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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log A
Fort Myers Florida to ???
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Carol and Marv
Dee Lights Bridge
pre trip photos
Sunday April 27th thru Thursday May 01st - pre cruise notes ..
we have been scrambling the last couple of days to complete all the myriad little details in preparation for our departure from our home port of Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers .. it is surprising how much 'stuff' just accumulates lying around on the boat when you sit at dock for an extended period of time and how complacent (or is it just lazy) one becomes in not properly stowing things back where they belong .. with most everything 'somewhere' on Dee Light we were ready to depart .. with the exception of our clothes dryer which was still in the middle of the salon floor! ..

Scott, our boat detailer, showed up first thing Thursday morning to wash down Dee Light and late Thursday afternoon we made the last Publix run, loaded all the supplies, filled the water tank, pumped out the holding tanks, switched over our Direct TV to satellite reception and coiled and stowed the electric cords and water hoses .
Pink Shell Marina
Fort Myers Beach
Dee Light
Friday May 02nd - Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach (after our dryer gets fixed) -
promptly at 7AM Friday morning Juan and Joe from Flamingo Appliance Service were on our threshold with the necessary part in hand and in less than 30 minutes had our dryer hooked up and running .. Yea!  After moving our cars and leaving the keys with Sheila in the office we pulled away from the dock at 8:30 .. we were not really sure which one of the crew was most excited to get underway but we decided it was Autumn who continued to race circles around the bow of the boat and back thru the 2 wing doors on the aft deck until we could 'corral' her with a treat!
we were expecting some rain showers to move thru our area from the front that just passed Pensacola with 20+ inches .. although we knew we would not get anywhere near that sort of weather the skies were overcast with high thin clouds and we had a fairly brisk breeze as we motored down the river .. however when we reached the Sanibel Bridge we saw light white caps and Carol went below to secure the rest of the odds and ends .. by the time we made the turn toward the beach we were in 5-6 footers on the beam .. this was according to the Captain's estimation as the First Mate was too busy stowing more 'stuff' to notice!  .. our first order of business after docking will be to secure everything a little 'tighter' for our trip ..
arrived at Pink Shell Marina at 10:30 AM and Dave and Craig got us tied up and secured alongside the face dock as we awaited the arrival of the Foleys on Caliente who came in a little before 2 PM ..
Fort Myers Beach to Marathon 
dinner with Rich
Sean and Chris
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 Saturday May 03rd - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon
we had a great dinner Friday evening at Nervous Nellie's with 21 of our friends who came to the beach to wish us Bon Voyage .. food was great and our lead waitress Melon did a fabulous job taking care of our 'boisterous' group .. thank you Lars and Win for picking up some Kuerig coffee for us and to Ellen for the delicious home baked cookies for our trip ..

we were off the dock at Pink Shell with an assist and farewell from Dave, the harbor master at 06:55 with mostly overcast skies and winds that were on our nose from the south at about 10-15 kts .. a large front of rain and thunderstorms was passing thru the Tampa area and was predicted to 'sag' south during the afternoon but we were banking on being far enough south before that happened to avoid the majority of the weather front .. not the most ideal conditions for travel but not that bad .. we hoped ..

.. for the most part we had an uneventful trip to Marathon with the exception a large storm cell that passed right over us .. we were about 25 miles from Marathon when Caliente radioed us to report they spotted a waterspout right off our starboard bow .. Holy Cow! .. not one but TWO waterspouts had formed .. we were close enough to see the debris flying into the air as they moved northeast toward land .. when we made it to the fuel dock at Marathon Marina our bow and cockpit was covered with bits of sea grass .. no doubt put out by the spouts and our dock hand was kind enough to offer to wash down the boat so it wouldn't stain the fiberglass .. we might  be exaggerating a little and the captain certainly enjoyed the photo op but all in all much too close for the first mate's comfort level! 

