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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log D
Harbour  Island to Harbour Island
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Thursday June 09th
dinner at Valentines Briland Brick
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142..
the RPYC Fly-In group arrived on Valentines dock by water taxi right on time .. unfortunately a tropical wave had already began to move over the area so they were greeted with overcast skies and a very light on and off rain .. we had planned to take advantage of the wood fired oven baked pizzas by the pool but because of the weather they did not even stoke the oven .. so we opted for dinner inside the very comfortable and air conditioned Briland Brick Restaurant at Valentines instead ..
Friday June 10th
heading to Blue Bar
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. the tropical wave REALLY settled over us in the morning and felt very much like a tropical depression with much rain in morning .. as it has been very dry this spring we know the locals were very appreciative of the rainfall ..

.. the group grabbed their rain slickers and umbrelllas and we took the golf carts for a tour of the island to acquaint the "newbies" with the area .. .. by mid afternoon the rain had all but stopped and the sun was back out between partly cloudy skies .. we ended the afternoon at the Blue Bar for cocktails and appetizers and the girls were even able to walk the beach until our waitress very kindly asked us to leave! .. seems they were in the process for setting up for a very large cocktail party for a very big (and expensive) wedding that was taking place on the beach this weekend .. we said "no problem" - we finished our drinks and said we will be back another day and were on our way in our golf carts ..

.. everyone later met on DEE LIGHT for cocktails and to go over over the itinerary for the remainder of the week before heading to the Harbour Lounge for dinner where we had a great meal on the outside deck while listening to a local entertainer performing some pleasant Bahamian dinner music .. some of our group even stayed for a little dancing under the stars! ..
Saturday June 11th
two days of RAIN
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. morning dawned with .. Yes .. more rain and more in sight on the local radar .. we had planned a combined group dive and snorkel trip for the afternoon but decided even if the rain stopped the visibility would be very limited .. it turned out to be a good decision because even though the skies did clear by mid-afternoon the wind also picked up making for pretty rough waters for the snorkelers ..

.. we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon lounging around and in the pool while Vickie and Jan did a little last minute laundry in preparation for heading back to the States on Monday ..

.. they had the pizza oven fired up today so dinner tonight consisted of four varieties of pizza, some munchies and a pitcher of rum punch along with a few other adult beverages which we enjoyed on the pool deck ..
Sunday June 12th
Farewell Party
Jan .. Tim .. Vickie .. Paul
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. today the sun was back shining bright and hot .. most of the group headed to the local churches for services .. this month the Bahamian govenment has been focusing on youth drug prevention and awareness (much like our D.A.R.E. program) and most of the church services highlighted this program in their services today ..

.. the crew of FULL CIRCLE had made some new "five minute friends" while exploring the island this week and went off to do some snorkeling with them while obtaining some more local knowledge before they left .. they were taken to a very nice reef for snorkeling known as the Flower Garden ..

.. for our "Farewell Dinner" before the Krauses and Christiansons departed the next day we put together a pot luck supper by the pool .. Tim prepared some delicious grilled chicken drummies, Vickie made a scrumptious salad with homemade dressing and Carol contributed a large pan of baked penne pasta with marinara sauce .. along with a lot of other items that the 3 boats pulled from their galleys and some of the pizza left over from the previous night we had plenty to eat .. as a final treat DEE LIGHT's Captain made a visit back to his pilot house freezer for 2 full containers of Publix Premium Ice Cream - Rum Raisin and his favorite Dulce Du Leche! .. yum!!!
Monday June 13th
our dive and snorkel day
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. David and Gail Bernstein on TONTO'S REWARD arrived this morning from Spanish Wells .. they have been cruising the Abacos with another boat from Gulf Harbour the SALTLY LADY with Jim and Camille and their guests Ann and Mike aboard .. since we were not going to be on the island this afternoon we lent them our golf cart so they could explore the island while we gone on our outing ..

.. we rescheduled our dive/snorkel trip from Saturday to this afternoon which turned out to be almost a perfect day for snorkeling with smooth waters and a light breeze and at 1:30 we all boarded the dive boat ..

..because we had such a large group were able to have the boat all to ourselves and could stay at any of the sites as long as we wished .. Sidney and Hilly were our dive guides and they did a super job .. they took us to four different areas .. the first was a deep water dive for Jan and Jamie which turned out to be the " Flower Garden" while the rest of the group snorkeled .. after that we stopped at Cistern Rock which was quite shallow but had loads of beautiful fish and some of the most colorful coral we have seen .. later we headed north of Harbour Island and stopped at Man Island where we were able to make two more stops before calling it an afternoon .. we arrived back at Valentines just before 5 PM and everyone agreed we would probably sleep well tonight except for some sore muscles a few of us had not used in a while!

.. tonight we were able to gather together the entire group of 16 which included the crews from all 3 boats plus the land cruisers for a casual dinner at Romora Bay ..
Tuesday June 14th


dinner at The Landings
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. today was an "open activity" day for the group .. in other words we told them to just do what you darn well please! Mary Lou rented a double kayak for her and Dick to paddle around the island in .. Pat and Jim rented two lounge chairs and a big shady umbrella from Robert on the pink sand beach ( $5 for the entire day! - look for the conch shell stand) and the rest went exploring on the golf carts or snoozed or ???

