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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log C
Compass Cay to ???
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view from back deck at Highbourne
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Dee Light is 'back home'
Thursday May 22nd - Highbourne Cay to Compass Cay, Exumas .. Welcome Home! .. ahh welcome home .. it may sound like a cliche but it is truly how we feel upon arriving on the docks at Compass Cay .. it has been two long years since Dee Light has been on these docks and the whole crew feels like we are home again ..

we left our dock at Highbourne Cay at 10:30 AM .. it was an abslsolutely beautiful day for our trip south just as predicted .. this was the best day we have had for cruising since we left our home port in Florida .. we took our time heading south and arrived at the Compass Cay channel just a little before high slack tide .. before 01:30 PM we had backed Dee Light into our favorite spot and gave Tucker a big hug and glad to be finally back in one of our favorite spots in the whole world! .. we love to be alongside the inside dock as this dock is constructed above a natural coral reef and we have a virtual aquarium under our swim platform every day

as we approached the dock on this occasion and we were backing Dee Light into the dock the Captain said to his first mate 'there is a diver in the water behind us' .. she said 'what? ..
where?' .. sure enough there WAS a person floating with a snorkel directly in our path! .. What to do?  .. Stop with the current and wind to deal with or make fish chum out of the snorkeler? ..fortunately Tucker came to the rescue to get her out of our path .. turned out to be our boating friends on Caliente Chris and Sean (not far behind!)

it was great to catch up with Chris and Sean again and we really enjoyed meeting their friends Greg and Teresa .. we all had cocktails on Dee Light and then they treated us to a wonderful dinner of Shrimp Carbonara on Caliente while making plans to take the dinghys for a visit Rachel's Bubble Bath tomorrow ..
'welcome home'
 Rachel's Falls and Bubble Bath ..
Friday May 23rd - Compass Cay, Exumas .. 4:30 AM .. what in the world is that bright light shining thru the port stateroom window!? .. omg .. it's a gorgeous crescent moon on its way to setting in the wee hours of the morning .. it's interesting how quickly you get used to the quiet and subtle sounds of nature when there are no distractions of the city life to intrude .. the biggest noise this morning was of Tucker picking up the garbage on the dock with the front loader! .. one of the aspects of Compass Cay that we enjoy so much is the constant ebb and flow of the tidal currents that surround this 'island in the stream' and it's why we look forward to returning time and again .. its easy to forget how brilliantly clear the waters truly are and how the colors constantly change over the course of a day and evening

today we took our dinghy's to the north end of Compass Cay to Rachel's Falls and Bubble Bath .. we beached the dinghy's on the sand beach and Greg, our visiting Army Ranger, hauled two large rocks to secure our anchors and off we went .. this is a natural tidal basin that flows from the Exuma Sound side of the island directly into the beach on the bank side of the island and is an incubation area for the juvenile fish and conch .. it is very shallow so the big predators can't reach them to devour them .. we were actually able to find a couple of baby conchs which we promptly reburied in the sand after their 'photo op' so they can continue to grow up!

.. after leaving Rachel's we took the dinghy's to Rocky Dundas so Greg and Teresa could snorkel the reef there .. we tied up to the only mooring ball and rafted Sean and Chris to Little Dee .. Greg, Teresa and Sean are very experienced swimmers and divers so were able to handle the current without a problem .. the other wimps stayed in the dinghy's with a cool breeze, the warm sunshine and enjoyed a cold beverage!
we had docktails at 'Tucker's Table' adjacent to the office building tonight .. it was Loan's '29th'  birthday and the owners and crew from Sea Clef delivered a beautiful birthday cake with candles and we all sang a chorus of Happy Birthday accompanied by a trumpet solo! .. Loan said it was the first time he had a birthday cake and everyone sing happy birthday to him!