once we left the weather to the north behind us the seas calmed down from the 3-5 footers that had been on our nose most of the way and Autumn decided she wanted to 'go out' to use the front Poop Deck!  .. she is usually a very good traveler and in the past she will wait until we are docked to make her demands however she is now 2 years older (as we all are!) than the last time we made the longer runs on the boat .. we finally relented as we approached Marathon and took her out for a short walk on the bow .. we are happy to report .. mission accomplished!

we have had a 'mystery fuel issue' the last couple of times we have used Dee Light for a couple of short trips to the beach or Captiva .. after running and upon refueling we found that our starboard fuel tank (that also feeds the generator) was not using any fuel .. however the aft auxiliary tank always needed fuel .. hmmmm?  .. after checking all the lines, levers, etc. we were still were scratching our heads .. however when the Man mechanics were onboard servicing the engines for our upcoming trip we noticed that the starboard fuel primer pump was not functioning and wondered if this may be a factor with the fuel issue .. before we left Fort Myers the pump was replaced and A-1 filled our tanks .. still the same scenerio .. starboard tank took about 2 gals however the aft tank again needed fuel .. we would not know if anything changed until the next time we took on fuel .. well low and behold .. when we fueled at Marathon we are very happy (and much relieved) to report that our fuel tank situation is back to normal .. go figure - it's a boat! ..

.. our friend and boating buddy Rich Dugan was waiting on the dock at Marathon Marina to greet us and help us with our lines .. we first met Rich and his wife Elaine at Staniel Cay and they are presently living aboard their Ocean Sportfish at Marathon Marina .. we were pleased to see him and have a chance to visit over dinner at the Lazy Days Restaurant at the marina to catch up with the latest news .. Elaine was not able to join us for dinner as she was up north helping out their daughter with their brand-new newborn grandchild .. Congrats Gramma and Gramps! .. we all called it an early night after the captains' pow wow and it was decided to leave the dock at day break in the morning ..
Heidi, Sean, Chris and Carol
remains of a Crab Pot that ended up around our props
 Sunday May 04th - Marathon to Miami ..
living aboard is a wonderful lifestyle but cruising aboard is a whole different story .. all the little bottles of potions, lotions, vitamins and supplements, books and magazines, in knacks and do-dads that accumulate and clutter one's everyday lifestyle are fine when you are snugly tied to the dock or even motoring down the gentle and winding Caloosahatchee River .. however when you hit the open waters of the Gulf or Atlantic everything needs to be stowed, packed away or corralled in some sort of container to keep it from flying around the boat while underway in the 3-6 footers we have run into the past couple of days .. the captain has been proud to report that for the last couple of our Bahama trips 'we have not taken a spray over the bridge' .. well we can throw out that record for this trip! .. We left Marathon Marina at 06:45AM and by the time we reached Miami Beach Marina at about 01:00PM on Sunday Dee Light had a nice light crusting of salt everywhere ..

we were not able to connect to the weather buoy reports until late Saturday evening as their system seemed to be down for about 24 hours .. When we finally did get a report late Sat night the forecasts were not looking good for our Gulf Stream crossing to Bimini on Sunday .. we were ready to leave at day break and made the call to pass on the crossing and stop in Miami instead .. it turned out to be a wise decision .. although the the waves were not as high or choppy as yesterday as soon as the front moved to our south the winds flipped around to the NNE .. by the time we rounded Key Largo they were quite brisk and it would have made for a very uncomfortable ride to Bimini ..

also factoring into our decision to head to Miami was the vibration we detected as we were leaving Marathon .. putting Dee Light on plane we experienced a drag and then a definite vibration on the port side .. Ugh! .. not terrible but enough to be of a concern and hoped we had just picked up a crab pot line .. at about 09:00AM we called the Miami Beach Marina and asked for dockage and fuel and they were able to accommodate us ..

we now remember why we try to avoid boating on the weekends .. when we got to the marina it was a zoo! .. big boats, little boats, jet skis, water taxis .. if it floats it was in that harbor! .. to complicate matters that had a large Ocean Alexander permanently moored on the fuel dock (in front of 2 of their pumps yet!) and could handle only one large boat at a time .. Caliente was able to get right on to fuel but Dee Light spent the next 1/2 hour playing tag with all the rest of the watercraft manuevering about .. when it was our turn to fuel .. wouldn't you know it .. some yahoo in a go-fast boat tried to take our spot! .. the dock hands were kind enough to wave him off to wait his turn .. welcome to the big city!

