joan and Marvin to the hospital ..
.. about 10 PM Joan and Marvin returned to the boat via taxi from the hospital .. we got Joan settled in with ample pain medication for her and a couple of glasses of wine for Marvin and called it a day ..
 Monday May 16th
Joan and Marv
 In Port - Pancho’s Fuel Dock & Supply - Marathon Florida
.. we are taking it slow and easy today .. thanks to modern medicine (and narcotics) Joan is resting easy today and has an 8 AM appointment on Tuesday with the Orthopedist to set her wrist .. in the meantime, Marvin borrowed a bike from John and Marcia and made a pharmacy and KMART run with a stop for lunch at The Stuffed Pig, a local diner ..
Carol spent her time logging onto the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP.gov) Website to begin the process of submitting an on-line Float Plan for DEE LIGHT with their Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) .. after 45 minutes and a 20 minute phone call it was determined that the "system" would not accept her LBO number .. AARRGGH!  .. the nice man on the other end of the phone advised her that it was supposed to be easy but, if not, the gov would probably just add another page to the whole process!  ..  after trying a couple of other options that were equally unsuccessful she finally gave up and sent an SOS email .. we are presently waiting for a response ..  
talked with Roger .. they will be here the first thing in the morning (08:30 am) YEA !! ..
Tuesday May 17th
replacing the Transmission Saver
dinner at Marathon Yacht Club



In Port - Pancho’s Fuel Dock & Supply - Marathon Florida

.. this morning. Charlie, Chris and Dave with Roger Bennett Marine Service showed up at DEE LIGHT and after taping down lots of blue plastic to the floor and stairs they began bringing bags and bags of tools aboard and disappeared into the engine room .. about 10 AM Roger came aboard and determined that the 2 turbo chargers were pretty well shot and recommended that if we wanted to replace them now would be the time since everything else was tore down at this time .. after checking that we could get them rebuilt and turned around in our time frame they were off the boat on on their way north for a face lift ...

.. earlier Joan and Marv left for her appointment with Dr. Collins, the Orthopedist  .. about an hour later they returned to the boat with instructions to be back at Fisherman's Hospital at 11 AM .. seems that the two broken bones were sticking up and he needed to realign them which would require Joan going into surgery and under anesthesia .. the doctor rearranged his schedule and would perform the procedure at 1 PM .. they were back on DEE LIGHT a little before 6 PM .. although it had been a very long day for the two of them, Joan looked and felt much better after her wrist "realignment" and since they both had dinner while at hospital they decided to stay on the boat, relax and watch TV .. she will need to keep the soft cast for 3 weeks and then when she returns to Fort Myers, visit her doctor to get a short hard cast put on ..   

.. last night we talked to the "Fruit Loopers" from RPYC who were docked up the road at Hawk's Cay .. they are on the last part of their cruise around the lower half of Florida and we made plans to join up with them for dinner at the Marathon Yacht Club this evening .. we all enjoyed catching up with one another along with the "Blue Plate Specials" which included the Club's famous "all you can eat ice cream bar" .. and yes, the Captain had ice cream as his appetizer too! .. 

