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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log D
Compass Cay to Harbour Island
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the new Beacon One arrived at the marina
Captain Bruce
Beacon One
Wednesday June 05th - Compass Cay, Exumas . Wednesday is another cloudy day as we are still waiting for this pesky tropical weather system off the Yucatan to move off to the north .. still windy but no rain .. this will be a good day to catch up with some boat and other general chores .. especially since our watermaker is making quality water! ..

around noon we looked up and thought we saw Noah's Ark float into Compass .. it was just Captain Bruce and Sheila arriving on their 'new' boat Beacon One with about 14 youngsters on board! .. this was the first time we had seen their new 'ship' that has replaced the sailing vessel Bahama Star for their charter cruises and it is quite the sight! .. Captain Bruce tells us she still needs to have the mast installed but they have decided to go ahead and use her as a motor boat in the Bahamas this summer before heading back to the Carolina's to finish the work this fall ..

our dock neighbors Peter and Pamela on Blue Nose will be leaving us tomorrow to head back to Naples and Nova Scotia for the summer so we arranged to have a potluck dinner on the dock for their last evening .. we have really enjoyed their company these last couple of weeks and hope to cross wakes with them again in the future .. our pot luck was very well attended by most of the boaters on the docks and we ended the day with the one of the more colorful and best sunset we have seen in several days ..
Peter and Pam
Naples Yacht and Sailing Club
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Thursday June 06th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. June 5, 2014 - Thursday

after seeing off Blue Nose over coffee on the back deck we loaded up the dinghy and set off for Staniel Cay .. we picked up our second membrane from Caliente that arrived yesterday from Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon flight .. the watermaker has been running so well on the one membrane that we think we will continue operating on just one and hold the second one as a spare .. there are still have a few things to check out before securing everything back in place ..

before we left Staniel we stopped to have lunch with Sean and Chris at the bar and then went to find Teresa in the 'back office' who had a couple of $20 BTC phone cards for us ..

the winds are down today and the sun is shining again .. it's a great day for travel so along with Blue Nose several other boats have left the docks to move on to other locations .. Isabelle and Smith and their parents on Soul Candy are off for some serious fishing at Cat Island .. we told them the kids would really enjoy seeing Father Jerome's Hermitage and to be sure to make time for a visit ..

we are still 'tweaking' our cruising plans for the next couple of weeks .. our original thought was to head south to Cave Cay and Cat Island but with the winds and continued forecasts of unsettled weather we are now leaning toward altering our plans to take a northeasterly route to first visit Spanish Wells and Harbour Island instead .. hopefully this should put the prevailing winds on our stern rather than on the nose and the buoy reports call for considerably calmer seas in general in this direction .. see - we really are wimps!

upon our return from Staniel the Compass docks were filled with many new arrivals once more and Tucker's Table was again occupied with lots of sharing of new 'boating and life stories' and much good conversation over docktails .. since we were still full from the large lunch we had at SCYC we settled for ice cream sundaes in lieu of dinner tonight ..
heading out
our secluded beach
Friday June 07th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. finally the weather has really cleared up - sunny, light breezes and relatively low humidity .. in the morning over coffee we finalized our cruising plans and began phoning for dockage reservations .. we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to get reservations for both Dee Light and Caliente for the dates we wanted to arrive

in the afternoon we again packed up the dinghy to take advantage of the beautiful day and enjoy some beach time before we leave Compass on Monday morning ..
over 2 years ago we purchased a Sportbrella beach cabana and had yet to open it up to use it until today .. we found it to be a great piece of equipment, very sturdy and well-made yet extremely easy to set up and pack away - would highly recommend it if you spend any time on the beach! ..
boater's signs
Heidi .. Sean .. Chris at Staniel Cay
Saturday June 07th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. we met a nice family on Queen B over docktails last evening- a trawler from the St Pete area .. we loaned them some paint brushes and paint so they could paint a sign to hang up before they left Compass this morning ..

