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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2011- Log G
Compass Cay to ??
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 Friday July 08th
happy birthday !!
Saturday July 09th
love it !!!
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol !!
and yes this is her birthday month ..
Carol spent a relaxing and lovely day on her birthday starting with breakfast in bed, a great trip to the beach and ending with a nice quiet dinner on board with plans to have another birthday dinner sometime after we arrive in Nassau next week ..
 Sunday July 10th
Jim and Kim
Autumn's birthday
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
.. Sunday afternoon Jim and Kim picked us up in their speedy center console boat again and we treated them to lunch at Staniel Cay Yacht Club .. after lunch they took us to Twin Cays - a great little deserted cay with a beautiful sandy beach – it even has a volleyball net set up and lots of room for lawn games like Bocci! .. we enjoyed a swim and drink before heading back to Compass and giving them both a big hug as this will be the last time we will have a chance to see them before we head out next week ..
.. when we got back to the marina we found a “hotel” by the name of ARIOSO had moved into the marina! .. it honestly blocked out the sun while it was docking! .. during docktails we had an opportunity to chat with the one of the charter guests and her sister who are from Sydney, Australia .. they are vacationing with their family on board with this being their first trip to the Bahamas and are loving every minute .. the ARIOSO will stay 2 nights with their guests and a crew of 6 on board (unfortunately, the masseuse couldn’t make it due to a family emergency) .. ahh - too bad! - maybe next time? ..
  Monday July 11th
Compass Cay .. our 'home'
  Tuesday July 12th
our last day at Compass Cay
in port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
 Happy 38th Bahamas Independence Day!

.. another holiday weekend on Compass .. the marina is full of boats again and everyone is enjoying a great day swimming with the sharks, eating burgers and drinking cold Kaliks from the cooler ..

.. a small group gathered at the picnic table tonight so we brought up some bacon-wrapped lobster bites to share ..

.. we have made the momentous decision that Wed is to be our D-Day to leave our beloved Compass Cay and begin our migration back to the States .. it is very hard to think about leaving Paradise but the time has finally arrived and we don't want to have to be in a rush to get back .. why is it that the days go by so quickly when you are in the tropics ?? ..

.. our final day here was spent taking our dinghy north to the Exuma Land and Sea Park area .. the scenery was absolutely stunning and we were able to get in some nice photos .. we were also able to make one last trip to the beach where we watched the water come back in after a super low tide which had exposed sand bars we had never before seen previously ..

.. this evening at docktails we said farewell to Tucker, Loan, Preston, Karin and all our fellow dock mates with the promise to keep in touch until hopefully we see them next year ..
 Wednesday July 13th
heading out
in route - Compass Cay to Nassau
.. on Wednesday morning the sun was shining bright with a light breeze from the southeast when Dave and Preston helped us with our lines at 7 AM when we left the dock at Compass Cay .. we absolutely loved where we had docked these last 25 days .. there is a natural reef that runs right under the dock and we had enjoyed a virtual aquarium every day right under the edge of our swim platform .. we hope to be able to return to the same spot next year ..

.. we started out with a slight chop and a few rollers from the current as we left on a falling tide and had a nice easy cruise to Nassau with the seas ending up being almost flat by the time we arrived at the east end of the harbor in Nassau .. it was such a nice day for traveling we expected to see more boats as we only passed about 3 boats the entire way ..

.. we arrived at Atlantis Marina around noon and were assigned a great slip where we have a gorgeous view of the Resort hotel off our stern and out the Starboard saloon windows ..

.. we had intended to go to the The Point for a light bite to eat but the only dining option for the evening was the FULL Bahamian BBQ Buffet at $36pp .. we knew we were too tired and it was way too late to enjoy so many choices so we had a drink at the bar instead and went back to DEE LIGHT for a nice comforting bowl of ice cream before calling it a long day ..
  Thursday July 14th
view from our Back Deck
  Friday July 15th
Clay and Rita-Kay
in port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. Mario arrived at 7AM to wash down DEE LIGHT .. it really is surprising how clean the boat stays in the out-islands as we never seem to have that "oily" grime that leaves black streaks that we have when we are docked in the States .. No sooner had Mario wiped down all the windows and finished chamoising down everything it began to rain .. however DEE LIGHT was still spotless and only needed a quick wipedown after the rain stopped by early afternoon ..