on the way into Miami Sean and Chris phoned Heidi who is their son's new mother-in-law and who lives in Miami to meet us for cocktails and dinner ..  after washing the majority of the salt off Dee Light and cleaning up ourselves we joined the Foleys and Heidi on Caliente for appetizers and drinks at 5:00pm before going up to Monty's here at the marina for dinner .. the outside pool deck and tiki hut were packed with people but we were able to get a fairly quiet out-of-the-way table inside where we enjoyed a very nice dinner and good conversation ..

as it had been a long couple of days we again called it an early night as the diver we  got hold of to look at Dee Light said he would be at the boat at 07:00AM ..
Never Say Never
Ellie Goulding
dinner at Hosteria Romana
 Monday May 05th - Miami Beach Marina .. Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo in Miami  .. we will be staying in Miami today to let the winds die down and hopefully clock around to the east with conditions that will be favorable for a decent crossing on Tuesday ..

upon our arrival the marina gave us the name and number of a diver who works here and would be able to take care of us .. after getting hung up in bumper to bumper traffic he showed up at Dee Light around 08:30AM and promptly found the source of our vibration .. Yup - you guessed it .. a crab trap line! He told us it was the 3rd one he has removed this week and they are notorious around Marathon! .. he also checked out our props, shafts and thru-hull fittings .. thankfully a very easy fix ..
we developed an issue with our Verizon MiFi and could not connect to the internet this morning except with Mac computer and one iPad .. also the Beacon internet at the marina was down so no luck there .. spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon attempting to resolve it with no luck there either .. Carol took Autumn for a walk and found a signal at Monty's where Marv joined her .. while checking our emails over a complimentary coffee and a diet coke we had a nice bit of entertainment .. it started with first one then another helicopter hovering directly overhead (which after 20 minutes became a bit annoying - much like a bee buzzing in your ear) .. we then watched as the mega-yacht Never Say Never pulled onto the fuel dock .. she is a very beautiful and unique vessel and we were familiar with the boat and had met the owner while staying at Compass Cay .. eventually the helicopters left but then along came a bunch of paparazzi racing down the sidewalk and snapping photos while in hot pursuit of a young blonde woman and her entourage which made for an interesting sight! .. found out they were following a pop singer from England by the name of Ellie Goulding .. yes - we asked the same question - Who?? and this is what we came up with on google:

http://elliegoulding.com in Palm Beach .. She’s known for her love of showing off her midriff in crop tops.  And Ellie Goulding was certainly true to form as she left her hotel to perform at Sunfest in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday. The 27-year-old singer went for a hippy-inspired look in a bohemian white lace crop top teamed with pink prayer beads ..

the marina personnel had cleared the docks before the arrival of Never Say Never but Marv decided to 'play paparazzi' too in order to try to get a better shot so he used his key card to gain access thru the gate and onto the fuel dock whereupon he was politely but very firmly asked to leave .. but not before getting a few shots while an attractive blonde 'flashed' the cameraman! .. he wasn't offended .. we were also shooed away from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's place in the Exumas while in our dinghy a couple years ago too!  .. welcome to the big city!
we don't remember how we found the Hosteria Romano Restaurant on Esplanano Way but it continues to be one of our favorites when visiting South Beach and we have been going back ever since our first visit .. Yes - it is a bit of a tourist joint but one we enjoy every time we have the opportunity to visit south Miami  .. atmosphere, service and food are excellant and the Esplanano Way is a great place to just sit and 'people watch' .. we enjoyed Heidi's company as she once again joined us for cocktails on Caliente and we all piled into her cute little red Mercedes for the 6 + block ride to the restaurant from the marina .. on the way to dinner Heidi gave us a mini tour of Ocean Drive which is always such a unique experience as there really is no place in world quite like SoBe! ..  after a day of chillin' in South Beach we plan to leave in the morning at first light and head east over the Gulf Stream to Bimini .. or maybe Nassau?
heading out of Miami
Marina at Atlantis Nassau Bahamas 
Tuesday May 06th - Miami Beach Marina to Nassau ..
we had decided the night before to leave dock again at first light .. first mate was restless (and a bit anxious) and couldn't sleep so decided to get up at 05:00 AM .. we wanted to update and activate our online Float Plan with the SVRS system site https://svrs.cbp.dhs.gov  to show our change of destination and also to do a few other last minute housekeeping items before our departure ..

