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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log B
Nassau to Harbour Island
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 Current Position  - you can follow our travels from Fort Myers thru the Bahamas by clicking on the  CLICK HERE  photo link above .. our current location is updated once an hour .. check out the Google Maps .. zoom in and out .. etc ..
  Thursday May 26th

in Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. while we were at Atlantis, we had hoped to get together with our Texas friends Rita Kay and Clay on CARLEIGH and we were waiting for Rita Clay to return late Wednesday night from her trip to Fort Worth .. however, when we called this morning we found out Rita Kay had returned to their boat in a wheelchair!! .. seems she had slipped and fell and tore several ligaments in her ankle! .. so we put off our reunion for another time when she was hopefully feeling a little better ..

.. with our visit postponed we decided to go over to the Atlantis Water Park .. we took the inner tube ride along the Lazy River and went down the Shark Pool Tube Slide .. after a beverage at the Lagoon Bar and a quick dip in one of the pools we headed back to the marina and then the spa and pool around the corner from the boat ..

.. had dinner at The Point Restaurant again and called it an early night as we had decided to leave in the morning for Compass Cay ..
 Friday May 27th
just as we were leaving Nassau
yup .. Marv's is on the right
Travel - Nassau to Spanish Wells
.. did we say Compass Cay?? .. after a second look at the Sea Buoy Reports and the extended weather forecast we took another look at the calendar and our plans for the upcoming week .. the weekend looked perfect for traveling but next week the forecast winds began to pick up substantially .. we knew if we went all the way down to Compass Cay (not only was it quite a bit out of our way) we felt we may have to stick around be there longer than we wanted in order to be in Harbor Island when the rest of our group arrives .. also if it was windy we would be limited in the use of our dinghy in getting around ..

.. so we decided to visit Spanish Wells instead .. put in a call to Leroy at Spanish Wells Yacht Haven for a slip and left the dock Atlantis at 0800 .. after radioing Nassau Harbour Control and receiving permission to proceed with caution we passed the cargo ship from Tropical, the Mail Boat and finally had to stand by while the cruise ship Disney Dream entered the channel .. WHEW - quite a busy morning!

.. finally at 0830 we cleared the Harbour and were on our way .. the seas were almost identical to what we experienced coming from Bimini (breeze out of ENE and 2 to 2 1/2 footers with an occasional roller) .. we crossed the Bank at The SW Reef Way Point around 1030 .. as we entered the shallow water we found we needed to correct our course by at least 30 degrees to SB to compensate for the strong tidal current we experienced ..

.. at 1100 we docked at Spanish Wells Marine Hardware for refueling .. nice folks -they even handled the pumps and nozzles for us! .. an hour later with the fuel paid for we made the short trip to Spanish Wells Yacht Haven where Leroy met us on the dock to take our lines ..

 Saturday May 28th
great shell


Carol at Scoops
in Port - Spanish Wells Yacht Haven .. Spanish Wells .. (242) 333-4255
.. as we arrived at Spanish Wells yesterday we had a nice afternoon rain shower so the boat received a nice wash down and was again salt-free .. we're always grateful for the great wax job Scott gives DEE LIGHT before we leave as the salt just falls off the boat when it rains! .. also this area has been quite dry this spring and rainfall is about 6 inches below normal for this time of year so the rain very welcome ..

.. we rented a golf cart, loaded the cooler with some cold drinks and took off for a tour of the Island .. Joan and Marv had stayed at a nice hotel on Spanish Wells in early '80s and we took a drive to see if we could find it .. along the way we stopped at the Ponderosa Shell Shop for some treasures .. Mr. Roy Roberts greeted us and gave us the sad news that his wife had passed away this past year but that his grandson Delroy was helping him with the shop .. with our packages bundled up we were about to continue when we found out our cart had a flat tire ( captain said it was only flat on one side tho!) .. after we called Leroy at the marina we sat on the front porch to enjoy the nice breezes and wait until he brought a new cart for us .. Mr. Roberts then told us that the former hotel was torn down after being ripped apart by Hurricane Ivan and was never replaced because it was pretty run down to begin with ..

.. tonight we had dinner at the Gap .. although the pork chops and dolphin were over-cooked we all decided the Squash souffle was excellent and worth the trip ..
.. after dinner the ice cream selections tonight at Papa Scoops were strawberry and coconut - we had some of each!
  Sunday May 29th
went to Church
dinner aboard Dee Light
 in Port - Spanish Wells Yacht Haven .. Spanish Wells .. (242) 333-4255
.. we went to the 11:00 AM church service at the Spanish Wells Methodist Church .. a very well kept small church with great A/C and cushioned benches ..

.. after church we went to Norma's Seaside Takeaway for several orders of conch chowder to take back to the boat for lunch ..

.. we had a chance to meet the owners on PRECIOUS LADY that is also docked at the marina here .. she is a 1998 sister ship to DEE LIGHT with a few minor modifications .. they keep their boat at Lighthouse Point and spend the summers in NY ..