.. after a quiet couple of days the Atlantis marina is really filling up quickly for the weekend and it has been fun to watch the arrival of all the different types of watercraft .. majority of the larger yachts look to be "brand new" so we assume someone is making some money in our "depressed economy". .. Wowee! a 120+ foot Azimuth just went by! - never seen one quite that big!

we also took a walk to the Ben & Jerry's for ice cream in the Marina Village .. after finding a nice sidewalk table we enjoyed "people watching" as the entire Atlantis resort seems to be filled with tourists of all shapes, sizes and ages ..

.. our friends Capt. Bruce and Sheila on BAHAMA STAR made it into Atlantis with his sister and family aboard for a visit and Bob and Melanie on ISTABOA showed up on the dock - they have come in for supplies and haircuts! .. along with the crew on ARIOSO it felt like "old home week" at Compass! .. it's always fun to see what a small world it is when it comes to cruising in the Bahamas ..

.. Friday afternoon we met up with our friends Rita-Kay and Clay on CARLEIGH and we enjoyed a long and leisurely lunch at the Green Parrot while we all got caught up with the latest news since seeing them last fall .. we had a great afternoon and look forward to spending more time with them while we are here ..
  Saturday July 16th
our location
birthday dinner
in port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. the Captain had promised the "Birthday Girl" a nice dinner for two after we arrived in Nassau so we made a dinner reservation at one of our favorite downtown restaurants Café Matisse 242-356-7012 for Saturday evening .. this centrally located Italian Restaurant is housed in an historic Colonial home behind Parliament Square just off Bay Street .. after taking a taxi from Atlantis to downtown we arrived a little early at the restaurant and decided to be seated inside the cool air-conditioned dining room surrounded by colorful art prints by Matisse and his contemporaries which grace all the walls .. we were treated to a truly superb dinner with wonderful service .. snapper stuffed ravioli and a grilled hogfish entrée with sweet potato soufflé on the side .. we highly recommend Café Matisse for lunch or dinner as we have never been disappointed ..
.. after returning to Paradise Island we had our taxi driver drop us at the Coral Towers where we stopped at the lobby bar and listened to a trio playing a nice selection of Bahamian tunes while we had coffee and a cocktail .. on our walk back to the boat with "breezed" thru the Casino .. the action was just beginning to pick up but the only thing we left was 90 cents in one of the penny slot machines! ..
  Sunday July 17th
Christ Church Cathedral
dinner with Bob and Mel (ISTABOA)
in port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )

.. we left the boat in the morning to attend church services in downtown Nassau as there are no churches located anywhere on Paradise Island .. since it was "threatening rain" we again decided to take a taxi .. we arrived well ahead of time for the 11:15 service so we decided to search out a cup of coffee and ended up across the street at The Towne Hotel 242-322-8450 .. their motto is "Nassau’s Friendly Downtown Hotel" and they certainly live up to the billing .. although they do not have a traditional coffee shop, per say, we were warmly welcomed into the hotel by the staff including Max, their resident parrot who sits on his perch in the middle of the lobby .. we were each served a cup of coffee and were given a tour by the owner of the original art work that they have collected by several local Bahamian artists that they have amassed and which adorn the walls of the lobby, bar area and stairwell of this old hotel .. really a neat place - colorful, tidy and very friendly ..

.. after we returned to the boat after church Bob and Mel stopped by and asked if we would like to join them for dinner at one of their fav restaurants East Villa and Lounge 242-393-3377 located on the east side of New Providence .. not being ones to pass up an opportunity to try out a new place we said "by all means" and we all piled into a taxi for the ride over and had a great dinner .. the restaurant is a little reminiscent of the 60’s with sort of a "rat pack" lounge décor and they offer upscale Continental Chinese Cuisine - one of their specialties is the Peking Duck which came out expertly carved and on a huge platter – enough for the four of us plus leftovers ..