Heidi has arrived at Staniel for her visit on Caliente so we made to plans to meet them for a late lunch at the yacht club later this afternoon .. just before leaving Dee Light we got a message from Sean telling us they had checked out and left SCYC and were anchored off Big Majors .. seems they left their slip for about an hour and when they returned another boat was docked in their slip .. when they were told to anchor out for a awhile they decided they were content to just stay at Big Majors ..

earlier in the day a couple and their 5 year old son showed up at Compass in a Staniel dinghy .. they had overshot Compass Cay by about 7 miles and ended up in the Exuma Park before realizing their error and by the time they made it to Compass they needed additional fuel to get back to Staniel .. since we usually make it a practice to carry an extra 5 gallon container of gas we offered to sell them enough to get back to Staniel .. later they joined us at our table for a drink at SCYC ..

we ran into Mari and Tom on Island View at the gas dock .. Mari had emailed Marv to ask if he had a photo of 2 girls cleaning a very large grouper they supposedly caught somewhere off Compass Cay .. unfortunately he had not but they then told us the saga of the 'big grouper' .. the last several years there has been a huge and very tame grouper at the Sea Aquarium in the Park - it is so tame the kids could actually get close enough to almost pet it .. the entire Exuma Land and Sea Park is a strictly enforced no-take zone for any type of native species and is a protected habitant for all types of marine and shell life ..  it seems the grouper has not been spotted this week at the aquarium and it is suspected the 2 girls illegally caught and cleaned it for themselves .. we sincerely hope this turns out not to be the case as it would be a big loss for the Sea Aquarium and its many visitors .. in the meantime the park warden has been notified and will be following up on the matter

dodging a few rain clouds we made it back to Dee Light in time to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race .. it was disappointing to see that California Chrome was not to be the next Triple Crown Winner .. but it was a good try!
one last Tucker burger
one last trip to our secluded beach
Sunday June 08th - Compass Cay, Exumas .. last full day at Compass Cay until we return .. so we indulged in one last Tucker burger for lunch for a while .. after lunch we also took one last dinghy run with a swim at our favorite secluded beach .. from now on we will have to share our beaches with the other tourists .. we loaded the dinghy on Dee Light and stowed the umbrellas, folding chairs and extra lines and tied everything down for the next run .. we are sad to be leaving such a beautiful and pristine place so soon but are looking forward to visiting Spanish Wells and Harbour Island again knowing we will return here ..

Mari and Tom on Island View returned to Compass Cay this morning .. they only stayed one night at Staniel Cay .. told us they didn't like the unreliable and fluctuating power on the docks which can be real hard on a boat's electronic and other electrical systems ..
back at Highbourne


Monday June 09th - Compass Cay to Highbourne Cay, Exumas .. in the morning we settled our account with Loan and made tentative plans for our return visit .. we were off the dock at 08:15AM and had a beautiful day for our cruise to Highbourne Cay .. sunny with following seas all the way and we took our time traveling at about 11.5 knots .. today was the end of a looonnngg Bahamian holiday weekend - Labour Day was on Friday and Whit Monday is today so Highbourne was filled to capacity with the locals from Nassau enjoying a few days off so we knew we would not be able to dock until they left ..

Whit Monday (Seventh Monday after Easter) .. this holiday marks the beginning of public witness of the Christian church and is the Monday after Whit Sunday, The Feast of Pentecost, which comes 50 days after Easter.
Labor Day (First Friday in June) .. on this holiday, members of the labor unions from different organizations as well as political parties march in a large parade through the streets of downtown Nassau, usually in colorful uniforms, beginning around 10:00 a.m. Local bands and a few junkanooers lead the parades, providing lively music for the marchers and spectators. The parade ends at the Southern Recreation Grounds, where union leaders and local politicians deliver speeches. Most Bahamians spend the afternoon relaxing or visiting beaches.

sure enough .. when we got to the entrance cut to Highbourne at noon we were told our slip was still occupied and to stand by .. Caliente had arrived even earlier and was now anchored nearby .. island time later (about an hour later) the office called to let us know we could come into the marina .. after we were docked and tied up next to Caliente Sean told us they had lost their generator around  01:30 that morning .. he had changed the impeller and worked on it until about 03:00AM with no success .. started up but would then shut down immediately .. after Marv and Sean did a little further troubleshooting they found that it was not getting any out-flow of water ..

