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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log F
Compass Cay to Compass Cay
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 Current Position  - you can follow our travels from Fort Myers thru the Bahamas by clicking on the  CLICK HERE  photo link above .. our current location is updated once an hour .. check out the Google Maps .. zoom in and out .. etc ..
Monday June 27th
Lionheart heading out
Tuesday June 28th
Never Say Never
dinner with Bahama Star crew
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. Monday AM we finally received word that our pump for the water maker had been repaired and was ready to be shipped back to us .. just needed a copy of our cruising permit which we scanned and emailed along with (of course) the requisite credit card info .. it would be on the Tuesday Watermakers Air afternoon flight ..

.. after a few morning chores on the boat we headed out for Staniel Cay to pick up our package ..
Never Say Never .. as we traveled to Staniel Cay we came across the yacht Never Say Never .. it was built by the Oceanfast (Austal) yard in Australia the NEVER SAY NEVER is 37 m 122 (foot) in length. Launched to celebration in the year of 1985 her interior design confirms the traditional interpretations from Bannenberg Designs Ltd / Eric Johnson (Refit) and their approach to interior yacht design. Superyacht NEVER SAY NEVER can accommodate up to 8 people with 7 qualified crew. The former names or project names are 3000-01; Never Say Never; Never Even Say Never; Lady Myth; Always; Odyssey; Apocalypse; Prosper. She is able to reach a high speed of 34 knots.
in the meantime, the BAHAMA STAR came in with 2 lovely families from Georgia so that meant it was deep-fried Turkey night aboard the STAR!

we had a great time and even pitched in 2 cartons of Publix Premium Ice Cream from our freezer to cap off the end to a wonderful summer evening ..
Wednesday June 29th
water maker is working again
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. got water maker working again ..
Thursday June 30th
Compass Cay
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
a day to relax and watched the Casey Anthony case ..
Friday July 01st
Saturday July 02nd
Rachel's Bubble Bath
Sunday July 03rd
our Compass Cay memento
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. enjoyed the morning breezes and spent most of the morning on the back deck with some light reading while keeping one eye glued to the Casey Anthony trial on HLN .. we had a nice surprise when Ken and Sonja Wright from Cape Coral walked up to our boat to say hi! .. they are traveling with 2 other boats .. all 3 are from the Ft. Myers area .. SANDY CAY also just happens to be docked at our home port of Legacy Marina but we have not had a chance to get to know them previously .. small world!

.. we had a nice time catching up and then joined the others for cocktails on SUNCHASER to meet the other 2 couples, Kenneth and Sandra on SANDY CAY and Len & Sharon on SHARON ANN ..

.. after dinner and Autumn's evening walk we stopped at the dock lounge where our local fishermen had come in with several just-caught groupers .. in no time they had one cleaned and filleted for us for dinner tomorrow ..

.. on Saturday morning we took Ken and Sonja in our dinghy (with Len and Sharon following in theirs) to the northern end of Compass Cay to Rachael's Falls and Bubble Bath .. we had timed it to arrive while the tide was still moderately high and it was an easy and pleasant walk to the Falls and Bubble Bath ..

.. later we all enjoyed a wonderful grouper dinner on DEE LIGHT which we finished off with rum raisin ice cream for dessert ..
Monday July 04th
docktails and potluck
fireworks at Compass Cay
 in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
                                   HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

.. spending WAY too much time on the Casey Anthony trial but must say that the closing arguments and sparring by the lawyers in this case have been fascinating to watch ..

.. most everyone in the marina gathered at the dock lounge tonight for a Pot Luck Dinner in celebration of the 4th .. wouldn't you know it .. haven't had so much as a drop of rain since we left Harbour Island and tonight it begins to rain .. turned out to be just a passing shower and after it was over we were left with the most spectacular sunset - as good as any fireworks!

.. after dark the captain and mate on FRATELLI provided us with our own mini-fireworks show before we retired to our boat to watch the end of the Macy's Fireworks Show on tv ..
                                   HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
Tuesday July 05th
Fort Myers crew heading out
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. on Tuesday morning we waved goodbye to the Fort Myers group of boaters who were on their way to Highborne Cay and then back to the States with the wind and weather forecast looking good for a smooth crossing .. no sooner had they vacated the dock when Bahama Star pulled in with their crew .. this week they had a nice group of 7 students from the Memphis, TN area on board and we again joined them for fried Turkey dinner .. Autumn received a special treat of giblet gravy that just happened to spill on the deck right in front of her nose – she had a smile ear to ear! .. again we capped off the evening with heaping bowls of ice cream courtesy of Dee Light’s freezer ..
Wednesday July 06th
Thursday July 07th
at our Spa
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. Wednesday afternoon we took our dinghy out and headed for Staniel Cay and had lunch at the SCYC bar .. after lunch we walked up to see Rhonda to purchase a couple more loaves of bread .. before heading back to Compass we stopped at one of our favorite beaches for a swim and some beach time where we lingered and lingered until finally the sun started to head down for the day and we knew Autumn was patiently waiting for our “evening docktail hour” to begin .. we have been very content this week with just “being” rather than “doing” .. we get up in the morning when the sun comes up and usually go to bed when the sun goes down for the day and are enjoying the company and conversation with the other boaters who are in the marina and in the same mode .. after one arrives at Compass and spends a week or so it seems as if time starts to stand still while the water and clouds are the only things that are constantly moving and changing ..
.. as Bob on ISTABOA succinctly put in his blog http://Istaboawaypoints.blogspot.com “the only downside to this island life, if you want to call it a downside, is that manana state of mind … or as a learned friend recently put it – cognitive dissonance. May be, but you know what? It’s not bad. ”
.. thanks to Bob, after almost 3 months of intermittent and virtually no phone service here on Compass, they now have not only a new, reliable and cheaper phone system but also much faster wi-fi internet service .. YEA!
 Friday July 08th
happy birthday !!
Saturday July 09th
love it !!!
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol !!
and yes this is her birthday month ..
Carol spent a relaxing and lovely day on her birthday starting with breakfast in bed, a great trip to the beach and ending with a nice quiet dinner on board with plans to have another birthday dinner sometime after we arrive in Nassau next week ..
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