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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log B
Nassau to Compass Cay
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Saturday - Atlantis
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Saturday - Front Page arriving at Atlantis
Sunday - Mothers Day
Saturday and Sunday May 10th and 11th - the Marina at Nassau ..
 Saturday we enjoyed a leisurely morning on board and met up with Sean and Chris to do a walk-about of the grounds at Atlantis to take some photos .. stopped for an excellant lunch at the Lagoon Bar and Grill and also a refreshing dip in the pool before returning to the marina just in time to catch our Legacy Harbour Marina dock neighbors arrive on their boat Front Page .. we had been watching their spot tracker online since leaving their mooring at the DECCA station in the Exumas this morning so knew they would be arriving shortly ..

Gene and Kathy on Front Page are just returning from a 2 year cruise all the way down thru the eastern Caribbean as far south as Trinidad where they stored Front Page over the summer months and now are on the last leg of their trip back to the States and their home port of Legacy Marina .. accompanying them on board for the majority of this trip have been John and Mary Kay who also keep their boat Root Beer Float at Legacy .. also on board were their friends Susan and Wade from Minnesota who joined them in the Turks and Caicos and will be flying home from Nassau early Monday AM ..

we invited the group for cocktails and appetizers aboard Dee Light where everyone got acquainted and decided to get a large table at The Point for everyone to have dinner together ..

Sunday we took the ferry to town to attend church services .. on the eastern end of Nassau is the Christ Church Cathedral that we have attended in the past as it is only a short walk from the ferry docks .. we made it over on the ferry to Nassau in plenty of time and even had time for an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts before the service began at 11:15 AM

after church we returned to Dee Light and John from Front Page stopped by .. the Captain leaned on him to help him put the doors back in place on the laundry enclosure ( which have been stored on the bed in the front stateroom since we left Fort Myers )  .. did a couple loads of laundry then spent time getting the front stateroom straightened up and ready for the arrival of Jon and Jenn this coming week ..

all week the weather has been very dry and breezy and the evenings have been quite cool .. today the clouds and humidity have returned and the winds are even more brisk as the tropical moisture from the latest front around Cuba is being pumped in our direction from the south  ..  we plan to stay in port at Atlantis until Friday when the front is predicted to have moved thru and have made reservations to stay at Highbourne Cay at the northern tip of the Exuma chain ..

the crew of Caliente elected to wine and dine aboard tonight .. as it was the last evening of 'vacation in paradise' for Wade and Susan we rounded up the crew of Front Page and all piled into a taxi van for the ride to the Poop Deck Bar and Restaurant on East Bay St overlooking Nassau Harbour for some authentic Bahamian seafood .. since it was Mother's Day they were extremely busy but their hostess Melanie assured us they could accommodate us and encouraged us to come on over where we all had some great food and wine before wishing Wade and Susan safe travels back home ..
 Jim and Carol Edmier
off the cruise ship Allure Of The Seas
Monday May 12th - the Marina at Nassau .. when we woke this AM and looked out the windows we could see from the overcast and cloudy skies that the predicted weather front was beginning to move thru our area .. the winds have also picked up substantially and we had put out another line and adjusted some of the existing ones .. Front Page has decided to stay in port at Atlantis a couple of additional days until the winds and seas subside for their crossing back to Stuart ..

we had made arrangements to meet Jim and Carol in Nassau this morning .. they are docked today at the Prince George Wharf while on a cruise and are on the largest cruise ship ever built .. the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas .. walking from the water ferry we spotted them right away and met up with them in front of Seņor Frog's .. the city has completed a new plaza in this area with a band pavilion, shiny new tables and benches for seating and a fountain so we walked over to a new restaurant with a patio on the plaza called the Konch and Kalik .. turned out to be a very nice spot to share some Ft Myers news along with some nachos, fritters, onion rings and of course the requisite cold tropical drinks! ..  very 'spiffy' with great friendly service and was much quieter for conversation than the Frog!

docktails tonight on Caliente and  then dinner on Front Page consisting of John's special 'Grandma's Spaghetti' recipe .. it seems you can never go wrong with a meal of pasta for a crowd while cruising on a boat! .. by cocktail hour the skies had mostly cleared and the sun was back out but winds were still blowing 25-27 kts out of the ENE ..
the start of another great day in paradise
Jon and Jenn
Tuesday May 13th - the Marina at Nassau .. Jon and Jenn arrive today ..rain rain go away! .. front started coming thru with off and on rain showers while we completed some housekeeping chores in preparation for Jon and Jenn's arrival later this afternoon .. we bid farewell to our dock neighbors on Lady GiGi but exchanged boat cards as they will be heading to the Exumas after returning from a short graduation trip back to NC ..