after a stressful night and day for Sean and Chris we invited them for cocktails and dinner tonight on the aft deck of Dee Light .. lasagne, caesar salad and Bahamian garlic bread ..
 Caliente generator repairs
Tuesday June 10th - Highbourne Cay to Spanish Wells ..this morning we heard on the local radio station that 3 local Bahamian boys (all under 20 years of age ) have just been drafted into MLB teams .. the Florida Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays and San Francisco Giants .. what an impressive accomplishment for these young men!    http://www.thenassauguardian.com/sports/47966

Jason, the island mechanic who had escaped to Nassau when we had our solenoid issue, showed up this morning and diagnosed the problem with Caliente's generator .. the exhaust riser is shot and will need to be replaced .. they are ordering the part from Nassau so we will be staying at Highbourne until the repairs are completed ..

this afternoon we walked up to the Xuma Restaurant to have a drink and to make reservations for dinner tonight and we found Larry from Easy Rider on the next bar stool .. we had previously met up with he and his wife Vickie at Compass Cay and they arrived at Highbourne this afternoon .. the restaurant was expecting a large party tonight and  could not take our reservation until 8:00PM .. much too late for us 'old folks' so we made reservations for the 6 of us to have dinner tomorrow night instead .. we were not too disappointed as a large rain band had moved in during the afternoon and since the restaurant is mostly open to the elements it's more fun and much more comfortable when the weather cooperates .. hopefully tomorrow evening will be less rainy ..

when we got back to the boat we pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer and Chris and Carol put their heads together to have dinner aboard Caliente tonight ..

on a sad note ..  those who have had the opportunity to visit Highbourne Cay in the past will remember Barbara Thrall who was a long time manager on the island .. we learned today that she passed away last November and remember her fondly as she was always such a pleasure to deal with ..
 gloomy start to our day
Wednesday June 11th - Highbourne Cay .. staying in port at Highbourne Cay today .. good timing as this morning has brought severe TS warnings to the Nassau area .. by 10:00 AM we were receiving torrential rainfall with high gusty winds .. a good day to sit tight at the dock ..

later in the afternoon the rain let up and the skies lightened up enough for us to walk up to the Xuma Restaurant for dinner .. we all enjoyed the exceptional appetizers and entrees prepared by their young and very talented chef .. each plate was truly a work of art and absolutely delicious!
 Ponderosa Shell Shop


Thursday June 12th - Highbourne Cay to Spanish Wells .. awake at 5:00AM with the sound of thunder in the distance .. the Nassau 6:00AM early morning radio weather forecast calls for more heavy rain showers with a thunderstorm warning until 9:15 AM .. yuck! .. however by the time we finished our first cup of coffee we were anxious to get moving .. although the skies were still hazy and overcast no rain was falling yet and the Garmin weather radar looked clear  in the direction we were headed ..

after settling our account with the office we pulled off the dock at 8:30 AM .. the further we traveled the nicer the weather became and we had a nice following sea with never any more than one footers all the way into Spanish Wells .. Tred and Larry from Easy Rider helped us with our dock lines and we were tied up at Spanish Wells by 12:30PM .. and just in time to miss the rain showers which began a half hour later!

after checking in with Mrs. Pinder at the office we got the keys for our rental golf cart from Tred and set off (in the rain) for The Shipwreck Restaurant .. met up with Larry, Vicky and Lexi at the patio bar for a drink and tried the conch poppers appetizer which were the best! .. we look forward to returning for dinner and made reservations for the 6 of us for tonight ..

after leaving the restaurant we stopped by On Site Auto and Marine to pick up another solenoid for the starter .. Chris our mechanic who fixed the port engine was only able to bring one from Nassau and we wanted to carry an extra spare with us .. Spanish Wells is a great place to stock up on all the 'essentials' and 'provisions' and if they don't have it in stock they can order it .. also made a stop at our favorite shell and gift shop The Ponderosa and at Kathy's Bakery for johnny cakes .. we will wait to do the rest of our shopping  until tomorrow morning .. by the time we got back to Dee Light the rain had stopped and the temps had cooled down pleasantly and it looked to be turning into a nice evening for a golf cart ride to The Shipwreck and Papa Scoops after dinner ..
tough day of shopping  
Friday June 13th - Spanish Wells Yacht Haven at Spanish Wells .. Full moon and Friday the 13th ..