..since we had a late lunch we decided to stay on board tonight for dinner .. The first mate littered around inn the Galley and came up with Baked Chicken, penne pasta with marinara sauce and Caesar Salad for the crew .. This being a Sunday, Papa Scoops was closed so we had to raid the Captain's ice cream stash tonight - YUM!

  Monday May 30th
Devil's Backbone Capt A-1
Harbour Island Yacht Club
 travel - Spanish Wells to Harbour Island
.. Happy Memorial Day to all!

.. as soon as the marina office opened at 8 AM we checked out at SP Yacht Haven and waited for A-1 Pilot to arrive to guide us over to Harbour Island ..

.. by 0930 he arrived at the boat and we were on our way .. as is customary when he arrived he handed "the missus" a freshly baked loaf of bread which was still warm from the oven!

.. we made the decision to travel to Harbour Island today after looking at the Sea Buoy reports and the weather forecast for the coming week .. Leroy and A1 concurred this would be the last good day to make the jaunt as we were in for several days of higher than normal winds and it would be awhile before we had another "window" ..

.. by 10:30 AM Marcus, the dockmaster at Valentine's Marina had us tied up in one of the nicest slips in the marina, our power and water hooked up and our ladder secured!
  Tuesday May 31st
Pink Sand Beach
Carol and Ed and Peggy
lunch at the Blue Bar
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island (242) 333-2142..
it was another beautiful morning .. temps in the 80s with a nice breeze .. we left the boat around 11 AM with plans to have lunch at Sip Sip Restaurant and then spend some time on the Pink Sand beach .. however, when we reached Sip Sip there was a sign out front saying they were would be closed until June 9th .. so we decided to wait on lunch and visit the beach instead .. we found a nice lounge chair for Joan to camp out on while the rest of us took a walk .. met Ed and Peggy who were visiting from the Florida Keys with their friends from Atlanta ..

.. we then took a drive over to the Pink Sands Resort where we had a wonderful and leisurely lunch at the Blue Bar that has a great view overlooking the beach and water .. since we had such a big (and late) lunch the crew decided to just have cocktails and a light bite on the boat this evening ..

.. our lead mechanic Charlie with Roger Bennett Marine also showed up on Valentines's dock yesterday to work on a boat with Man engines here in the marina and we ended up having a drink with him at the bar this evening .. he will be flying out with about 200 lbs. of tools and boat parts in the morning and will return a a few days to finish up the job ..
 Wednesday June 01st
Joan and Marv
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. spent time today doing some shopping at the local gift shops and boutiques and we decided to finally buy one of the nice dishes they make out of a polished conch shell with a matching spoon .. The Dilly Dally Shop also had a nice selection of handcrafted jewelry made from local shells and sea glass .. made our usual stop at the Ice Cream Shop before heading back to the boat with our purchases ..
Thursday June 02nd
Valentines Pool
at Romora
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. spent most of the afternoon by the pool - mostly in the shade of the palm trees .. Valentines Resort has probably one of the largest (and nicest) pools we have found anywhere in the Bahamas and Thursday thru Saturday they fire up the wood burning pizza oven poolside and cook some of the best pizza we have found too!

.. we received word that two of our boats which left Cape Coral in May have made their way to Spanish Wells today .. will be anxious to hear how their trip went .. couple of the sportfishing boats who made it into Valentines today said the "seas were snotty" ..

.. took golf cart to Romora Bay Marina tonight .. The Brilanders were playing music on the outside deck and we enjoyed a most enjoyable sunset with some of their .50 cent wings, cracked conch, and ice cold Kaliks ..
Friday June 03rd
Autumn at docktails
Saturday June 04th
Farewell Dinner
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. we have spent a most enjoyable last two days with the McMahons touring the Island, doing a little shopping and sampling the hand-dipped selections at the local ice cream parlor but it is now coming to a close as Joan and Marv have made the decision to push ahead their departure ..

.. this Sunday will be a full 3 weeks since Joan had her mishap and broke her wrist and we all agreed it would be wise for her to return to the States and make a visit to her Orthopedist to make sure everything is healing properly with no complications .. besides that she is just getting sick and darn tired of that yucky old bandage around her arm and the hot sling! .. they had no problem changing their flight reservation to this Sunday except that thay will have to take the early flight out as all of the afternoon flights are booked solid for the next week!

.. as a final farewell dinner we decided to get "spiffed up a bit" and made reservations for Saturday night at the Rock House .. we arrived a little early so that we could enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails on their lovely outdoor pool patio .. we all had martinis and our designated driver had an Arnold Palmer! .. Eric then seated us at a lovely window table overlooking the Harbour with a beautiful view of the sunset .. dinner was mouthwatering and beautifully presented - tenderloin and lobster for Joan and Marv and a great pasta creation for us!
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