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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log F
Harbour Island to Staniel Cay
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 Cape Eleuthera Institute and Island School
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 Carol and Hailey
Lion Fish
Alexandra and Avi
Wednesday July 02nd - Cape Eleuthera Marina ..
although it is still fairly windy the skies this morning are showing more blue and sunshine then yesterday  .. after breakfast we went to the office to turn in the car and said we would like to visit and take a tour of the Cape Eleuthera Institute and Island School .. Shanell said just keep the keys and use the car for the short drive up the road ..

we had visited the Institute on our last visit 5 years ago and were anxious to see what they had done in the ensuing years .. when we arrived at the reception office we were met by Eric who promptly went to get us an intern to take us on a tour .. imagine our surprise when the attractive young blonde lady who showed up was wearing a Sanibel t-shirt! .. as we got acquainted she told us she had worked in marine habitat research on Sanibel and then taught bio ?something? in Key West for about a year and now had been working at the Institute since September in the study and research of bonefish habitats .. she will be leaving soon to attend the University of Illinois to work on her masters degree .. although she is looking forward to her studies she told us she is not sure she is ready for the cold weather after living in the tropics for so long! .. one of the many fascinating things Hailey showed us was a shelled creature they have found in the Atlantic at depths of over 1,000 meters .. it is being presently being classified as a new species and if you look closely it could sort of resemble an alien!

we were amazed how far along they have come and the new buildings they have added to their campus .. the Island School began in 1999 with their 'pioneering semester program in which high school students from across the globe come to experience academic and personal growth while learning environmental research, leadership, community service and global citizenship' .. adjacent to the school campus is the Cape Eleuthera Institue (CEI) a world class research station which hosts numerous visiting scientists and researchers both local and worldwide .. in addition to their research, education and conservation efforts CEI remains dedicated to the advancement of creating sustainable ecosystems thru their outreach programs .. their website contains a wealth of fascinating information .. www.ceibahamas.org .. and be sure to watch the video trailer!

after our visit to CEI we stopped at the office for a cold drink .. the past couple of days there has been a large fishing trawler at the end of our dock filled with old appliances and other 'junk' .. because they have been doing road and other work we just assumed it was a work barge loaded with construction and other debris .. Shanell told us it was a Haitian vessel that had come into the marina 'under distress' with a non-working engine but they had finally been able to get it out of the marina this morning .. it is comforting to know that the marina security is tight here in the marina and that the resident manager lives right across the driveway from our dock!
one of the most enjoyable parts of our trek thru the Bahamian islands is the interesting people you meet and have an opportunity to interact with .. a sailing catameran S/V Agave had arrived on the docks with a younger couple and 2 boys aboard and we met up with them while on our tour of Cape Eleuthera Institute ..

we had a chance to talk with them when they showed up at the restaurant and we invited them to join us ..  Alex is from originally from France and Avi from India but now reside in Maryland .. they purchased their boat a couple of years ago with no prior boating experience and last year set off for an adventure with their 2 boys (ages 11 and 9)  sailing all the way down the Caribbean island chain and now are making their way back to Maryland! .. Avi is still a working Dad in the IT field .. we asked if the boys were being home schooled while on their trip and they both shrugged and said 'oh not really - they will catch up when we get back' .. and we are just betting they will! .. and while Mom and Dad enjoyed a night out the boys were happy on the boat with a pizza from Pascal's and a movie  .. a really neat family and really enjoyed meeting and spending a little time with them ..
 our last day at CE
Thursday July 03rd - Cape Eleuthera Marina ..
spent most of the day Thursday getting ready to leave for Cat Island the morning .. hung out a while in the office / ships store with a cold drink and chatting with staff .. we asked about the foundations that line the entrance road to the project .. some even have landscape bushes that are kept neatly trimmed .. seems the property was once a large resort back in the 60's .. mostly wooden cottages long ago razed as they were falling apart and termite infested .. will try to find something online about the former resort .. we also spent our last evening walking to Pascal's for a pizza and saying goodbye to our nice server ..
we were welcomed back by Jerry the Dockmaster at Cat Island
the smoker  
'rake and scape'
Billy Bob and his wife Dari