.. after  docktails we adjourned to the back deck of Dee Light for a casual buffet supper of pulled BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans and mac n' cheese
another day in paradise
rough day at sea
Greg and Tom
catch of the day
Saturday May 24th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. over docktails last evening Tom and Mary invited us to go out fishing in the morning with them .. we took them up on their offer along with Greg and Teresa and we boarded their boat at 7:30 AM .. it was another picture perfect morning as we headed out the Cut between Compass and Joe Cays with Tom at the helm .. We would be going out a little more than 2 miles into Exuma Sound and to fish in waters of approx. 2000+ feet where the Mahi run ..

fishing is a lot like a crap shoot .. you never know what you will end up with .. the last time we fished these waters was with Win Larsen (a wonderful fisherwoman) and Lars her husband took the photos .. that time we got lucky and Wade brought us back to the dock with 4 Mahi in the hold .. one of them a big bull .. today the weather and waters were very much the same with 1.5 - 2 foot rollers out of the east .. Mary took over the helm as Tom rigged the lines with ballyhoo  and got us set up ..  we had been trolling for about half an hour when we got the first hit on the line .. yahoo! .. it was a Mahi which Greg brought in nicely .. the second hit was a real zinger and it was obvious we had much bigger fish was on the line .. it took close to 20 minutes to reel this bull in as we didn't want to risk losing the rod and reel or breaking the line to get him in .. ended our morning outing with 2 beautiful fish .. the first catch around 20 lbs and the big bull pushing close into the 30 lb range .. a great day for fishing indeed! ..
met for docktails at  'Tucker's Table' again this evening before the group gathered for dinner on the aft deck of Dee Light .. Chef Greg was in charge of preparing the Mahi and it was cooked perfectly .. nothing can compare to fish that is prepared and served the same day it is brought in from the waters it was swimming in a few hours before!  .. Tom and Mary our 'fishing guides' also joined us for a great evening of good company and conversation .. they will be picking up their 3 daughters today at Staniel Cay who will be visiting on their boat for the next several days ..
snorkeling at the Sea Aquarium
the swimming pigs at Big Majors (now called Pig Beach)
 Sunday May 25th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. May 25, 2014 - Sunday

it being a holiday weekend the marina has been pretty busy with lots of families visiting Compass to swim with the sharks and enjoy the beach .. last night we met a couple at docktails who said they were 'totally exhausted from having 10 children on board!

the weather continues to be great for exploring with the dinghy's so early this afternoon we took the dinghy's to do some snorkeling at the sea aquarium in the Exuma Land and Sea Park .. after a 'look see' around Bell Island and a peek at their new marina that was literally dug out of the limestone we returned to the marina about 2:00PM .. we then decided to meet up for a trip to Staniel Cay to top off our gas tanks and to have a late lunch/early dinner at the SCYC  .. on the way back we stopped at Big Majors (now called Pig Beach) to throw them some scraps from the kitchen and then continued back to Compass Cay in time to join several of the marina folks for a drink before the sun set .. most everyone adjourned to their boats early tonight as there was very little breeze and the no see ums made a very unwelcome appearance!

the winds are predicted to pick up again the first part of this week so we are very pleased we got so much time using the dinghy's and on the water in this weekend ..
an an afternoon at the beach
 Monday May 26th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. Memorial Day .. Happy Memorial Day!  .. after a couple of busy days we took it easy with a lazy morning of just hanging around the boat and the docks chatting with the other boaters and enjoying the beautiful weather .. later we all took a walk to the crescent beach .. Greg and Teresa wanted to try to snorkel the east side of the large rock formation off the south end of the beach but decided the surf and current on the reef this time of day was just too strong to risk dealing with so went back to the west side of Compass where it was more sheltered for some more snorkeling ..

Bart and Nat on Dusty Seas organized a potluck dinner for the boaters to celebrate Memorial Day and started a sign-up sheet for those who wanted to participate .. about 40 adults and kids showed up with lots of great food .. one of the highlights was the fabulous smoked silver salmon caught in Alaska by one of the boaters .. crew of Dee Light made do by bringing salad, a Wisconsin cheese and cracker platter and devilled eggs!
Compass Cay
'Tucker Burger'
'deelightful afternoon'
 Tuesday May 27th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. about 10:30 AM we said 'so long' to the crew of Caliente as they will be spending the next several nights at Staniel Cay before Greg and Teresa fly out to return to San Antonio and their next guest Heidi will soon be arriving .. several of the other boats have also decided to move on to other ports today ..

parter seeing them off we enjoyed the rest of our morning coffee on the dock and later treated ourselves to one of Tucker's delicious burgers along with meeting Joel and Christina from Windsor, Canada who crew on one of the larger yachts presently at the dock .. aka 'the Ferrari' .. an Italian model that only burns 250 gals of fuel an hour at 48 mph!