we left Miami Beach Marina at 06:55 AM and headed out Goverment Cut with the intention of accessing the Great Bahamian Bank at Gun Cay Cut thereby bypassing Bimini and head directly for Nassau .. it would be a long 10 hour run in good conditions but the weather window looked very favorable .. the buoy reports showed the winds ramping up considerably for the remainder of the week .. we didn't want to be socked in at Bimini as both Dee Light and Caliente have guests scheduled to arrive the following week .. we had ample time but don't like to push the boats or crews too hard and we already had 4 early (and long) days cruising .. so we decided to make the long run (about 165 nm) and then planned to relax in Nassau for a few days and enjoy the sights ..

it turned out to be a wise decision .. thank you Captain Marv for your expertise! .. the Gulf Stream crossing was very comfortable with 1.5 - 2 footers with some occasional rollers and when we crossed onto the Bank it was beautiful with just a slight chop .. we arrived at the Tongue of the Ocean where you leave the shallow aqua and turquoise waters of the Bank and the water plummets to over 7000 feet in depth and becomes navy blue in color again .. we were pleasantly surprised how nice the ride was - very similar to what we experienced in the Gulf Stream .. we had about a 3 hour run to Nassau from this point and knew as we approached Nassau we would have the winds from the East putting the waves on our port beam .. sure enough the sea conditions the remaining 2 hours brought a lot more spray and a few rolly moments but was not terribly uncomfortable .. we were elated when we reached the outer buoys to the western entrance of Nassau Harbour at 04:00 PM and cleared entry to the Harbour right away .. 3 cruise ships were docked today and we wanted to get in (and out of their way) before they were ready to leave port .. we arrived at 04:30 PM well before they were to leave and were docked and tied up at Atlantis Marina by 05:00 PM with our Custom papers delivered right to our slip ..

.. we all got settled in and just as we had finished showering and getting ready for a bite to eat 2 very pleasant Customs Officers knocked on our boat around 07:00 PM .. the timing couldn't have been more perfect .. in short order our paperwork was stamped, cruising fee paid, and we were good to go in the Bahamas for the next 120 days before they headed over to Caliente to do the same for them ..

by this time we were beyond pooped but still hungry so we went over to The Point Restaurant where we enjoyed a very cool nighttime breeze while we sat at the bar with a drink and a decadent and gooey (but very filling and comforting) Three Cheese Pizza .. ended up taking half home with us! ..
Mario our boat washer 
Dee Light at Atlantis
Atlantis - view from Water Ferry
Straw Market - Nassau
 Wednesday May 07th - the Marina at Nassau ..
hmmmm .. seems Marv has a new moniker .. as we were walking by Caliente last evening while the Customs Officers were aboard their boat and we waved hello he asked the Foleys if they were with 'Slim Shady'! ;-) .. they admitted they were however they were still granted a 120 day cruising permit for the summer so their association with 'Slim' must have been ok!