'rain that comes before the first church service on Sunday usually means it will rain the rest of the week' .. this old Bahamian adage has held pretty true this past week

when we were docked at Highbourne Cay we apparently experienced a surge or spike in power that tripped the internal circuit breaker in our watermaker .. up to that time it had been performing flawlessly .. since we did not need any water we decided to wait until we got to Spanish Wells and asked the mechanic at On Site to come and take a look .. the mechanic showed up at the boat in the morning and did a reset on the breaker for watermaker's relay switch for the high pressure pump and made a couple of recommendations when we next have routine maintanence done .. it was nice to learn we have an excellant unit and he told us it is the same model they use on the lobster boats where they run them 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! .. we will never come any where close to that type of usage ..

no rain this morning so Sean set out to catch up on his bicycle riding while we took Chris with us on the golf cart to do a little shopping .. first stop was the Food Fairgrocery store that was very very busy with the parking lot almost like a bumper cart course at times .. this is sort of a small Kmart with very well stocked shelves with meat, produce and dairy departments and one can find most anything you need .. as we were leaving the store couldn't resist buying a cup of fresh-made conch salad that the ladies were selling along with several other local delicacies as a fund raiser for the youth baseball team .. then on to the The Ponderosa Shell & Gift Shop where we picked up a few other treasures and then a stop at The Budda Snack Shack where we were told we would find a liquor store .. holy moly! .. we were in for a surprise when we opened the door and found a very tiny but extremely well stocked liquor store with shelves filled floor to ceiling with beer, liquor and wine of all types and quality .. and the prices were great too!  .. finally as Sean whizzed by us on his bike and left us in his dust we made a stop at the Ship Yard Patio bar for a cold drink and enjoyed the beautiful view ..( this is also where the young lady behind the bar confirmed our Sunday rain rationale ) .. our final stop was at the hardware store where we bought a new ( and improved ) anchor for our dinghy ..

the 6 of us we decided to have dinner tonight at the Snack House as Larry and Vicki will be leaving us in the morning and heading to Marsh Harbour in the Abacos to meet up with friends .. we have very much enjoyed our time with them and hope to cross wakes again in the future .. last stop of the day was Papa Scoops for ice cream with oreo and cheese cake offered tonight .. it was a good thing we called it a night after that because about that time the headlights on our cart decided to conk out for good! .. as we walked back to the dock and the boats a beautiful full moon was just creasting over the horizon to light up the sky ..
the Spanish Wells Yacht Haven is totally being rebuilt 
Saturday June 14th - Spanish Wells to Harbour Island .. our pilot for the cruise thru the Devil's Backbone to Harbour Island would be A-1 Broadshaw .. he showed up at Dee Light a little after 08:00AM to let us know we would be leaving the dock at 09:30AM and we would be following an 80 foot Lazzara M/Y Antares .. we waved so long to Easy Rider as they left for the Abacos and then checked out and got ready for the short cruise to Harbour Island .. the weather could not have been more perfect .. sunny with calm seas .. arrived at Valentines Marina at 11:45AM where Marcus, the dockmaster was waiting to take our lines ..

Autumn loves it here and as soon as we put her down on the dock she took off like a 'bat out of hell' .. ears flapping and tail waving in the breeze where she didn't stop until she reached the outside bar / restaurant .. and she didn't want to leave! .. so after getting checked in at the office we decided to stay and have a drink at the bar .. it was there we noticed a couple come into the bar and he had a FGCU cap on and we asked them if they were from Fort Myers .. found out they live in Naples .. had flown over and were staying at the Coral Sands Resort and invited them to join us for a drink ..
we located our rental golf cart and gave Chris and Sean a mini-tour to familiarize them with the island and stopped at the Blue Bar at the Pink Sands Resort for a drink and to show them the pink beach .. after a busy morning and afternoon we decided to have dinner at the Rooster Tail Bar and Grill at Valentine's ..
Happy Father's Day
Sea Turtle next to Dee Light
Sunday June 15th - Valentines at Harbour Island .. Father's Day ..