a fairly strong rain storm with gusty winds came thru last night but today is another beautiful day .. only a bit breezier as predicted .. we have been keeping our eye on a system of tropical disturbance presently located south of Cuba with the potential of heading toward the gulf and maybe eventually the panhandle of Florida the first week of June .. it is not expected to bring us much weather except for some windier conditions and the possibility of some rain which is certainly welcome by the locals here this time of year ..

after lunch we packed a couple of beverages and some snacks and headed out in the dinghy to see if we remembered where one of our favorite (off the beaten path) beaches was located to 'even out our tan lines' and take a late afternoon swim .. all in all just another boring day in paradise!
Rhonda our bread lady at Staniel Cay 
 Wednesday May 28th - Compass Cay, Exumas ..
today is a bit breezier and with a few more clouds but still nice enough to take a dinghy ride to Staniel Cay .. we called Rhonda to find out if she had bread for us and asked her to put 4 loaves aside as we would be there in about an hour ..we had an easy trip down Pipe Creek with just a few bumps as we came up on the open passes to Exuma Sound .. almost literally ran into Tim Wonneberg in his dinghy as he was headed out to the beach at Big Majors and he invited us to join he and Monica and their boating buddies later ..

we also saw Chris and Teresa from Caliente on the dock when we arrived and they said they would round up the boys and meet up with us at the SCYC bar for a drink later .. also traveling with Tim and Monica are Tony and Kathleen Phelan owners of the Pinchers Restaurant group .. although we have had numerous business dealings with their son Grant during the course of the sale of the Royal Palm Yacht Club property last year this was the first time we had the occasion to meet his parents and we enjoyed our time getting to know them  .. and in return for the use of their golf cart up to Rhonda's house we treated them to a loaf of Rhonda's Bahamian wheat bread! .. they plan to spend a couple of nights at Compass Cay next week ..

after a bite to eat and a short visit with the crew of Caliente we set off for the trip back to Compass .. however first we had to stop at Pig Beach to feed the pigs our left over scraps and we also stopped at the beach where Tim and Monica and their crew from Cape Coral had set up camp for the afternoon .. since our last visit several nice 'improvements' have been added by the boaters who anchor off Big Majors .. a gas BBQ grill, a fire pit with wooden benches, a game area and a fixed post in the water to tie up your dinghy so you don't need to drag it onto the beach!  .. we spent about an hour soaking up sun and conversation and then it was time to head north to Compass again ..

these last couple of weeks have seen quite a few intrepid boaters from the Cape Coral area traveling these waters .. today brought 7 boats to Compass Cay with the Cape Coral Cruise Club and we were pleasantly surprised to see our dock neighbors from Legacy among the group .. Ken and Sandra on Pop's Place! ..
 another 'deelightful afternoon'
 Thursday May 29th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. a large wedding was held at Staniel Cay and the wedding party and guests arrived in force at Compass this afternoon ..  the tenders kept coming in loaded with the partygoers to swim with the sharks and visit the beach .. after over 50 burgers were cooked on the grill, and numerous cases of cold beer and soft drinks consumed everyone on the dock was pretty overwhelmed with the number of people who showed up today .. finally Loan decided he had grilled his last burger and said 'I'm out of here - I'm the dockmaster - not the cook' .. whereupon the volunteer boaters took up the spatula to finish up the burgers .. they managed to empty out the freezer along with some veggie burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts and even some fish fillets ..

after showering and changing from a quick dinghy trip and swim at our 'private' and very secluded beach we walked over to visit with Kenneth and Sandra from Pop's Place and met some of the fellow boaters they are traveling with from the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area .. as this was to be their last evening at Compass they were having a group potluck at the Boater's Grill .. we caught up with them and their cruising schedule as we joined them for a quick drink before dinner .. afterward we joined the other boaters at Tucker's Table for docktails and tonight brought out some of our Nelson Wisconsin cheese for hors d'oeuvres which was a big hit with the others!
doing the Exumas by JetSki
 Friday May 30th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. after another leisurely morning Autumn decided it was time to get us out to see what and who were on the docks today .. we didn't have to wait long when 2 jet skis fully loaded with gear and spare gas cans showed up in the marina .. turns out to be 2 young men, Mark and Brian from Lake Erie, who rode their jets skis ALL THE WAY from Fort Lauderdale .. UFFFDAAA!  .. we then asked them what in the world would possess you to do something like this? .. seems like they thought it sounded like an adventure and a challenge to do but they were quick to point out that once was DEFINITELY enough and would not want to do it again! .. after trailering their jet skis to Florida from Michigan, they spent just one night in Fort Lauderdale then on to Bimini, Chubb and then Nassau, Higbourne, Norman's Cay with an overnight camping site (with bugs and crabs) at Shroud Cay and finally here to Compass ..
they plan to spend a day here and then on to Staniel Cay where they have reserved a room for 3 days (and probably long hot showers to remove the multiple layers of salt) before they start their trek back to the states ..