Friday July 04th - Cape Eleuthera to Cat Island ..
we left the dock at Cape Eleuthera at 08:50AM with mostly sunny skies and some high overcast clouds .. we had a 60+nm run to Cat Island ahead of us and as soon as we rounded the corner at Powell Point and entered Exuma Sound the water drops to depths of over a 1000 meters and the color turns to a deep navy blue .. the bouy reports had predicted 2-2+ footers and we had at least 2.5-3 footers in addition to 4+ rollers making for a rolly ride until after we passed Little San Salvador Island and it settled down for the next 2 hours .. until the last hour where we had the same rolly ride into Hawks Nest Channel .. all in all it turned out to be a great cruise and only had to dodge one small rain cell ..

Jerry, the same dockmaster is still at Hawk's Nest and remembered us from our last visit .. we were docked and tied up just after 01:00PM .. the marina is much the same except with several improvements .. a new break wall along the basin has been constructed and the finger docks have been expanded to about twice the length they originally were .. we like to bow in Dee Light to take advantage of the view from our aft deck and we usually get a better breeze so less bugs ( and more privacy ) .. today we are able to access the fingerdock from our stern .. no need to put our ladder out .. the wifi is also powered by Wave which is the same brand as our onboard wifi antenna

when we checked in and registered at the dockmaster's office we were asked for a copy of our Bahamas Cruising Permit .. this was the first time it has been requested of us by a marina .. we wonder if this is because having an airstrip Hawk's Nest is also a designated Port of Entry into the Bahamas? .. after registering we walked up to the Resort office ( 1/4 mile down the road and across the airstrip)  for a couple bicycles and to check on a rental car for Monday .. oops! only one bicycle in the rack and the chain was off .. no problem man! .. one of the dock hands gave us a ride back to the marina where we found lots of unattended bikes .. who knew!?

before we left Cape Eleuthera Alvonda in the office had given us a small mango she called a Mangelo? .. said it was sweeter and had a smaller pit than a regular mango and we cut it up yesterday .. today we had the diced pieces over vanilla ice cream as an afternoon treat .. it was soooo good and as sweet as candy .. we intend to look and see if we can find some more here on Cat Island ..

there are also more boats docked here (9 total ) than we anticipated .. tonight they have planned a prime rib and chicken buffet dinner at the resort in celebration of the 4th of July holiday .. yea .. sign us up!
we had both just finished showering and were getting dressed when we heard a knock on the side of the boat .. it was Billy Bob who invited us to an 'hors d'oeuvre get-together' at the marina before going up to dinner at the resort .. when we walked over to other side of the marina we were totally bowled over by what we saw ..

Billy Bob and his wife Dari have a house on the island and told us they throw a party at the marina every holiday while they are here .. the smoker alone was an impressive affair but when he opened the lid we couldn't help but wonder what they were going to do with all the ribs, chicken, sausage and even frog's legs we saw!  .. ended up with about 50 adults and kids and sure enough it was pretty well consumed and absolutely delicious  .. in addition to the BBQ we had someone else who must have deep-fried at least 30 lbs of chicken wings! .. we even had live 'rake and scrape' music to entertain us .. Cat Island is considered the home of the native Bahamian music genre of 'rake and scape' and our main musician guy who played the 'squeeze box' tonight has represented Bahamian music internationally on film and TV .. we had to wait a bit for the music however .. the goat skin drum needed to be sufficiently heated by the guy with the propane deep fryer in order to get the right sound!

after a couple of hours the group all migrated up to the Hawk's Nest for more food! .. pulled pork and rolls, potato salad, cole slaw .. afterwards a great fireworks display and bonfire on the beach .. a very fun and totally unexpected way for us to celebrate our Independence Day in the islands ..