Jon and Jenn arrived right on schedule via limo taxi from the airport and got settled in on Dee Light .. the crew of Front Page have decided to head for Bimini tomorrow morning so we made reservations for a 'welcoming and departure dinner' at Todd English's newest restaurant Olives in the Atlantis Hotel & Casino for the 10 of us .. we had a lovely table with beautiful decor, the food was fantastic and service was top-notch .. a great experience all around ..
Front Page heading home
Jenn and Jon
Wednesday May 14th - the Marina at Nassau .. this morning we waved goodbye to Front Page as she left the dock about 07:30 AM .. they knew they would have a bit of a bumpy ride to Chubb thru the Tongue of the Ocean but the wind and waves would be on their stern for the most part and the sun was shining brightly once again! .. we checked their spot tracker and saw that they had made the protected waters of the Bank a little after 10:30 .. they anticipate leaving Bimini on Friday for Stuart when the wind and wave forecast is better for a Gulf Stream crossing before heading across Lake O and finally to Legacy Marina where they will leave the boat before returning to MN for the summer months ..

Friday is the day we also plan to make our next move .. plan A is to stop at Highbourne Cay for one night and then head for Compass Cay on Saturday morning .. we are hoping our weather window (although brief ) holds for our travels ..

oh did I mention? .. this morning we have partly cloudy skies with lots of sunshine so today looks to be a pool and/or waterpark day .. since it is Jenn's first visit to Nassau we are thinking some local Bahamian fare will be on the menu tonight ..
what a great day
Thursday May 15th - the Marina at Nassau ..

Thursday was scheduled to be our last day at Atlantis so we all decided that we would take advantage of this final day by going to the waterpark and check out the Lazy River one last time .. Jenn took us literally at our word and expected a very leisurely 'float thru the waterpark' .. by the time we got over the first rapids Jon had been flipped off his tube at least once and at the 'tsunami' Jenn was ably assisted back onto hers by the nice photo lady who happened to be standing by to help right the capsized!  ..

Jon and Jenn have planned a 'date night' for their last evening here and went to The Poop Deck for dinner .. the 'old folks' stayed at Atlantis and wandered up to The Point for a light bite to eat with enough leftovers to take home for another meal later along with an order of Conch salad to go .. everyone retired early as we wanted to get an early start to the day in the morning ..
the Dee Light crew
dinner at the Exuma
Friday May 16th - the Marina at Nassau to Highbourne .. Friday morning all hands were up and ready to go as we called the office when they open at 07:00 AM to come read the electric meters for both boats .. Captain Jon backed Dee Light out of her slip at 07:30AM .. we cleared our departure from Nassau with the Harbour Control and set our course for Highborne Cay approx. 26 nm away ..  Caliente has decided to bypass Highborne and head straight for Staniel Cay .. their guests Greg and Teresa fly in on Sunday and they want to get docked and settled in well before they arrive .. at about 08:30 PM they wished us farewell and safe travels on the VHF and set their course to the east of us aimed directly for Staniel ..

son Jon is a licensed boat Captain and has captained several large vessels in his previous 'younger days' .. now he has 'settled down' and married Jenn and live in the MPLS area .. although they own a 28' 280SS Formula that they keep up on the Mississippi River and use on weekend getaways he doesn't get the opportunity to run the larger boats very often and was anxious to get back on Dee Light for some 'windshield time' .. it is nice to have a couple of experienced boaters on board and also gives the Captain a nice respite ..

seas were pretty much as predicted by the buoy weather reports .. 2.5+ on our nose with some white capping .. partly cloudy with some sunshine ..