.. "farewell dinner" take 2 .. this time we were saying so long and smooth seas to the crews of TONTO'S REWARD and SALTY LADY as they were headed out tomorrow on the next leg of their voyage .. this time we had made reservations at The Landing - an historic hotel and restaurant on Harbour Island .. this was our first meal here and although the food and service was very good and we all had a lovely evening getting to know each other better - in our opinion (for about the same price) it doesn't compare to The Rock House ..
Wednesday June 15th
aboard Sea Gem
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142

. after waving goodbye to David and Gail on TONTO'S REWARD and the rest of the "Texas Six-Pack" on SALTY LADY we got ready for our day trip to Spanish Wells ..

.. we arranged for Duke to pick us up at 10 AM with his water taxi for the half hour ride to Spanish Wells thru The Devil's Backbone" - a stretch of treacherous coral reef that surrounds the northern coast of Eleuthera and most of the Atlantic shoreline of Harbour Island .. this passage is truly awe-inspiring with it's contrast of beauty and danger as one can plainly see the golden coral heads set in the clear turquoise waters as the boat wends it way thru the passage .. at times very nearly on top of the sugar pink sand beaches and high rocky face that appears along the coast of Eleuthera Island ..

.. when we set foot on the main pier at Spanish Wells we walked across the street to rent a couple of golf carts so we could tour the island and do a little shopping .. turns out that the office is also a darling gift shop with just tons of really nice items at VERY resonable prices! ..

.. our next stop was the SEA GEM - one of the local lobster fishing boats which are also known as "smack boats" .. Jess, who is a smack fisherman, had just finished swabbing the decks (which were spotless along with the rest of the boat) and graciously gave us a tour of the whole boat with some dialogue thrown in by Gurney who told us he had never fished a day in his life - he's just the one who picks you up with hospital gurney! .. we learned that they do not pull the traps up to the surface to harvest the lobster .. instead they tow 5 small skiffs with 2 men each and when they reach the site of the traps one goes down to the bottom with compressed air and proceeds to pull the lobsters out of the "condo" with a hook .. he then turns them over and hits them sharply on the underside with the other end of tool which kills them immediately - we suppose this is why they call it smack fishing?? .. they than gather them up in a bag, pull them to surface and they are put into the large refrigerated hold below the decks of the boat .. each boat stays out for about 3-4 weeks and can bring in around 40-60 thousand pounds of lobster at a time ..

.. after some light touring and shopping with the carts we stopped at the Anchor Snack Bar for lunch and cold drinks .. after lunch we were able to visit Ronald's Seafood where we were greeted by Bruce who gave us a tour of their lobster and fish processing center .. they supply over a million pounds of lobsters to all the Red Lobster Restaurants in the States who are their sole customer! .. we were astounded at all the steps involved in the process to sort, weigh, bag, box, ship, etc. and we all concluded that lobster was probably a relatively cheap meal in comparison to what it takes to get them onto our dinner plates! .. we were also shown thru their gigantic blast freezer - brrrrrrrrr!!!! All in all, it was a fascinating afternoon ..

.. after Ronald's Seafood we made a visit to see Delroy at the Ponderosa Shell Shop where we picked up a few treasures to take back with us ..

.. on the way back to Harbour Island Duke then brought the boat into shallow water where we were able to get off and wade ashore .. from there it was a short walk to Preacher's Cave which we were able to visit before heading back to Valentines ..

.. after our eventful day everyone agreed that Spanish Wells is a very unique and interesting spot and well worth the time to visit! ..

Thursday June 16th
our last dinner
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. we saved the last day of the trip as a free day to finish up any shopping or do anything that the group thought they had missed or wanted to repeat .. a little before noon after we had finished a few chores at the boat we packed up a bag with sunscreen and towels and put some cold drinks in the cooler to head to the beach .. but when we got to the "parking lot" we couldn't find our golf cart! .. ARRRGGGHH! .. and we just saw it earlier when we took Autumn for a walk! .. long story short and after 2 hours of waiting and cooling our heels they brought us another golf cart - it was a high wheeler and a real pig! .. Oh well .. some beach day is better than no beach day and so were finally able to meet up with the group and spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach until the late afternoon rain clouds began to move in ..

.. our final, final Farewell Dinner was planned for The Rock House which has turned out to be our favorite restaurant on Harbour Island .. because we had such a large party (and maybe just because they liked us) Eric had set us up at the prize Chef's Table tonight and it was truly elegant .. as Jan commented we should have called each other by "Countess"! .. after cocktails (and photos) on the patio we had a memorable meal for our last evening together as a group with a few of the diehards stopping for one last drink at Valentine's before calling it a night! ..

Friday June 17th


heading home
in Port - Valentine's Marina - Harbour Island  (242) 333-2142
.. Oh boy .. another early wake-up call with Pat and Jim leaving at 6:45AM to catch the early flight .. early riser Mary Lou was also on the dock to say goodbye and wish them a safe and pleasant flight .. it was time to say farewell for now ..

.. spent the rest of the morning chatting with one last visit to the Ice Cream Parlor before loading the last of their snorkel gear, etc. and at least 40 pounds of pink sand Carol G. had managed to scrape off the beach and stow away onto our boat and into the cockpit lazzerette ..

.. promptly at 2:30PM Duke was back at the dock to load up everyone along with their luggage for the trip to the North Eleuthera Airport! .. we wished them safe travel with the knowledge that we all had a marvelous time together .. It really IS better in the Bahamas! .. Adieu good friends!

PS .. they finally "found" our golf cart parked at Sip Sip - go figure!
Saturday June 18th


travel - Harbour Island to Compass Cay
 Monday June 19th in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
Tuesday June 20th in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
Wednesday June 21st in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
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