Wednesday May 18th
part of the part
Marcia Marcia Marcia
dinner at the MYC
In Port - Pancho’s Fuel Dock & Supply - Marathon Florida
.. Flat, flat, flat .. this morning when we woke up the waters were dead calm and we couldn't help thinking "this would be a perfect day to be on the water" .. however, all the repairs seem to being going as scheduled and the guys have been working non-stop .. they did not leave the boat until after 6 PM yesterday and they were back here first thing this morning .. at 11 AM the new transmission saver arrived and after lunch they started putting the pieces back together (just like Humpty) .. and boy! were there ever A LOT of pieces laying around the engine room! ..
 ..Marv Mc made another drug store run on the bike and Joan is resting comfortably with her "happy pills" ..in the meantime we filled our time doing a couple loads of laundry and other odd jobs .. John and Marcia came over about 2PM and have decided to take their boat over to a protected cove at Bahia Honda to spend the night on anchor .. we told them to enjoy the anchorage (and great weather) and sent them on their way .. we will keep them appraised by radio or cell phone of our progress ..
.. since Joan and Marv had missed dinner on Tuesday with the RPYC group we all decided to get off the boat tonight and go back to the Marathon Yacht Club for dinner .. the cab picked us up at 6 PM and we had a lovely meal at the Club .. Joan was even able to enjoy a glass of wine with her dinner as she did not require any "happy pills" during the day .. we chatted with the couple seated at the table next to us who were visiting from Venice YC .. they had been cruising around the keys and were on their way back to their home port thru Marco and Naples .. after dinner we again called for our regular taxi and headed back to the boat for an early evening ..
 Thursday May 19th
back at it today again
dinner at Castaways 
In Port - Pancho’s Fuel Dock & Supply - Marathon Florida ..
Hurrah! .. after "the boys" arrived this morning and started work, Roger showed up on the dock with our bright, shiny, newly repainted (and more importantly - rebuilt) turbo chargers ..
MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA returned from their anchorage this morning .. they are now back at Panchos with John finishing up a couple of items he wanted to complete before continuing on .. Marcia said she didn't sleep so great after the rain cell went thru last night a little before midnight .. when the rain started Autumn also thought she might get an invitation to sleep with Joan when she scratched at their door .. alas - dad dog said " nothing doing!" ..
.. in the afternoon, Marv and Joan took off for a short walk .. their first stop was at Burdines Marina where they talked with the dock master .. they then ended up down the street at the outdoor bar at Castaways where they had a beer and listened to the local "sea tales" and other gossip of the day .. along the way Joan was greeted by all with "oh, you're the one who fell" and "like your hat!"..

.. it took most of the remainder of the day for all the pieces to be reassembled in the engine room and finally the turbo chargers went down to the engine room a little after 3 PM and Charlie left around 5 saying he will be back in the morning to finish up ..
.. as this will probably be our last dinner with John and Marcia we all walked up to Castaways where we had an wonderful food. excellent service and, best of all, a lovely quiet dinner .. John at Panchos recommended the Tuna Tataki with a
Friday May 20th
the Crew
another great dinner
Travel - Marathon to Plantation Key Florida
.. Charlie and David were at the boat at 8:30 AM to finish up the work, put the coolant back in, top off the other fluid levels and clean up

John and Marcia have decided to forgo the Bahamas trip this year as they need to be back to Minnesota around the first week of June .. instead, they have decided to head for Key West for a few days then take their time and head back to Fort Myers with maybe a few days in Marco and Naples area .. we stopped by to wish them farewell and fair seas until we see them again in the fall ..

.. at 12:30 PM we were finally ready to cast off the lines from the dock at Pancho's and head out .. Charlie was going along with us for a sea trial to check out all the work they had done and the plan was to drop him off at Snake Creek just down the canal from their shop if everything checked out .. we would then continue on to Miami Beach Marina to spend the night .. however, as we were headed out of the the channel we noticed the tach on the SB engine was not working And the engine synch would not engage .. by the time we were approaching Islamorada it was mid afternoon and realized it would be quite late before we would arrive at Miami Beach .. besides we still had the non-functioning tach to deal with and logistically Charlie could not properly address the problem while bouncing around in a seaway ... instead it was decided we would spend the night at Holiday Isles Resort and Marina on Plantation Key and Charlie and Roger could take care of the tach repair in the morning after the engine room had cooled down ..

.. we docked at Holiday Isles at about 3 PM and the weather continues be stay delightful although the breezes have picked up out of the east a bit this afternoon ..
.. we ended up at the Holiday Isles open air Tiki Bar and Grill for a light dinner of burgers, onion rings and pasta salad .. as we left for evening the band at the adjoining bar was tuning up for a night of music but there were only about a half of dozen people around .. we wondered if it was a late night crowd but none of us stayed awake long enough to find out ..
Saturday May 21st
smooth crossing
Dee Light at Bimini
diner at Big Game Club
Travel - Plantation Key Florida to Bimini Bahamas
.. today is Saturday .. exactly one week since we left Fort Myers and we have finally arrived in the Bahamas!

