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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log C
Harbour  Island to Harbour Island
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Friday June 03rd
Autumn at docktails
Saturday June 04th
Farewell Dinner
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. we have spent a most enjoyable last two days with the McMahons touring the Island, doing a little shopping and sampling the hand-dipped selections at the local ice cream parlor but it is now coming to a close as Joan and Marv have made the decision to push ahead their departure ..

.. this Sunday will be a full 3 weeks since Joan had her mishap and broke her wrist and we all agreed it would be wise for her to return to the States and make a visit to her Orthopedist to make sure everything is healing properly with no complications .. besides that she is just getting sick and darn tired of that yucky old bandage around her arm and the hot sling! .. they had no problem changing their flight reservation to this Sunday except that thay will have to take the early flight out as all of the afternoon flights are booked solid for the next week!

.. as a final farewell dinner we decided to get "spiffed up a bit" and made reservations for Saturday night at the Rock House .. we arrived a little early so that we could enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails on their lovely outdoor pool patio .. we all had martinis and our designated driver had an Arnold Palmer! .. Eric then seated us at a lovely window table overlooking the Harbour with a beautiful view of the sunset .. dinner was mouthwatering and beautifully presented - tenderloin and lobster for Joan and Marv and a great pasta creation for us!
Sunday June 05th
Marv & Carol, Vickie & Paul, Jan & Tim
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142..
boy! 5:30 AM. comes awfully early! .. but the water taxi was going to be at the Valentine's dock at 6:45 PM .. after coffee we got all the bags, etc. off the boat and the water taxi arrived promptly to take Joan and Marv to the airport .. we wished them safe travels and a good trip home ..
.. later in the day we received this from Marv and Joan:
Got back...no problem. Arrived at airport @0700} plenty of time. $6/per for water taxi & $10 for land taxi }total $22 plus tips. DELANO, cont. ticket clerk remembered us from last nite at restaurant. Didn't charge for ticket change...he said it was "hardship", noting Joan's broken wrist. Everyone was super nice, including staff & customs at FT. Lauderdale. Caught bus to Budget, got car & 2.5 hrs. later at Perkins having breakfast.
.. they were great crew to have aboard DEE LIGHT and we are so pleased that Joan decided to stay with us and at least see a little of the Bahamas that we so enjoy in the summer! .. and Autumn is already missing her new found friend Joan!
.. after we said so long to the McMahons we showered and got ready for church
.. a very nice service with loads of Praise Hymns at the Wesley Methodist Church here on Harbour Island .. when we returned from church we were pleased to see that FREEDOM and FULL CIRCLE had arrived from Spanish Wells and were now docked at Valentines ..
.. this evening we all returned to Romora Bay for dinner and sunset .. The Brilanders were playing on the deck again and the special was conch fritters .. as we were leaving we stopped to say hi to a cute little Yorkie curled up in a chair .. owner turned out to be a very charming lady by the name of Ann who is one of the developers of Romora Bay Marina .. she told us they had also planned to build condo units like Valentine's before the economy took a nose-dive but still hope to do it someday .. we always enjoy the view and atmosphere at Romoro Bay and they have made some nice additions to the property since we were last here 2 years ago .. also the food and service is very, very good!
Monday June 06th
docktails at Valentines
Tuesday June 07th
the shoppers
Wednesday June 08th
The Preacher's Cave
the Water Taxi Office
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. Monday and Tuesday mornings were spent catching up on a few chores around the boat and making a few preliminary arrangements for activities before our group from the Yacht Club arrives on Thursday .. during the afternoons we used the golf carts to visit the beach and do some shopping and of course, visit the ice cream parlor!

.. on Wednesday we made a most enjoyable outing first by catching a water taxi to Eleuthera where we then met a very knowledgeable and personable young taxi driver by the name of Domonique Johnson who took us on a tour to Preachers Cave .. this is what we learned about Eleuthera:

.. in 1647, a group of English and Bermudian religious refugees, the Eleutheran Adventurers, founded the first permanent European settlement in The Bahamas and gave Eleuthera its name. Similar groups of settlers formed governments in The Bahamas until the islands became a British Crown Colony in 1717.

The mid-17th century was a period of constant religious and political turmoil in England and in Europe which culminated in the English Civil War fought between the King, Charles I and Parliament, represented by the Puritan Oliver Cromwell. This conflict spread to Bermuda where a period of civil strife resulted in a victory for the supporters of the Royalist party in the English Civil War. The struggle eventually led to the expulsion of those who did not swear allegiance to the Crown, particularly the colony's Puritans and independents. The small group of Puritan settlers, led by a man named William Sayle, searched for a place in which they could freely practice their faith.

.. In 1644, in the midst of the English Civil War, the Bermudian Independent Puritans sent an expedition to explore the new islands of the Bahamas but one vessel was lost and the other failed to find a suitable island. Nevertheless, sometime between spring 1646 and autumn 1648, William Sayle took some seventy people to settle in the Bahamas and made landfall on the island call Cigateo, which they named Eleutheria, from the Greek word for "freedom", the name later became Eleuthera .. when they arrived they took shelter in Preachers Cave until permanent shelter could be constructed for the surviving families .. The decendents of these people eventually developed the settlement of Spanish Wells which remains a thriving commercial fishing community to this day ..

.. after our visit to the Cave and a stop at the beautiful sand beach overlooking the Devil's Backbone Domonique took us to the Seven Seas Restaurant where we sampled some of the "local fare" which included cracked conch, grouper fingers and their special today of BBQ ribs ..

.. tonight we have decided to eat "potluck" around the pool with maybe another game of dominoes thrown in ..

Thursday June 09th
dinner at Valentines Briland Brick
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
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