  Monday July 18th
Tropical Storm Bret
in port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. we have had occasional rain showers on and off the past couple of days and now it appears that TS Bret will be passing us overhead ..the weather was nice enough for us to go to the pool and spend a little time in the spa this afternoon but by 4PM they were asking everyone to leave the pool area and to take refuge indoors .. we reluctantly packed up our pool stuff and ran into Bob and Mel outside their boat ISTABOA on the way back to our boat .. they will head back to Compass Cay in the morning so we gave them big hugs (and Radar who just got a new haircut too) and said so long until we see them again .. we had no sooner left them when the skies REALLY opened up and it began to pour buckets! .. Autumn was mighty glad to see us back and as it continued to rain the rest of the evening and most of the night we stayed put on the boat .. Bret turned out to be just lots of rain, thunder and lightning but very little wind .. as they said on the radio "Bret is no Threat, so don’t Fret!" ..
 Tuesday July 19th
view from our Salon
new Palmer Johnson boat
in port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
.. for next couple of days the winds and seas look very favorable for a smooth voyage so we have decided to continue our migration back to the States in the morning ..
.. we wanted to finish a little shopping in town so we made a last trip to Nassau .. also neither one of us had ever been to the famous Arawak Cay Fish Fry so we thought today would be a good time to give it a try .. after our visit to the Straw Market and a trip to the bank to change out the last of our Bahamian $$ for US we hopped on the No. 10 bus and headed for the Fish Fry .. we ended up at The Big 10 and had the Bahamian whole fried snapper with coleslaw and baked mac and cheese .. the food "shacks" are very similar to those at Potter’s Cay only bigger with lots more seating .. the whole area was very clean and well groomed with easily accessed restrooms and we were able to enjoy some of the delicious local cuisine one last time before we leave for the summer ..
.. when we left the Fish Fry we happened to get on the No. 10 bus headed west .. since we were not in any hurry we enjoyed a nice long tour of some of the nicer residential sections and larger water front resorts located on the west end of New Providence .. we were surprised to see the relatively large amount of new construction and development going on in this part of the island ..
.. we ended our day trek by meeting up with Rita-Kay and Clay along with their friend Craig at the Green Parrot at Hurricane Hole Marina for a couple of drinks .. before saying goodbye Rita-Kay gave Carol 2 pairs of her beautiful hand-made earrings as a remembrance for her Birthday .. we will miss them both!
 Wednesday July 20th
 sunset at Miami Beach
travel - Nassau, Providence Island to Miami Beach
..up early with last minute departure preparations and by 7AM we were ready to leave Atlantis .. with our bill delivered to the boat we were ready to cast off the lines by 7:30 and cleared the Nassau Harbour before 8AM .. we had picked a perfect travel day - just a light breeze with hardly a ripple on the water as we headed toward the tip of the Tongue of Ocean .. by the time we reached the Bank, it became virtually calm but we could see some large rain cells building up ahead .. however the Garmin unit showed us only a lot of cloud cover with no severe weather .. ie. NO big red or green blobs! ..sure enough as we continued on the rain either dissipated completely or had moved out of our path ..as we continued our day’s travel over the bank it became increasingly calm until the turquoise and aqua of the sky and sea colors blended together so that the horizon was indiscernible at a distance and the undersides of the puffy white clouds overhead were also aqua in color .. Surreal!
.. we had waited to make our decision whether to stop in Bimini for the night or continue on to Miami until we reached the "fork in the road" - either correct our course to the north for Bimini or veer a bit to the south to go thru the cut at Cat Cay/Gun Cay .. with no more rain in sight we decided to "go for it" and at 2PM we had navigated the cut at the reef and were on our way to Miami! .. as we continued on to Miami we noted that we had never seen the water more flat .. with the exception of the 2 foot plus rollers spaced about 80 foot or so apart when we reached the Gulf Stream the most movement we felt during our trip today were from the wakes of the 3 other boats that passed us traveling east ..
.. at 5PM we reached the fuel dock at the Miami Beach Marina - total running time from Nassau was 9.5 hours at approx. 18kts .. after another hour plus for refueling, calling in to CBP with our on-line SVRS Float Plan info and receiving our Clearance Arrival No. we were docked and tied up in our slip for the night .. we both took nice long hot showers before walking up to Monty’s for a fried fish sandwich, fries and a basket of garlic rolls .. AHH! .. comfort food!
 Thursday July 21st
Miami Beach Marina
birthday dinner
in port - Miami Beach Marina .(305) 673-6000
.. first order of business this morning was hair appointments at the SoFi Salon located right here at the marina .. Carol with Kevin and Marv with Danny .. after our transformation from Bahama hair to South Beach hair we decided to treat ourselves to a date night ..