we have a TV on the bridge which is usually always on while we are cruising .. enroute from Cape Eleuthera to Cat Island we noticed that our signal was getting very sketchy until finally we lost it completely .. our service is with Direct TV and when we travel to the Bahamas we ask them to switch our local affliates from Fort Myers to NY which gives us a much wide cone for a TV signal .. being this much further south and east we just figured we were finally out of range for the KVH system to pick up .. however with a little fiddling around we were able to get a signal again .. we missed the big Macy's 4th of July Extravaganza on TV but instead we ended up seeing a nice fireworks display on the beach here at Hawk's Nest with a bunch of very fun and crazy folks  .. we would love to come back for their New Year's Eve bash!
marina entrance to Cat Island


Saturday July 05th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..

Hawk's Nest continues to surprise us .. the young couple who manages the resort JR  and Randy make everyone feel like they are a summer house guest at their beach front estate .. after a lazy morning and few early afternoon rain showers we took our complimentary bicycles for a ride up to the resort .. they have a lovely bar run strictly on the honor system so we grabbed a couple of cold drinks and put our 'chicken marks' for the drinks on their clipboard sheet and settled in with our drinks, computer and iPad for a quite afternoon beside the pool ..

nope .. a pool party was in the making .. a couple came by and asked very politely if we minded if their dog Stormy shared the pool .. nobody objected and it turned out to be a hoot! .. we can safely say we have never seen such a happy dog share our space in the Hawk's Nest pool .. it wasn't long before JR asked if anyone wanted a piņa colado or strawberry daquiri .. then out comes the chile cheese dip and tortilla chips and .. then the charter fishing guys start practicing making sushi rolls with the fresh caught tuna they brought in and of course we had to taste test that .. UFFFDAAA ! .. we had already made dinner reservations so we were 'coasting' but finally could not resist any further when JR brought out a hugh platter of cracked conch and conch fritters, Caesar salad and chicken tenders .. did we mention we had dinner reservations?!!

by the time we made back to Dee Light it was after 05:30PM .. just enough time to shower and change and head back for our 07:00PM dinner reservation .. the BBQ ribs we ordered were delicious and and prefectly seasoned and we also enjoyed a generous side order of the wonderful crab salad they had served on the buffet the pervious night ..
cleaning Dee Light
Sunday July 06th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
Sunday was a quiet day which we spent by the pool and on the beach .. talked with another couple we met at the 4th of July party who own and manage a wildlife preserve in Naples, FL called Ngala .. they are traveling with their son age 13 and daughter who is 'almost 9' .. we will definitely have to plan a trip to Naples this season to check out their preserve .. www. Ngala.net .. ended the evening having dinner on the boat ..
lunch at Fernandez Bay
first trip to the Hermitage
Hank and Sue
Monday July 07th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
whereas Sunday was a picture perfect photo day with abundant blue skies and fluffy kodak-type clouds .. Monday dawned early with rain showers and lots of gray sky .. it rained on and off for most of the morning but since we had the van we decided to ignore the weather forecast and headed out to explore the island anyway

when we collected the van Mary in the office cautioned us about the 4 mile 'pot-hole filled' dirt road leading from Hawk's Nest to the main road but we were in shock at the truly rough condition the road was presently in and wished we had a 4-wheel drive or ATV instead of the Toyota van we were driving .. the road is privately maintained by the resort and the home owners living along it and when it has sufficiently deteriorated and is virtually un-drivable they will scrape together the funds to regrade the road .. such is life on an out-island ..

after about 20 minutes ( to travel 4 miles! ) we eventually made our way to the 'main highway' which was only slightly better with regard to the pot holes but at least it was paved .. the last couple of years of storms and hurricanes .. in particular Hurricanes Irene and Sandy .. have taken a toll on the roads and infrastructure and it is obvious they are now in dire need of considerable work .. if we weren't dodging the pot-holes it was the brush and overgrown vegetation overhanging the sides of the road! ..