about 10:00AM we pulled onto the fuel dock at Highborne Cay and were greeted by 2 nice young dock hands who helped us with our lines as there was a fair amount of wind blowing us away from the dock .. 577.9 gals later we finished refueling Dee Light for the next leg of our journey .. Bummer! .. we were ready to leave Highbourne when the Port engine refused to fire up .. our first thought is not again .. we have had this issue in the past after refueling and are hoping it is the safety micro switch and once the engine cools down it will start up .. however in the meantime ..

ok .. by noon plan A has been scrapped and onto plan B .. Highbourne is able to give us a slip for 2 nights .. we originally made reservations to stay at Highbourne but cancelled them when we decided to go directly to Compass Cay instead .. guess it was meant to be .. with Jon on the helm and the 3 line handlers at the ready on the bow he aimed Dee Light for our new dock and nailed the landing on one engine .. didn't touch a thing!

Highbourne Cay is a beautiful resort island and has really upgraded their services since our last visit 3 years ago with a restaurant, brand new lodging and nice patios with landscaping .. we got registered, paid for 24 hours of internet service and made reservations for dinner at the new restaurant Xuma ..
Freedom .. click on image above to check out their webpage
Saturday May 17th - Highbourne Cay, Exumas ..
FREEDOM - a 104 foot fantail motor yacht designed by John Trumpy and built in 1926 by the Mathis Yacht Building Co. in Camden, N.J.  Restored by McMillen Yachts, Inc., the wooden boat specialists in Portsmouth.

Freedom was christened on the 150th anniversary of our country's independence, hence her name. She is a near sister ship to another Mathis-Trumpy vessel, the presidential yacht Sequoia that was designed for President Herbert Hoover and was sold in 1977 by President Gerald Ford. The boat served nine presidents.  For more info:

scrapped plan B and now on with plan C which leaves us pretty much 'stuck in paradise' for the time being .. yesterday we managed to contact our mechanic in Nassau who had previously worked on Dee Light when we had the same problem .. 'no problem, man' .. Chris with Complete Marine Services told us he would plan to hop on the high speed tour boat in the morning and come out to check out the engine .. first thing Sat AM we got a call from Chris who told us it was raining 'cats and dogs' in Nassau so not enough tourists for the tour boats to run today .. Ugh! .. on top of that, Jason, the island mechanic who we had hoped could also take a look was also stuck in Nassau due to the weather .. good news .. so far not a drop of rain yet today on Highbourne Cay and Jon and Jenn have been enjoying their time on the beach and touring the island by bicycle .. at the beach Jenn tried a Kalik Gold .. asked how she liked it her only comment was 'alot like barf in a bottle' .. not so much we guess!

meanwhile the Captain kept up with his troubleshooting between phone calls with Chris the mechanic .. his last trial run had him lying over the starter with a screwdriver to test the terminals .. after this latest encounter with sparks flying vigorously over his head and the mechanic's reaction equivalent to a Bahamian UFFDAAA! .. we have decided to wait on the mechanic .. hopefully he will be arriving tomorrow morning ..

with our engine troubles the staff at Highbourne has been especially courteous and accommodating .. they have been booked solid with a fishing tournament taking place here this weekend but made room for us and tonight they are having a Bahamian Buffet with lobster, fish and steak on the menu .. we are also hoping to see some BIG fish later this afternoon when the boats return to dock ..
 view from our back deck
Jon and Jenn
Sunday May 18th - Highbourne Cay, Exumas .. Log Day 16 - May 18, 2014 Sunday

the winds continue to make travel between Highbourne and Nassau pretty much a 'bronco ride' and with the continued unsettled weather it appears the tour boats will not be making any trips to the out-islands to snorkel and feed the iguanas until the weather clears and settles down which is predicted to happen toward the end of this week ..

however for the crew of Dee Light Sunday turned into another nice beach day to watch the activity on the island .. from our vantage point on the beach chairs with an umbrella and a nice breeze we think the temps are cooler this time of year than usual and the water also remains on the cool side .. but not too cool for an occasional dip in the water between a cold beverage or two!

throughout the day we have been working on a way to transport Jon and Jenn down to Staniel Cay .. working with Shyvette at Staniel we have booked them a cottage room at SCYC for Monday night and now we need to get them there as we are fairly certain our mechanic will not make it to Highborne before Monday or probably most likely even Tuesday ..

so in the meantime we all enjoy our time here on the beach and at the marina .. also we have 2 chefs with us who will be preparing dinner on board tonight as Jon and Jenn have offered to cook dinner for us .. grilled marinated chicken breasts, pasta ala Carmine's, a large Romaine and cherry tomato salad and Bahamian garlic bread .. Yum!!  oh yes - and ice cream sundaes for dessert!

