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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2014- Log G
Staniel Cay to Highbourne
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Ed and Debbie headed north today
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Thursday July 17th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ..
we got moving a little earlier this morning in order to spend some time with Ed and Debbie before they took off and to say goodbye .. one of the nicest aspects of cruising is the great people you meet along the way and fun times you end up sharing together .. they plan to moor out a couple of days and then head to Nassau and on to Bimini for a boating Rendevous over the first weekend of August .. we hope to meet up with them again and will plan to touch base when we get back to Marathon on our return trip ..

we are back in the area of 'turtle internet' .. ( heard a gal on the dock lament 'it is slower than molasses!' ) .. as a result we were not able to send out our daily buoy reports this morning and the Captain spent the majority of the afternoon rebuilding and solving several wifi issues before he got it up and running again .. whew! .. what a job! .. happy to report we were able to send them out the next morning ..

.. we made reservations for the traditional evening Bahamian dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club .. a word of caution to those who have young children ..you may want to give them a little something to eat before you arrive as we were not seated until 08:00PM .. (when the dinner bell is rung everyone is seated at the same time ) .. however once seated the service for the 4-course meal was wonderful and the food is very very good with a delicious carrot soup to start, chilled salads, grilled grouper and BBQ ribs and finally blueberry cheesecake for dessert ..
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Friday July 18th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ..
whereas yesterday was sunny ( and very hot ) all day .. this morning we woke up to big thunderheads building up around us and by 09:30AM the rain started accompanied by lots of rumbling  .. the rain is welcome on the island and we used the downtime to catch up on our boat and housekeeping chores along with a few other projects ..

by mid-afternoon the clouds had moved out and it turned into another sunny and hot afternoon .. we decided to try to have dinner at the new restaurant Taste and Sea and they were open for business tonight .. it is a family operation and the food was quite good offering the usual Bahamian fare .. burgers, fish, chicken, fries, etc. .. they also have a full liquor bar that stayed busy all evening .. the little restaurant sits right on the beach so we were able to catch the first really colorful sunset we have seen in several days ..
Dee Light from the bar at SCYC
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Saturday July 19th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
on Thursday Maylasia Airlines experienced another horrific loss of a 777 passenger airliner which is purported to have been shot down over Eastern Ukraine by Pro-Russian rebels with a BUK anti-aircraft surface to air missile strike .. we spent some time today watching the TV coverage of the deplorable and disgraceful conditions at the crash site and lack of any coordination or access by recovery teams to the bodies and personal effects of the passengers with reports of looting occurring .. we pray that the families of these lost souls will be able to grieve properly with their loved ones treated with respect and dignity in the coming days ..

we made reservations to have dinner at Fowl Cay tomorrow night but now we needed to find a 'ride' to the island as we didn't want to take our dinghy .. at the office we met up with Coral and her young son .. we first met Coral and her husband Brian when they had the Thunderball Club restaurant and bar and she was very pregnant with her 4th child ( who is now 4 years old! ) .. they now operate Wheels and Waves Island Rentals .. coral@stanielrentals.com or 242-524-8191 .. she said they will get us Fowl Cay .. they were just waiting for the fuel barge to arrive so they could refuel their boats .. later as we walked up to the bar for dinner we saw the fuel barge had arrived and was now docked at the fuel dock .. looks like we will have a ride!

after dinner at SCYC ( in the bar ) we waited around for Rhonda to finish up with the dinner service and see if she had a golf car rental for us to use on Sunday .. while we waited for Rhonda we met a family from Islamorada and she told us she was originally from Naples .. it seems we have met more people this year from SW Florida than any other time .. while we were at SCYC the electric power went off a couple of times but came back on shortly ..

after returning to the boat the power was off again ( except for the bar ) so we fired up the generator and went to bed .. the power never did come back on so we spent the entire night with the generator running .. and about 01:00AM a good rain storm cell came thru with plenty of thunder and lightening along with it .. so Autumn also had a long night staying on 'high alert' most of the night to keep an eye on the storm and her humans ..
 Dee Light at Staniel Cay
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dinner at Fowl Cay


Sunday July 20th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
National Ice Cream Day .. declared by President Reagan in 1984 as the 3rd Sunday in July ..