Mario our boat washer, was waiting at the dock when we arrived yesterday afternoon and we made arrangements for him to be at Dee Light this morning .. he started about 09:00 AM and by the time he finished a little after noon Dee Light was sparkling clean and smiling proudly in her slip .. Mario does a fabulous job and even cleans all our window on the inside! .. what a difference a little soap and water and some elbow grease makes .. we commented it would have taken the two of us three times as long and would not have looked half as good in the end!

after getting Dee Light cleaned up along with ourselves we walked up to the office to complete our registration and headed over to the ferry dock to catch a ferry to downtown Nassau .. there were 5 cruise ships in port today so everything we very busy with people moving everywhere .. one thing that impressed us as we walked about was how Nassau has changed for the better over the last couple of years since our last visit .. the new Straw Market is completed and iwe thought it was very nice - it is still crammed with narrow aisles but it is very airy with a high soaring wood and beam ceiling .. new pavers have been installed on the downtown sidewalks that had previously been crumbling and uneven, the Goverment Center has been repainted and spruced up and new paint, landscaping and flowering bushes now greet the visitors along the streets .. we noticed quite of few new retail stores and many other storefronts currently under renovation .. another new addition are the horse-drawn carriages and brand new tour buses .. it appears the economy has had a positive effect on Nassau ( no doubt due to the cruise ship business ) as the improvements are noticeable - we also noted that certain prices on higher end merchandise had gone up also as Carol couldn't find any 'bargains' in her favorite women's boutique Cole's of Nassau .. oh well maybe in August!

the main purpose for our trip today was to get a new SIM card for our old Motorala cell phone which we use while in the Bahamas and to reactivate our cell service .. with the help of a couple nice local residents we ended up at the store where we originally bought the phone and the nice lady on the counter got us all set up .. we have obviously been spoiled using our 'smartphones' and this thing is a real dinosaur by comparison so it took us a while to figure out how to use the phone again! .. stopped at T's Bistro for a cold drink and the young man who worked there (probably all of 18 or 19 ) got us on the right track ..

after a couple more stops ( yes the Ice Cream Shack was one of them and the Olde Nassau Liquor store where we found three bottles of a red French table wine for a price that was too good to pass up ) we hopped back on the water ferry for the trip back to Atlantis .. Chris and Sean joined us this evening for cocktails on a salt-free Dee Light after which we headed over to Anthony's Restaurant across the street for dinner ..
a day at the Water Park
 Thursday May 08th - the Marina at Nassau .. n port at Atlantis Marina .. ahhhh!  .. so nice to sleep in for a change and ease into another beautiful day in the Bahamas over coffee and breakfast .. the weather this week has been delightful .. cool breezes, low humidity, warm temps and abundant sunshine! .. the front that went thru earlier in the week brought windy conditions and fairly high waves so the marina has seen limited boating traffic this week except for crew bustling around their boats .. and for a change the shops and restaurants have also been fairly quiet ..

we met up with Sean and Chris about 12:30 PM and walked thru the hotel and casino to the water park at Atlantis .. loved the Lazy River, then hit a couple of the slides where only Sean was brave enough to try out the 'Drop of Death' slide and then just kicked back and relaxed on the chaise lounges with a cold drink .. oh yeah and the captain managed to spot the local Ben and Jerry's concession stand ..

we had dinner aboard Caliente tonight with a Caesar salad from Dee Light and delicious homemade Spagetti ala Caliente ..

after we finished dinner since it was such a beautiful evening we walked to The Point Bar for dessert where we shared a pineapple upside down cake and a 'bottomless' glass of wine while enjoying conversation with a lovely couple from upstate NY who own a time share at the Atlantis Village .. they shared with us the fact that their winter had been absolutely brutal and were so thankful to now be in warm weather .. we stayed and chatted until the bartender poured the rest of the wine bottle into Carol's to go cup, closed up the bar and said we had to go home!
our view every morning
lunch with Rita-Kay, Clay, Bob and Penny
 Friday May 09th - the Marina at Nassau ..
 09, 2014 Friday

we decided to take a taxi across the bridge and into Nassau to meet our cruising friends Clay and Rita Kay on Carleigh for lunch at the Green Parrot Bar .. http://greenparrotbar.com/harbour-front/ .. there are 3 Green Parrot Restaurants in town and this one is located next to the very upscale restaurant Luciano's of Chicago .. they also brought along their friends Bob and Penny on Pretty Penny who are heading back to their home port on the Chesapeake for the summer ..