dinner aboard tonight of grilled marinated salmon fillet with pasta Alfredo from our freezer ..
 the gals with Shyvette at Staniel Cay
Saturday May 31st - Compass Cay, Exumas .. we were able to contact the Fort Lauderdale distributor of our Village Tech Watermaker and we arranged to have them deliver our replacement membrane to Watermakers Air for delivery to Staniel Cay Yacht Club .. next we needed to contract with the freight department of Watermakers Air but first they required a copy of our Bahama cruising permit and made a PDF copy to email to them .. This is required before shipment as it waives the duty for goods received from the States into the Bahamas if that item is being for repairs, etc. .. after several emails and a couple of phone calls we were told it would be on the Sunday AM flight ..

the weather continues to become more unsettled and we had several hard rains in the early morning hours .. no salt is left on Dee Light now ..  however by noon most of the rain had moved on and after checking our Garmin XM Weather we thought it would be fine to head over to Staniel Cay in the dinghy .. although we knew our Watermaker part had not arrived yet we wanted to spend some time with Sean and Chris on Caliente to go over our travel schedule for the next several weeks and thought we would probably have at sandwich at the bar before returning to Compass ..

however by the time we got around to wandering up to SCYC they were deep in the process of setting up for the 'big wedding' and the kitchen was closed .. the tables and decor looked gorgeous with every dining space being taken up for seating for almost 100 people! .. so we comfortably settled onto the bar stools where Carl (the best bartender in the islands) took care of us and had the staff bring us a big bowl of tortilla chips and a great freshly made fish dip which we promptly polished off with our piña coladas and goombay smash ..

we made it back in time for a quick shower and the docktail hour at Tucker's Table before finally calling it a day with some of the leftover pasta Alfredo from our dinner the previous evening and ice cream sundaes
Mega Yachts have found Compass 
Sunday June 01st - Compass Cay, Exumas .. First day of Hurricane Season .. UFFDAAA already! .. yesterday on our trip to Staniel we stopped at the Big Majors anchorage and met up with Tim and Monica on Serenity .. they have dockage reservations beginning today at Compass along with the 3 other boats they are traveling with .. as they have not previously been here to Compass and the channel can be a bit tricky without prior knowledge we will meet them with our dinghy to lead them into the marina and the docks .. also they plan to pick up our package with Shyvette when they go to shore and return one of the dinghys their group rented at SCYC ..
at 3:00PM we jumped into our dinghy and headed out to meet the group .. just as we approached the outer markers to the channel all 4 boats were in sight and we led them into the marina and onto the docks .. after getting tied up and settled everyone came to Dee Light for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and we enjoyed meeting the rest of the cruisers .. after cocktails we joined them for dinner that evening at the Boaters Grill pavilion ..
Monday June 02nd - Compass Cay, Exumas . June 2, 2014 - Monday

earlier Tim had picked up our replacement membrane for our watermaker at Staniel and brought it along for us when they came to Compass .. so today it was down into the engine room for the Captain to start the process of removing and disassembling the tubes that hold the membranes from the wall and remove and replace the old membrane .. after a couple of emails to the distributor in Fort Lauderdale for some direction and tips (and a lot of elbow grease) we were making water by 4:00PM .. yea! .. with the watermaker running we treated ourselves to a couple of nice 'longer than normal' showers and also threw in a load of laundry for good measure ..