.. and did we mention .. carol celebrates her birthday all month long ..
so yes .. another birthday dinner .. we made an on-line reservation at Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse as neither one of us had the occasion to dine at any of their restaurants located around the county ..

..the Miami Beach location overlooks Government Cut which is the main entrance to Miami Harbor and adjoins the main beach park surrounded with stunning contemporary highrise buildings in very comptempory architectural styles and is directly across from Fischer Island ..

.. we made the short walk from the Marina along the waterfront to the restaurant where we noticed a film crew outside .. after we checked in with the hostess we stopped at the bar for a drink before deciding to take an outside patio table .. no sooner were we seated with a drink in hand when the film crew approached us .. they were filming in various locations for the Travel Channel and asked us to do an on-camera interview telling them why Miami is such a good destination for retirees! .. we certainly felt like celebrities when they were finished and the house even brought us a complimentary glass of wine! .. we will definitely return to Smith & Wollensky for dinner or lunch again - top notch food and service all around ..
  Friday July 22nd
in port - Miami Beach Marina .(305) 673-6000
.. spent a relaxed morning at the marina before taking the short walk to the new shopping area on Fifth Ave where Best Buy is located .. got a replacement Sony AMFM/Weather radio because the tuner on Carol's ancient radio was finally going bad .. also made an upgrade to our Verizon MiFi unit .. the new one is 4G by Samsung and so far is much faster than the old one ..

.. we were hungry for pasta tonight so we grabbed a taxi in front of the marina for another one of our favorite restaurants the Hosteria Romana on Esplanade Way www.hosteriaromana.com .. Esplanade is a charming street just a couple blocks south of Lincoln Rd and is completely closed to auto traffic with only pedestrian traffic permitted so it is a great place to grab a sidewalk table and "people watch" ..

..after dinner we walked to Lincoln Road and stopped at a sidewalk table in front of the Hagen Daz shop .. Yep - we had dessert and yet again marveled at the variety of people that passed by .. being a weekend it was really hopping! .. we always enjoy our stop in Miami Beach .. being such a cosmopolitian city it makes for a nice transition from the low-key islands back to the "real world" ..

.. before long we felt our first raindrops so we dashed for the corner and hailed a taxi .. we had just made it back to the boat when the skies opened up with copious amounts of rain and an impressive thunder and lightning show .. autumn just looked at us to say " it's about time you got home!"
  Saturday July 23rd
South Beach Miami
in port - Miami Beach Marina .(305) 673-6000
.. it's Saturday night on South Beach and it is literally crawling with all sorts and manner of people .. volleyball players, park bench preachers, skateboarders, and bicyclists along with a non-stop caravan of autos, trucks and motorcycles on Ocean Drive .. we just blended right in .. we were also surprised to see so many out-of-state license plates - NY, NJ, OK, MD etc - and wondered if they were trying to beat the heat wave up north!?

.. on the street we ran into the camera crew shooting more footage for the Travel Channel .. the photographer from NY had a unique lens on his camera that he was using to shoot 360 degree panoramic photos - very cool! .. the other photographer working with him was from the local Miami area ..

.. it was too early for dinner so we just had to stop at Mango's Tropical Cafe for a drink .. this bar and restaurant is a very hip and happening sort of spot which features live Latin music .. often you will see some great salsa dancers dancing on top of the bar .. we listened to a set by an excellent young singer from NY backed up by a trio of musicians before we headed further up the street ..

there are soooo many choices of restaurants along Ocean Drive that it can get quite overwhelming trying to decide where to stop and what to try .. years ago there was an article in a design magazine on the opening of a restaurant called Lario's and recalled that Gloria (one of our fav singers) and Emilio Estavan had purchased one of the old buildings on Ocean Drive .. they did a total gut-rehab and put a restaurant on the street level .. the decor is contemporary but very warm and inviting .. they serve traditional Cuban cuisine so we had the roast pork with black beans, rice and plantains .. Cuban comfort food all the way ..