since our last visit the entire East Bay Street area has been in the process of being improved and renovated and they have made tremendous progress .. a brand new marina called the East Bay Street Marina .. http://baystreetmarina.com/about-the-marina/ .. has been built adjacent to the restaurants and a wide walkway and promenade has been constructed along the waterfront .. this promenade is being designed and constructed to eventually connect to the Government Docks where the cruise ships are so you will be able to walk all the way to downtown Nassau along the waterfront .. this is good news as walking on the sidewalks along with the traffic on East Bay is a precarious activity and so we opted for another taxi for the trip back to town! ..

we had a great lunch and really enjoyed our time catching up with Clay and Rita Kay and meeting Bob and Penny .. after leaving the restaurant we decided to head downtown to do some shopping and for the trip back to Atlantis again took the water taxi back to Paradise Island 

still full from our lunch outing ( and the ice cream stop in town ) we opted for a light snack of leftovers aboard Dee Light and yup!  .. another dessert of Cheesecake served with dark chocolate lava on the bottom and mango and pomogranite sauce on the side at The Point before calling it a day ..
Saturday - Atlantis
Saturday - Front Page arriving at Atlantis
Sunday - Mothers Day
Saturday and Sunday May 10th and 11th - the Marina at Nassau ..
 Saturday we enjoyed a leisurely morning on board and met up with Sean and Chris to do a walk-about of the grounds at Atlantis to take some photos .. stopped for an excellant lunch at the Lagoon Bar and Grill and also a refreshing dip in the pool before returning to the marina just in time to catch our Legacy Harbour Marina dock neighbors arrive on their boat Front Page .. we had been watching their spot tracker online since leaving their mooring at the DECCA station in the Exumas this morning so knew they would be arriving shortly ..

Gene and Kathy on Front Page are just returning from a 2 year cruise all the way down thru the eastern Caribbean as far south as Trinidad where they stored Front Page over the summer months and now are on the last leg of their trip back to the States and their home port of Legacy Marina .. accompanying them on board for the majority of this trip have been John and Mary Kay who also keep their boat Root Beer Float at Legacy .. also on board were their friends Susan and Wade from Minnesota who joined them in the Turks and Caicos and will be flying home from Nassau early Monday AM ..

we invited the group for cocktails and appetizers aboard Dee Light where everyone got acquainted and decided to get a large table at The Point for everyone to have dinner together ..

Sunday we took the ferry to town to attend church services .. on the eastern end of Nassau is the Christ Church Cathedral that we have attended in the past as it is only a short walk from the ferry docks .. we made it over on the ferry to Nassau in plenty of time and even had time for an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts before the service began at 11:15 AM

after church we returned to Dee Light and John from Front Page stopped by .. the Captain leaned on him to help him put the doors back in place on the laundry enclosure ( which have been stored on the bed in the front stateroom since we left Fort Myers )  .. did a couple loads of laundry then spent time getting the front stateroom straightened up and ready for the arrival of Jon and Jenn this coming week ..

all week the weather has been very dry and breezy and the evenings have been quite cool .. today the clouds and humidity have returned and the winds are even more brisk as the tropical moisture from the latest front around Cuba is being pumped in our direction from the south  ..  we plan to stay in port at Atlantis until Friday when the front is predicted to have moved thru and have made reservations to stay at Highbourne Cay at the northern tip of the Exuma chain ..

the crew of Caliente elected to wine and dine aboard tonight .. as it was the last evening of 'vacation in paradise' for Wade and Susan we rounded up the crew of Front Page and all piled into a taxi van for the ride to the Poop Deck Bar and Restaurant on East Bay St overlooking Nassau Harbour for some authentic Bahamian seafood .. since it was Mother's Day they were extremely busy but their hostess Melanie assured us they could accommodate us and encouraged us to come on over where we all had some great food and wine before wishing Wade and Susan safe travels back home ..
 NOTE - this is the End of Log A .. "click" on Log B to continue with our cruise
NOTE - this is the End of Log A .. "click" on Log B to continue with our cruise
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