on our way to lunch we stopped in New Bright at Olives's Bakery for a couple loaves of bread ( coconut and cinnamon swirl ) and a couple of coconut and pineapple pastries .. we finally arrived at the turnoff for the Fernandez Bay Village Resort and navigated another very rough, rocky and winding road until we pulled up to the entrance of their lovely clubhouse located right on their own private pink sand beach . we were warmly greeted by Jason, the young Manager, who invited us to sit anywhere in the dining room and to help ourselves to anything at the their fully stocked honor bar on the patio .. we found a nicely chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio in the cooler for the pre-birthday gal and a diet coke for the captain  ( and expert driver! ) .. after a leisurely lunch we settled our bill and made reservations to return for dinner the next evening ..

.. after leaving Fernandez Bay there was rain all around us however it was not raining directly on us so we decided to take a chance and drive up to Mt. Alvernia for a look see .. we ended up climbing up the very steep hand-carved stone steps on front of the hill and all the way up to The Hermitage of Father Jerome Hawes ( it certainly seemed a lot steeper than 5 years ago! ).. even though the weather was not the best for photo taking it was still a spectacular vista with a gorgeous view .. we will hopefully be able to return on a nicer and sunnier day but we very much enjoyed our visit on this day nonetheless .. however next time we plan to take the much easier and less steep 'back route' up to the top of the 206 foot hill! ..

also at the 4th of July party we met another couple we had crossed wakes with in Staniel Cay .. Sue was the one who 'saved' Autumn from the jaws of the sharks and certain death three years ago when she spotted a dog swimming toward the fish cleaning station while we were on the dock chatting with them before going up for dinner!  .. this is also the couple who are both retired pilots and carry a helicopter on the aft deck of one of their boats .. the Fly 'N' Fish! .. we exchanged cards and Hank invited us to stop by their Cat Island home on our way back from town which we did .. they have a beautiful estate right on the beach with 2 adjacent homes in their compound for sale .. www.bahamabeachhomes.com .. we invited them to join us for dinner tomorrow at Fernandez Bay and made plans to pick them up on our way into town ..
Carol's birthday
Tuesday July 08th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..  Carol's birthday ..

we woke up around 4:30AM and noticed the power was off .. not a big deal as it happens frequently with BEC and it would probably pop back on in a bit .. nope not to be this AM  .. at 7:30AM still no electric power or internet service hence no buoy reports went out this morning until much later .. we finally went up to the office around mid-morning and Mary said someone had hit an electric pole and they would have it repaired shortly .. sure enough no sooner had we talked with her when the power returned to the resort and the docks .. it would take awhile longer however for the internet to settle down again so in the meantime we sit in the restaurant bar and lounge to work on our computers and iPads while Autumn takes a quiet nap on the boat ..

we told Hank and Sue we would pick them up at 'Chopper Pad' their place at 5:30 as it takes about an hour to navigate the roads to Fernandez Bay .. we would be having cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the the patio scheduled for 7:00 and dinner is served at 7:30 .. we arrived right on time about 6:45 and were greeted by our hostess Donna who asked who the 'birthday girl' was .. they had set up all the dining tables on their outside deck overlooking the beach and we found our table for 4 was decorated with birthday party hats, noise makers, poppers and beads!

over cocktails we met Ed and Debbie from the Marathon area who had just arrived on their 52' Hatteras 'Any Excuse' .. they had left Cave Cave in the morning intending to travel to Long Island when the weather turned pretty nasty on them .. stormy with rough seas .. they decided to anchor off Fernandez Bay instead and had come in for dinner ..

it turned out to be a beautiful evening for a patio/deck birthday party .. mahi finger appetizers accompanied by lovely music of Bahamian tunes played on the guitar ..
dinner was parmesan crusted chicken fillets, grilled tuna steaks, salad, peas'n'rice and a fabulous broccoli cheese bake dish .. all topped off by a birthday cake with candles and ice cream and strawberry sorbet! ..  it will certainly go down in our memory as a very special 60th birthday celebration on Cat Island ..