.. as a special treat after finishing with dessert and clean-up we looked up to see a spectacular fireworks display off our aft deck cockpit .. we don't know who arranged it or what the occasion was but it was very impressive and very much appreciated by everyone in the marina with much applause and horn blowing afterwards ..
 morning coffee on the back deck
Jon and Jenn on their way to Staniel Cay with Loan
Monday May 18th - Highbourne Cay, Exumas .. .. Monday morning .. scenes from the movie 'trains, planes and automobiles'  were running thru our heads . that was the comment as we were still juggling various transportation modes and ideas .. in addition Chris the mechanic called to tell us that STILL no tour boats today as the bouy reports are calling for 5.5 - 6 ft seas between Nassau and Highbourne .. Ugh! .. tourists and tour boat captains seem to prefer calmer seas and lighter winds !
.. however that could wait as we have waited this long and have managed ( by some miracle as it will soon be Memorial Day weekend! ) to have secured dockage at Highbourne thru Thursday .. our main priority today was Jon and Jenn and their transportation to Staniel .. we had also talked with Sandy at Compass Cay yesterday and she was to get in touch with Tucker and Loan to find out if Loan would be able to make the trip to pick up Jon and Jenn .. finally after kicking around a couple of other ideas ( including getting a charter flight out of Norman's Cay from Nassau ) we were very pleased to get a call around 9:30 from Loan who told us he would plan to be at Dee Light to pick them up about 2:00PM ..

so while we wait for Loan (with bated breath and fingers and toes crossed ) .. Carolyn, HB Mgr told us she is able to get Chris the mechanic a seat on a  'flight share' plane that is coming into Norman's Cay at 10:15 AM tomorrow .. after checking with Chris we told Carolyn to go ahead a reserve a seat for him ..
Hooray .. and double hooray ! .. also a big sigh of relief! .. Loan showed up at the Highbourne fuel dock at 1:40 PM and after refueling he pulled his nice 24' Albury center console boat up to Dee Light's swim platform .. after Loan's mate stowed their luggage in the dry bow compartment J & J jumped aboard and they were on their way by 02:15 pm .. Loan will plan to take them on a short tour past the Exuma Land and Sea Park and Warderick Wells and then make a stop at Compass Cay to drop a package off for Tucker .. we were sorry to see them leave Dee Light but pleased that Jenn will be able to see a little more of the Exumas before their trip is over .. this will allow them the opportunity to visit Compass Cay and spend some time this evening and tomorrow on Staniel before catching their afternoon flight back to Ft Lauderdale tomorrow .. we have emailed Sean and Chris and asked that they keep an eye out for them when they arrive in Staniel Cay ..

we have suspected all along that the problem with the port engine lies with the failure of the solonoid on the starter ..  after talking at length with one of our dock neighbors he offered to stop by to take a look and sure enough was able to bypass the solonoid on the starter .. Voila! .. just as Jon and Jenn were boarding Loan's boat we heard the port engine running! .. was a change of plans in the works? .. no no .. we waved goodbye to the kids and promptly called Chris the mechanic to ask him to bring a couple of solonoids with him tomorrow so we have a spare on hand ..
Monday evening around 4:30PM we received an email from Sean and Chris that J & J had arrived safely at Staniel and were on Caliente having drinks! .. The Xuma Restaurant here is closed on Mondays so we had snacks and leftovers on the back deck and afterward walked up to the restaurant deck that overlooks the beach with drinks in hand to watch for a sunset .. turned out to be a nice one with enough 'red sails' to make it worthwhile for our photographer's time ..
Chris our Nassau mechanic
another great evening
 Tuesday May 19th - Highbourne Cay, Exumas ..
Tuesday morning when we came out on the back deck the sun was shining brilliantly and the clouds were proclaimed by Marv as 'kodak worthy' .. nicest day we have had yet! .. although the wind is still blowing it looks like it may be laying down just a little .. maybe??