.. when we woke up this morning it was another gorgeous day .. sunny with light breezes out of the east and we wondered if we would be able to make it to Bimini today or would we need to divert to Miami Beach instead .. the buoy reports were still showing favorable sea conditions to make the Gulf Stream crossing but we knew the winds were supposed to pick up soon ..

.. while having our morning coffee on the back deck Charlie showed up to pick up the last of his tools and Roger and John arrived shortly after that .. by 10 AM they had the tach problem solved and we were ready to cast off our lines and be on our way .. we just cannot say enough good things about how well we have been treated by everyone associated with Roger Bennett Marine Services in Islamorada (305) 481-0519 .. they immediately responded to our problem and completed a major job quickly, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism .. we would heartily recommend them to anyone needing marine mechanical work in the Keys and beyond ..

.. so off we went out past the reef and into the Florida Straits .. we had one of most pleasant crossings we have had .. Joan was even able to maneuver her way down the steps with her broken arm to the front head and back while we were underway! .. by 3 PM we had docked at Bimini Bluewater Marina, put up the yellow quarantine flag and began filling out our arrival paperwork .. when we finished our captain grabbed some "edible cigars" aka "pretzel logs" and hoofed it over to the Customs and Immigration Offices .. something new this year is the change in the $300 Cruising Fee .. the amount charged is still $300 however it only covers a total of 3 persons on board .. for each additional person the charge is $20.00 per person so our fee came to $320.00 this year!

.. we ended our day on the upper outdoor dining deck at The Big Game Club where we enjoyed a cool breeze and had dinner .. they have doubled the size of the deck and we were glad we had arrived earlier as the place filled up fairly quickly .. after a full day on the water we were all ready for our heads to hit our pillows tonight ..
 Sunday May 22nd
sunrise at Bimini
Conch Fritters


 Travel - Bimini Bahamas to Nassau
.. we left the dock at Bimini Bluewater just after sunrise and started on our way to Nassau Harbor .. we made our way thru the Triangle Rocks area back onto the Bahama Bank and had mixed seas with a breeze from the NE and partly cloudy skies but enjoyed a very comfortable ride past Chubb Cay and into the Tongue of the Ocean where the seas really flattened out nicely ..

.. as we left the lee of the Bank and the Berry Islands and approached Nassau we picked up a bit more breeze with a few small whitecaps and an occasional spray on the windshield but still enjoyed a most comfortable day on the water!

.. a little before 2 PM we radioed Nassau Harbor Control for permission to enter the Harbor and were docked at Atlantis Marina by 2:30 ..

.. Mario our boat cleaner was waiting for us at the dock .. he was back with buckets, brushes and mops and in no time had DEE LIGHT cleaned and polished up in no time .. (have to keep up the neighborhood as we usually are one of the smaller boats in the marina) .. Mario does one of the best jobs including polishing all the windows!

.. after settling in and relaxing a bit we walked up to The Point Restaurant where we had conch fritters, pizza and penne pasta and came back to the boat for ice cream!

 Monday May 23rd
the shopper
Candy Land at Atlantis
in Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
 .. after a leisurely breakfast on the back deck and a load of laundry in the washer and dryer Marv and Joan left the boat to do some exploring of Atlantis and check out the hotel and aquarium .. and Carol and Marv decided to take the ferry over to Nassau to get their BTC cell phone reactivated .. the skies have been overcast but no rain in the forecast so it made for a pleasant day of comfortable temps for walking around ..

.. when we arrived at the dock in Nassau we headed immediately for the phone company office and had our cell business taken care of in no time .. we then checked out a couple of shops and picked up a couple of new shirts and ended up at The Ice Cream Shack for a mid-afternoon snack .. while enjoying our ice cream we heard a funny new song on the their overhead speakers called "The Barefoot Bandit" performed by Puzzle which we later downloaded on iTunes .. the song very well chronicles the cross-country crime spree of Colton Harris-Moore before he was captured by the Bahamians on Harbour Island last summer and had to "cool his heels" in the Nassau jail during the Independence Day weekend celebrations ..