side note .. Marv had driven to the resort but Hank offered to drive back if we didn't mind his 'slow driving' .. must be his flying experience but we don't think he had more than 2 wheels on the road the entire way and we made it back to their place in record time!
a lazy day
Wednesday July 09th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
spent a quiet day on the boat relaxing and catching up with photos, emails and responding to some ongoing RPYC board matters etc .. finally took a couple of bicycles up to the lodge in order to get a better internet signal to use ..

an interesting boat had arrived in the marina last evening that had been customized into a dive boat with a diving cage mounted in the cockpit .. while we were at the lodge several young men walked in with backpacks and ordered 10 chicken sandwiches to go .. we understand they are on Cat Island in order to film tiger sharks .. we saw several of the boys on the back of the dockmaster's pickup truck loaded up with some very high tech film equipment .. as we were leaving Dee Light for dinner back at the lodge we saw the dive boat leaving the marina .. the fishing boat docked next to them had just finished cleaning a bunch of yellow fin tuna they had just brought in so they loaded up the carcasses to attract the sharks and off they went .. we assume they must be filming during the late evening or even at night .. maybe tomorrow we will catch up with some of them and learn a little more about what their project is all about ..
the wait staff here is the GREATEST 
Thursday July 010h - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
Happy 16th Birthday to Autumn and Happy Independence Day to the islands of the Bahamas
at lunch we talked with some of the crew from the dive boat .. they are here filming for Shark Week which airs on the Discovery Channel .. unfortunately they got 'skunked' last night with no sharks coming around their boat to take pictures of .. also unfortunately they are flying on to Freeport and Tiger Beach today so that was their last opportunity here on Cat Island .. we also found out they film at night in order to catch the nocturnal creatures that only come out then ..
the Hermitage  
first trip to the Hermitage
Friday July 11th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
the weather has been pretty unsettled (cloudy with frequent rain showers) most of the week due to the low pressure trough off the coast of Florida but today looked to be a much clearer day .. we had made arrangements to take the van today to visit The Hermitage once again and hoped it would be a better day for some photos which it turned out to be ..

after spending a fair amount of time at The Hermitage we concluded we had the photos we came for while keeping an eye to the sky and a large rain cell that was headed in our direction .. so we started our descent down the hill .. we hadn't quite reached the halfway point when the first raindrops started to hit us and by the time we made it back to the van we were pretty well drenched .. no matter .. the temperature was warm and we had the foresight to bring along a couple of towels to dry off with .. 

on the way back to the marina we stopped at the settlement of Old Bight .. we had spotted a straw shop that looked intriguing and we needed to add time to our Bahamas cell phone .. when we checked the balance it said 'you have .02 cents in your account' .. guess we used it more than we realized and knew that wasn't going to last long! .. the proprietor of the neat, clean and very orderly convenience store we found in Old Bight was most friendly and so nice and loved the great straw tote bag we found that he said his sister made .. that and a jug of fresh Tropicana orange juice completed our purchases there .. across the street at the local tavern the lady bartender 'topped off' our phone with additional minutes and we were back on our way down the bumpy road! .. funny how one gets used to things after awhile .. although the road is still pretty atrocious it doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did on our first trip!

while we were gone Ed and Debbie on Any Excuse had arrived and were docked at the marina .. before leaving for Hank and Sue's home for dinner we stopped at their boat to say hi and invited them for cocktails on Dee Light and planned to have dinner with them the next evening ..

Hank and Sue's home ( the Chopper Pad ) is located only about a mile up the road from the resort so it is a very easy trip .. we made up a cheese platter with some Wisconsin cheese to bring along and a couple bottles of wine .. Sue grilled us some fresh conch ( quite different from the breaded cracked conch you usually find ) and fresh mahi  .. we really enjoyed our dinner with them and their company and can't thank them enough for their gracious hospitality ..
a tough day in paradise
Saturday July 12th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
earlier in the day we went up to use the pool and to get a better internet signal .. the remainder of the afternoon was spent on Dee Light doing some basic housekeeping chores and boat chores  .. this was due to both having company and in anticipation of our travel plans on Monday ..