.. as it looked like we were in for another drenching downpour again tonight we decided to forgo the "nightlife" and leave it to the younger set as we headed back to boat to beat the rain ..
 Sunday July 24th
dinner at Monty's
in port - Miami Beach Marina .(305) 673-6000
.. as we are planning on leaving Miami in the morning we used Sunday as a day to do a few chores around the boat in anticipation of our departure .. picked up a few items at the convenience store/deli and checked in with the marina office to let them know we were leaving .. ended the day with a quiet dinner at Monty's and called it an early night ..

Monday July 25th
lobster season
travel - Miami Beach Marina to Marathon .. 95.6 nautical miles .. Pancho's Fuel Dock & Supply Marathon Florida - (305) 743-2281
.. we departed Miami Beach Marina at 7:55 and headed for Government Cut where we were greeted by 2 large tugs in the process of escorting a HUGE freighter thru the Cut .. UFFFDAAA! .. after clearing the passage of the freighter we where left with a very mixed bag of seas and 6 plus waves on our nose! .. we quickly cleared the channel as there were another 2 freighters already headed our way .. it started out pretty "rolly" with 3 plus footers with some larger rollers right on our starboard beam and had to take it off the autohelm to get a reasonable ride .. but after we were past Elliot Key where the waters are more protected the seas settled down and we had a comfortable ride the rest of the way to Marathon ..

.. at 2PM we were docked at Pancho's Fuel Dock in Boot Key and by 3:30 we had finished topping off all 3 of the tanks again .. the rate of fuel flow was so high at Miami Beach Marina we don't think we got a full fill the other day .. that was not the case today!

.. after showering and changing we made our usual way to Castaway's Restaurant where we had some of the absolute BEST yellowtail snapper ever .. obviously fresh from the sea! .. we had occasion to be seated next to a large table of extremely nice and polite young men (probably high school age) who were with a boy scout group from Nashville, TN sailing on 2 charter sailboats .. before we left we made sure to tell their leaders what a pleasure it had been to be seated next to them ..
 Tuesday July 26th
take me to the groomer
aaaahhhhhh !!
travel - Marathon to Fort Myers .. 131 nm ..
.. we wasted no time this morning and left Pancho's dock before 7AM .. at present there is a tropical wave situated just below Cuba moving to the WNW and forecast to be in the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow .. no threat of development right now but expected to bring a lot of tropical moisture with it up from the Caribbean .. which really means more rain than usual .. although the seas are predicted to be higher than we normally like to travel in we know we will be traveling in the same direction as the winds which are still coming up from the SSE .. just caught the morning weather which is already showing some rain cells in the Gulf off Sanibel Island .. time to go ..

.. sure 'nuff we had some pretty good rollers on the beam as we left Boot Key and headed to the Seven Mile Bridge .. however on the other side of the bridge the waters were calmer as the waves were now pretty much on our stern .. not the best for the autopilot as it has a tendency to want to "fishtail" when the larger rollers catch up with us .. however we are glad we were not traveling South today ..

.. as soon as we passed Cape Romano the seas really settled down and we had a smooth trip all the way up the Gulf past Marco Island and Naples to San Carlos Bay .. we finally we hit Marker 101 and headed up the Caloosahatchee River to our home port at Legacy Marina .. Lana greeted us on the dock to catch our lines and welcome us back! .. this was the first time we have made the trip from Marathon at this time of year without a drop of rain .. Dee Light is pretty salty right now but rain is forecast for the next couple of days .. after getting settled in and cleaned up we all went downtown (still no rain) for dinner at our favorite sidewalk cafe The French Connection .. Autumn loved her homemade cherry muffin while we enjoyed our cream of asparagus soup and pasta salad!

.. nice to be back but can't wait to go back again! .. as a boating friend says "home is where the is" ..
 Wednesday July 26th
in port - Legacy Harbour Marina, Fort Myers ..
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