we have had a nice older model Cheoy Lee trawler docked next to us the last couple of days with quite a few folks on board .. the boat is registered in Mexico with a hailing port of Cancun .. we feel as if we are docked next to a Tex-Mex cafe with all the delicious odors ( you have to like Mexican food to appreciate! ) wafting on the breeze from next door .. we wonder if they could spare some extra tamales for our friends on Carleigh .. Rita Kay would be in heaven!

Carolyn, HB Mgr got Chris our mechanic a seat on the plane they chartered to the island this morning  .. he arrived at Dee Light about 11:00AM and promptly went to work .. Marv accompanied him into the engine room so he could follow along with how the solenoid was connected, etc .. Joe our dock neighbor and the Captain of Lady Scarlett who helped us out yesterday advised us that this is one of the 'weaker links' with these engines and often go bad .. we think this one is about 2 years old .. Chris finished up the work about 01:00PM and after sharing a cold drink and some conversation it was time for Chris to leave and he wished us good travels .. it sure was nice to see him again and we thanked him profusely for 'going the extra mile' for us! .. it certainly has been a challenge with the recent weather issues ..
another day in paradise
last dinner at the Exuma
 Wednesday May 20th - Highbourne Cay, Exumas .. Tuesday evening we enjoyed dinner at the Highbourne Cay Xuma Restaurant .. it was a nice feeling to wake up Wednesday morning and not have to wait for anyone to show up at the boat or return a phone call for a change .. stayed in port and attempted to tweak the watermaker to see if we could get it to produce water as it's supposed to do .. they tend to be 'testy buggers' to say the least because we never use it until we are away from the yucky river water .. we're not sure what it's problem is but will probably try to have it looked at when we get down to Compass and Staniel Cays ..

called Compass Cay and asked if Dee Light could come in tomorrow instead of Friday .. winds are favorable and we are ready to move south! .. made reservations for one last dinner at the Xuma .. 
view from back deck at Highbourne
Dee Light is 'back home'
Thursday May 21st - Highbourne Cay to Compass Cay, Exumas .. Welcome Home! .. ahh welcome home .. it may sound like a cliche but it is truly how we feel upon arriving on the docks at Compass Cay .. it has been two long years since Dee Light has been on these docks and the whole crew feels like we are home again ..

we left our dock at Highbourne Cay at 10:30 AM .. it was an abslsolutely beautiful day for our trip south just as predicted .. this was the best day we have had for cruising since we left our home port in Florida .. we took our time heading south and arrived at the Compass Cay channel just a little before high slack tide .. before 01:30 PM we had backed Dee Light into our favorite spot and gave Tucker a big hug and glad to be finally back in one of our favorite spots in the whole world! .. we love to be alongside the inside dock as this dock is constructed above a natural coral reef and we have a virtual aquarium under our swim platform every day

as we approached the dock on this occasion and we were backing Dee Light into the dock the Captain said to his first mate 'there is a diver in the water behind us' .. she said 'what? ..
where?' .. sure enough there WAS a person floating with a snorkel directly in our path! .. What to do?  .. Stop with the current and wind to deal with or make fish chum out of the snorkeler? ..fortunately Tucker came to the rescue to get her out of our path .. turned out to be our boating friends on Caliente Chris and Sean (not far behind!)

it was great to catch up with Chris and Sean again and we really enjoyed meeting their friends Greg and Teresa .. we all had cocktails on Dee Light and then they treated us to a wonderful dinner of Shrimp Carbonara on Caliente while making plans to take the dinghys for a visit Rachel's Bubble Bath tomorrow ..
'welcome home'
Friday May 22nd - Compass Cay, Exumas ..

NOTE - this is the End of  Log B .. "click" on Log C to continue with our cruise

NOTE - this is the End of  Log B .. "click" on Log C to continue with our cruise
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