Ed and Debbie came over for cocktails around 5:30 and we all took the bicycles to the resort for dinner .. after a lovely meal we were too lazy to bike the 1/4 mile back to the marina so the dockmaster gave us a ride back in the van where we were greeted by a full 'super' moon just peeking out from behind the clouds ..
our last day at Cat Island
Sunday July 13th - Hawks Nest Marina at Cat Island ..
this was to be our last day at Hawk's Nest and Cat Island .. we were joined by Ed and Debbie for a late lunch poolside and later we biked back up to have a night cap at the bar and say goodbye to Anton and to thank the staff .. we called it an early evening as tomorrow morning would be a travel day for us ..

we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay on Cat Island and are so glad we decided to make the extra effort to visit this special place again .. it is a bit off the beaten path and services are quite limited but the people are most delightful and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and accommodate you in every way possible .. we hope to have the opportunity to visit again in the future ..
Cave Cay Marina backwaters 
Monday July 14th - Cat Island to Cave Cay ..

the office opens at 07:30AM and we radioed to let them know we were ready for Jerry the dockmaster to take our final meter readings before our departure from Hawk's Nest .. as we pulled away from the dock at 08:15AM Debbie waved so long from her bow and said they would see us later that afternoon .. as we were leaving the channel on an outgoing tide the current caught us a little off guard on our bow as we made a 90 degree turn at the fuel dock .. the channel into Hawk's Nest is very narrow but thankfully well marked and it is quite easy to read the water going out ..

the buoy reports called for 2-2.5 footers which would be on our port quarter stern .. we had a few whitecaps and lots of fluffy white clouds with only one rain shower behind us in the far distance which was quickly moving away from us .. the captain had to 'drive' most of the way as the auto pilot tends to work overtime in the type of following seas we were in today however we made great time and arrived at the Cave Cay Cut at 11:15 .. we slowed down as we entered the cut between Musha Cay (David Copperfield's island) and Cave Cay .. we had the current and the wind coming from opposite directions but easily navigated the current and breakers and arrived back to the brilliant turquoise and sparkling waters of the Exumas .. we have concluded that while we enjoy all of the different cays and islands we have visited in the Bahamas .. and all are uniquely beautiful .. the waters in the Exumas are truly special and by far the prettiest ..

Bare Neccesity is on anchor outside Cave Cay and lost their hooka diving ring with their air tanks .. they came into marina with their dinghy asking if we had seen it on our way in .. saw them as we came thru the cut and saw they had it with them at that time and told them we will keep an eye out for it it when in our dinghy ..

Ed and Debbie arrived on Any Excuse about 01:30PM with Debbie at the helm and Ed handling the lines .. she had a nice breeze pushing the boat off the dock but she did a great job and didn't hit a thing .. she had driven the entire way from Hawk's Nest and said it was the first time in about 4 years that she had docked the boat!

Steve Cone, owner of Cave Cay came down to the docks to say hello and welcome us .. we then launched the dinghy for the first time since leaving Compass Cay in mid June and took it out for a short run around Cave Cay and Musha Cay before getting cleaned up and going over to Any Excuse for dinner .. Debbie made spaghetti and we brought over a salad and peach ice cream for dessert ..
great to be back to the Exumas again
inside the cave at Cave Cay
lunch at Ocean Cabin at Little Farmers Cay
Tuesday July 15th - Cave Cay Marina ..
one of the things we wanted to do while at Cave Cay was to visit Little Farmers Cay and have lunch at Ocean Cabin to see Terry and Ernestine Bain, the proprietors once again  .. we reached Terry on the radio and said we be there around noon .. the last time we were there we had 20 other people from RPYC with us .. we located the club burgee we left at that time along with the Legacy Harbor burgee left several years ago ..  since it was Ed and Debbie's first visit to the island Terry then presented them with the 'official' Little Farmer Cay flag and a Little Farmer Cay music CD .. Ernestine is a wonderful cook and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch along with the special house drink 'the Ocean Cabin' .. after lunch we walked up the hill to J.R.'s Woodcarving Studio and had to take home a couple of special pieces after J.R. carved his signature into the bases for us .. J.R. carves his sculptures with wood from the Wild Tamerind tree .. the same wood that is used to build the native sailing skiffs used in the local regattas .. we left Little Farmer's around 02:00 and when we got back to the boat at 02:30 we loaded the dinghy back on the bow so we will be ready to leave in the morning ..