Happy Father's Day!  .. we went to the 11:00AM service at the Wesley Methodist Church where we have attended services in the past .. the people are always so friendly and welcoming .. it was a lovely service honoring all the fathers in attendance and a nice lady came to our pew to pin a red carnation boutonnière on Marv's shirt .. when the service began all the fathers were called to the front to lead everyone in the opening hymn .. a great way to celebrate the morning and give thanks for all our blessings!

when we returned to Dee Light after the service we looked at the side of our boat and thought we saw a tan plastic grocery bag floating alongside the hull .. upon a  closer look we realized it was a beautiful sea turtle! .. it looked to be close to 3 feet long and had flippers that reminded us of a gorgeous ceramic tile mosaic .. we have seen these lovely creatures in aquariums before but never in the wild so close up .. it was a real treat!

we met up with Sean and Chris and headed to Sip Sip overlooking the beach for a late lunch .. when we got to the restaurant the dirt and gravel road was lined with golf carts so we were pleasantly surprised when we were told they could set us up with a table in a couple of minutes .. Sip Sip was very busy but all those people must have been down on the beach as the road also serves as a public beach access .. a beautiful view on a beautiful day and the food and service was superb .. lobster quesadilla and and eggplant tomato and buffulo mozzarella stack with an olive tapenade .. oh almost forgot the mango and strawberry frozen daiquiris and the homemade dulce du leche ice cream for dessert! ..
since we enjoyed a late lunch at Sip Sip we decided to just go to Romora Bay for a drink and conch fritters at their bar while listening to a great trio of musicians called The Brilands .. before going back to the boat we stopped in at the Rooster Tail to watch the final game of the NBA Playoffs between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs on the large projection screen they had set up on the patio deck .. it was a pitiful loss for the Heat as we watched the last quarter in bed at the boat .. congrats to the Spurs!
world famous 'Pink Sand Beach'


Monday June 16th - Valentines at Harbour Island ..
spent most of the afternoon at the pink sand beach until a few rain clouds moved in and we decided we had enough sun for the day and walked up to Tom's Bar at the Coral Sands Resort for a cold drink .. the cost of the beach umbrella and chair rental has escalated some since our last visit 2 years ago .. it's now up to $25 a day for two nice cushioned lounge chairs and a large umbrella but still a good deal if you don't want to be bothered dragging along your own stuff down to the beach .. and of course we had to stop in at DaddyD's for some Edy's rum raisin ice cream before returning to the marina!

this evening Chris decided to stay on board Caliente to prepare a special Father's Day dinner that they had postponed from Sunday .. we made a reservation to have dinner at the BoatHouse at Valentine's .. an absolutely delicious meal of herb crusted fresh Hog Snapper with risotto for Carol and a marvelous roasted veggie Pasta dish for Marv!  .. all excellently prepared by another very talented chef .. a young lady with two children who was actually born and raised here on Harbour Island ..
rated one of the top 10 in the world
dinner at the Rock House
Tuesday June 17th - Valentines at Harbour Island ..

another weather system has moved into the area between Florida and the northwestern Bahamas bringing more clouds and scattered rain showers once again .. not enough to bring any appreciable rain and we are finding the cooler breezes with the clouds are very welcome ..

one of the shops we wanted to return to is Da Dilly Dally .. it is one of the few places that carry the lovely locally made conch shell serving dishes and Carol wanted to check out a couple of other items in the gift shop ..
Sean and Chris will be leaving for Nassau tomorrow to start back to the States so we had our last dinner with them on Harbour Island at the Rock House Restaurant .. Eric, the manager, welcomed us warmly and seated us at a great table overlooking the water of the Harbour where we enjoyed another excellent meal and a gorgeous sunset over dessert .. BTW - the bartender who has been there since they opened makes the BEST pomegranate martini!