we were treated once again to a wonderful dinner of salad, grilled steak and baked potatos prepared by Tim and Monica for their cruising group .. they plan to leave Compass tomorrow with an overnight stop at Warderick Wells in the Land and Sea Park before heading to the Nassau, Bimini and back to Florida ..
memorable afternoon on the beach
Halo ring around the sun
Tuesday June 03rd - Compass Cay, Exumas . around 11:00AM we helped the 4 boats with their dock lines and promised to catch up with Tim and Monica in Fort Myers later this summer when we return .. at Tucker's Table we talked with a couple from Lake Charles, LA, Blaine and Dana who are renting a house on Staniel Cay for a week and helped them with directions to Rachel's Falls and Bubble Bath ..

later we headed up that way ourselves but when we got ready to set off overland  Marv realized that he was trying to put on Carol's snorkel booties .. Uh oh .. that was just not happening and all he had was his brand new pair of Birkies recently purchased in Key West .. so we decided it is just too rocky and rough to barefoot it .. certainly not worth the risk of letting a cut-up foot or ankle ruin an otherwise perfectly fine vacation! .. also the surf was really banging on the dinghy so we decided to leave that excursion for another day and instead stopped for a swim at one of our favorite beaches that was much more protected from the prevailing winds .. while we were at the beach we were treated to a fairly rare phenomenon called an icebow or nimbus .. essentially it's a halo that completely encircles the sun with a bluish-brownish ring .. kind of eerie looking but also really cool looking!
An halo (from Greek ἅλως, halōs;[1] also known as a nimbusicebow or gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky. They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air.
There are many types of ice halos. They are produced by the ice crystals incirrostratus clouds high (5–10 km, or 3–6 miles) in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up intocolors because of dispersion. The crystals behave like prisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting sunlight between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.
Atmospheric phenomena such as halos were used as part of weather lore as anempirical means of weather forecasting before meteorology was developed. They often do mean that rain is going to fall within the next 24 hours as the cirrostratus clouds that cause them can signify an approaching frontal system.
Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the glory and the rainbow ..
Tuesday afternoon 3 more boats from the Fort Myers area arrived on the Compass Cay docks however they didn't join the 'usual suspects' for docktails in the evening so we didn't have a chance to meet any of them that evening to find out exactly where they are from .. the next day when we met up we learned they are from The Landings YT&CC in Fort Myers ..

.. over docktails Nat shared the photos she had taken with her iPad that afternoon .. she and Bart along with Tom and Mary on Island View took their tender to OverYonder Cay for a tour of the ultra-posh new resort facility recently completed on the island .. they happen to be close friends with the island hospitality manager who was previously employed at Staniel Cay Yacht Club and she invited them over for a 'look see' .. the decor, the original museum-quality artwork, handwoven European rugs and tapestries and accommodations are absolutely over the top .. of course one wouldn't expect any less for $300,000 per week for a party of up to12 guests! .. (they can house up to 28 guests at one time but that is at an additional cost) www.overyondercay.com
the new Beacon One arrived at the marina
Captain Bruce
Beacon One
Wednesday June 04th - Compass Cay, Exumas . Wednesday is another cloudy day as we are still waiting for this pesky tropical weather system off the Yucatan to move off to the north .. still windy but no rain .. this will be a good day to catch up with some boat and other general chores .. especially since our watermaker is making quality water! ..

around noon we looked up and thought we saw Noah's Ark float into Compass .. it was just Captain Bruce and Sheila arriving on their 'new' boat Beacon One with about 14 youngsters on board! .. this was the first time we had seen their new 'ship' that has replaced the sailing vessel Bahama Star for their charter cruises and it is quite the sight! .. Captain Bruce tells us she still needs to have the mast installed but they have decided to go ahead and use her as a motor boat in the Bahamas this summer before heading back to the Carolina's to finish the work this fall ..

our dock neighbors Peter and Pamela on Blue Nose will be leaving us tomorrow to head back to Naples and Nova Scotia for the summer so we arranged to have a potluck dinner on the dock for their last evening .. we have really enjoyed their company these last couple of weeks and hope to cross wakes with them again in the future .. our pot luck was very well attended by most of the boaters on the docks and we ended the day with the one of the more colorful and best sunset we have seen in several days ..
  NOTE - this is the End of  Log C .. "click" on Log D to continue with our cruise
NOTE - this is the End of  Log C .. "click" on Log D to continue with our cruise
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