before leaving the boat Cindy Cone stopped by with 2 of their dogs Pancho and Annie and we invited her and Steve for cocktails on Dee Light later that evening ..
 Dee Light at Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Wednesday July 16th - Cave Cay Marina to Staniel Cay ..
 our last evening at Cave Cay was spent over cocktails and plenty of appetizers on the aft deck of Dee Light with Steve and Cindy and Ed and Debbie .. after the great lunch we had at Ocean Cabin that afternoon we didn't need to look any further for dinner .. Cave Cay has the same floating dock system as our home port of Legacy Marina and Steve is in the process of replacing all of the galvanized rollers and components with stainless steel .. the marina has been quite busy all season .. no doubt due to the closing of Sampson Cay and although Cave does no advertising thru word of mouth it has become a great stopping off and refueling point before heading further south or returning back to the Exumas ..

Shark, Cave Cay's dockmaster helped us with our lines and we departed the marina at 08:15AM .. we took our time at 10+ knots until we cleared Galliot Cut and Little Farmer's Cay until we had a little more water depth with a following sea once again

we picked up the pace and arrived at the Staniel Cay WP about 10:30 .. as instructed we radioed Staniel that we were about 20 minutes out and would like to go to the fuel dock to top off our tanks .. once we got in the channel the fuel dock was already occupied and they asked us to back in on the inside of the dock .. once we were between the pilings we realized the finger dock was not long enough to allow us to reach our mid ship tank .. and besides the captain of the other boat told us there was only one pump available and he still needed to take on another 1000 gals! .. plan B was to hang out in the channel until the fuel dock was open or plan C .. go to our slip which was now available and fuel later  .. with all the traffic coming and going we decided to get docked now as we were plum tired of dodging all the boat traffic at that point   ..

Ed and Debbie on Any Excuse showed up about an hour later and they also hung out in the channel for about another hour before finally getting on the fuel dock and fueled up .. again we are surprised at the number of boats and people cruising in this area ..

we met Ed and Debbie at the bar with the plan to walk to the 'new' restaurant along with several other people who had the same idea ..  however when we got to the door it was locked and no one there .. a young girl walking by said 'oh they left and are off island today' .. so back to the yacht club bar we all marched where we joined Carl the bartender for a bite to eat ..
Ed and Debbie headed north today
Thursday July 17th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ..
we got moving a little earlier this morning in order to spend some time with Ed and Debbie before they took off and to say goodbye .. one of the nicest aspects of cruising is the great people you meet along the way and fun times you end up sharing together .. they plan to moor out a couple of days and then head to Nassau and on to Bimini for a boating Rendevous over the first weekend of August .. we hope to meet up with them again and will plan to touch base when we get back to Marathon on our return trip ..

we are back in the area of 'turtle internet' .. ( heard a gal on the dock lament 'it is slower than molasses!' ) .. as a result we were not able to send out our daily buoy reports this morning and the Captain spent the majority of the afternoon rebuilding and solving several wifi issues before he got it up and running again .. whew! .. what a job! .. happy to report we were able to send them out the next morning ..

.. we made reservations for the traditional evening Bahamian dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club .. a word of caution to those who have young children ..you may want to give them a little something to eat before you arrive as we were not seated until 08:00PM .. (when the dinner bell is rung everyone is seated at the same time ) .. however once seated the service for the 4-course meal was wonderful and the food is very very good with a delicious carrot soup to start, chilled salads, grilled grouper and BBQ ribs and finally blueberry cheesecake for dessert ..
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