during their visit to Nassau last year Caliente docked for several days at the Albany Marina .. a fairly new development on the southwest end of New Providence .. they had liked the docks and amenities very much and had planned to visit Albany again on their return trip this week and called for reservations .. they were quite taken aback when the dockmaster advised them of their 'new' rates .. Yikes! .. $6 per foot plus a $250 per day resort fee! .. they said no thanks figuring they really didn't want their business and called Atlantis for dockage reservations instead ..
heading home
Da Dilly Dally


Wednesday June 18th - Valentines at Harbour Island ..
this morning we helped Sean and Chris with their lines off our dock and met them at the fuel dock where Sean wanted to top off their tanks before leaving for Nassau .. A-1 was already waiting for them with a fresh package of johnny cakes and they were off and on their way at 9:30AM .. we have really enjoyed our time traveling together and will miss our cruising buddies on Caliente .. wishing them a safe voyage back to their home dock in Cape Coral

after waving goodbye with a promise from them to check in when they arrive in Nassau we made a visit to Arthur's Bakery .. intended to just pick up a pastry and coffee but decided to stay and have an omelet too .. also made another visit to Da Dilly Dally for some local music CDs ..
the royal poinciana trees are just now coming into full bloom along with the hibiscus and bougainville flowers and the island looks really lush and full of color ..

late afternoon we heard from Caliente that they had a great smooth ride all the way back to Atlantis Marina in Nassau and Mario was washing down the boat! .. we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon catching up with a few odd chores and went to the Harbour Island Yacht Club where we split a plate of their decadent fettuccini Alfredo

we then stopped in at The Dunmore to make a dinner reservation and have a drink at the bar .. this property was previously an exclusive private estate / club but was recently purchased by new owners and opened to the public in the last 3 years .. while we were docked at Compass Cay we were told by a couple of the mega-yacht charter boat captains that we should definitely try to have dinner there while we were visiting Harbour Island and we made a reservation to have dinner on Saturday

we ended our evening in our usual manner with Autumn, our iPads connected to a high speed connection and a drink at the open air Rooster Tail Bar at Valentine's .. we really think our Legacy Marina needs to add these super comfy banquettes with their soft pillows to our Chickee Bar .. we would probably never leave!
an afternoon on the Pink Sand Beach
Thursday June 19th - Valentines at Harbour Island ..
June 19, 2014 - Thursday

after a leisurely morning and our regular breakfast routine of toast ( today coconut bread from Arthur's Bakery ) and fresh fruit we opted to keep our food options open and just graze our way thru the island today wherever and whenever we got the urge

a little after noon we packed up some towels, a couple of cold drinks and some snacks and headed for the beach .. it was an absolutely picture perfect day .. a beautiful gentle surf, brillant blue skies and a nice cool breeze off the water .. however shortly after arrived and settled into our lounge chairs we did have a little excitement as the beach attendant from the Pink Sands Resort came trotting briskly down the beach waving everyone back out of the water .. from her vantage point in the water sports concession shack she had spotted a very large ( 10 to 12 foot ) shark cruising about 25-50 feet off the shoreline and did a great job alerting everyone who then scrambled back to shore! .. she figured it was either a bull, reef or most likely a tiger shark .. luckily it didn't find anything interesting to chomp on and continued down the shore and finally out of sight ..

we spent the rest of the afternoon on the lounge chairs at the beach and walked up to the Blue Bar for a drink .. on our long trek back to the marina an ice cream stop was in order and because Carol was craving some fresh conch we made a side trip to the Queen Conch Shack on the wharf for a take-way order of some of best conch salad you will find anywhere in the islands ..

after showering and changing we finally we made it to the Sunset Grill at Romora Bay for conch fritters, Caeser salad and rum cake with ice cream before ending the evening watching the Japan vs Greece soccer match on the Valentine's bar TV .. ended 0-0 .. So boooorring - snooze! - give me American football any day!

on a side note .. on our last visit 2 years ago our golf cart disappeared from Valentine's parking area and then mysteriously reappeared at Sip Sip .. today when we returned to the Sip Sip parking area from the beach our cart was not parked where we had left it and we found a 1/2 empty can of Heineken beer in the cup holder .. Hmmmm?!
NOTE - this is the End of  Log D .. "click" on Log E to continue with our cruise
NOTE - this is the End of  Log D .. "click" on Log E to continue with our cruise
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