.. later we walked over to the Atlantis Marina Village where we were going to have dinner at Bimini Road only to find it closed for the evening! .. in fact, a couple of other restaurants and several of the stores were not open either .. we noticed that the marina is not nearly as full as in previous years and wondered if they were cutting back the hours of operation in response to the lighter traffic .. being a Monday, there was only one cruise ship in port today - the Disney "Dream" and that probably also accounted for less people being around .. so we walked across the street to Anthony's instead ..

.. as we returned to DEE LIGHT after dinner we met the folks in the adjoining slip on THE CALOOSA .. he greeted Marv with "you're the Ice Cream Man - I've been following your blog for years!" .. turns out they had just purchased their boat three weeks ago in Tampa and were just finishing their "shake down" cruise and were headed back from the Exumas .. that is one ambitious shake down cruise!! .. we also met Clark's mom who was on board .. Clark is the man who makes all the fabulous fresh donuts at Bennett's Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, our favorite Sunday morning spot for coffee .. small world!

 Tuesday May 24th
Caloosa heading out
 in Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. the crew of DEE LIGHT hd another leisurely morning watching all the boats and pedestrian traffic come and go in the marina ..

.. by mid afternoon we were cleaned up and ready to go over to Nassau .. we had already determined that the ferry was "too tipsy" for Joan to navigate with one arm so we took a cab and were dropped off on Bay Street in downtown Nassau ..

.. we meandered our way down Bay St. with a few stops at several of the shops for a couple of purchases and lots of "window shopping" .. after a stop at the Ice Cream Shack we ended our shopping spree at the Straw Market .. by that time they were getting ready to close so we think we got some pretty good bargains!?? .. whether or not we did we had a good time trying ..

.. after a cold drink at Iguanas and a visit to the Harley Davidson store we grabbed a taxi and headed to the Poop Deck for dinner and our driver, Drexel, did an admiral job dealing with the rush hour traffic jams as we headed east ..

.. The Poop Deck Restaurant is somewhat of a local landmark and since it was still early in the evening we got a great table on the rail overlooking the boats in the Harbor with a wonderful breeze to boot .. we split a whole fresh Lane Snapper grilled Bahamian style while Joan and Marv Mc had the shrimp and Grouper plate ..

.. Drexel was back at the door at the agreed time to pick us up and take us back to Paradise Island and the marina ..
 Wednesday May 25th
in Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. stayed on Paradise Island today .. did a bit of shopping at the shops directly across the street from the marina which includes a liquor store and a very teeny, tiny (but not well stocked) grocery ..

.. our Captain spent his time sitting on the wall chatting with the construction workers who were on lunch break .. spent quite a while chatting with a fellow originally from Niagara, ON who has been employed continuously since 1999 working exclusively on the Atlantis Resort project ..

.. we also stayed close to the marina for dinner which we had at The Bimini Road Bar and Grill in Marina Village ..
  Thursday May 26th

in Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. while we were at Atlantis, we had hoped to get together with our Texas friends Rita Kay and Clay on CARLEIGH and we were waiting for Rita Clay to return late Wednesday night from her trip to Fort Worth .. however, when we called this morning we found out Rita Kay had returned to their boat in a wheelchair!! .. seems she had slipped and fell and tore several ligaments in her ankle! .. so we put off our reunion for another time when she was hopefully feeling a little better ..

.. with our visit postponed we decided to go over to the Atlantis Water Park .. we took the inner tube ride along the Lazy River and went down the Shark Pool Tube Slide .. after a beverage at the Lagoon Bar and a quick dip in one of the pools we headed back to the marina and then the spa and pool around the corner from the boat ..

.. had dinner at The Point Restaurant again and called it an early night as we had decided to leave in the morning for Compass Cay ..
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