07:00AM and still no power on the docks .. also still mostly gray skies with drizzling rain .. we hear the electric power problem is in Black Point where the power comes from but haven't heard when it is expected to be fixed .. by 09:30 lots of people were milling around on the docks ..

when Rhonda's husband came by to deliver our golf cart rental we declined and took a rain check .. we still did not have power back on the docks and along with going to church we had really wanted to visit the bluff side of the island .. but with the rain and clouds it was not promising to be a good beach day anyway ..

finally after walking up to the bar and another phone call by the bartender power was finally turned back on to the boats on the docks .. not only was the electrical service lost at both Black Point and Staniel but it seems Staniel also had the misfortune to blow its back-up generator last night too ..

it wasn't long after that Coral phoned to say the navigation lights on their boat were not working so they would not be able to take us to Fowl Cay for dinner after all .. bummer! .. and we were so looking forward to our special evening .. after another walk to the office and another phone call by Nettie she said Drecko would pick us up at 06:15PM to take us over to Fowl Cay ..

Drecko Chamberlain .. 242-359-1573 .. arrived at the dock promptly at 06:25PM
( for island time that is prompt! ) and we introduced ourselves .. we found out that Drecko is also a pilot who flys out of Staniel Cay .. we were met on the dock at Fowl Cay and escorted to their main house and dining room The Bird's Nest by a pleasant young lady named Danika .. turned out we were the first ones to arrive at the bar where we were greeted by Willard the bartender ..

Fowl Cay is a Royal Plantation Resort owned and managed by Sandals International .. we were very pleased to see and talk with Marta again as we had first met her and her husband Yves shortly after they arrived at Fowl Cay as resident managers over 4 years ago .. they had sailed their boat from Europe and their first US port of entry happened to be Fort Myers! .. the resort has stayed very busy with guests so dinner reservations can be hard to get if you are not a guest at the resort .. we were very glad they were able to fit us in for dinner tonight which is a special treat for us and usually always ends up as one of the highlights of our trip .. tonight the chef's entree offerings were roasted duckling and seared tuna .. we had one of each and traded plates halfway thru dinner! .. after coffee and dessert we said goodbye to Marta and headed back down to the dock and were glad we remembered to bring a small LED flashlight with us!

while we waited on the dock for Drecko to pick us up we had a chance to talk with the young captain from one of the mega yachts who was also waiting on his guests .. found out he is originally from Turkey and loves his job where he is presently based out of Fort Lauderdale ..

it turned out to be a beautiful evening for our ride back to Staniel Cay .. Drecko was running without nav lights in order to 'see' better in the dark night .. however the clouds had dispersed and stars were so bright they actually lit up the night and water .. and as we looked up at the stars shining so brilliantly it felt like you could almost reach out and touch them ..
tropical winds from Invest 92L  
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Monday July 21st - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
the weather pattern continues to be very unsettled with numerous clouds and rain showers coming thru the area due to a low pressure trough located in the northwest Bahamas .. we saw on Debbie's FB Page that they unfortunately experienced a couple of rough and scary nights of weather on their mooring ball and now are at Atlantis in Nassau for a few days ..

we decided to stay aboard tonight and had been hungry lately for bacon, eggs and biscuits so we had decided to have breakfast for dinner tonight .. also threw a small ham steak in the pan and even Autumn thought it really hit the spot! ..
Staniel Cay rental dinghy
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Tuesday July 22nd - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
waited around this morning for a group of 17 boats scheduled to arrive at Staniel today from Miami .. hoping there is room left on the docks so we can stay for a few more days on Staniel .. by early afternoon there were no new arrivals on the docks so we walked up to the bar for a drink and some conch bites .. 2 large boats 60+ foot came in a little after 02:00PM and finally around 04:00PM a couple more boats arrived .. evening ended with only 5 boats arriving at Staniel's docks .. looks like we are in! 

later that evening back at the bar we met up with Lee, a field service engineer for Volvo Penta the engine manufacturer ( we also call him the Volvo Penta guy because that is the cap he is wearing! )..  he was enlisted ( and flown from Toronto to Miami at the last minute ) to go along with these cruisers as the 'mechanical trouble shooter' because the boats are all brand new and this is basically a shake-down cruise for them.. this is also his first visit to the Bahamas!  .. here is the website for the specs of the boat docked beside us that he rode over on .. http://www.montecarloyachts.it/en/mcy70.html
talking with Lee we also found out the other 4 boats that are traveling with the group decided to turn around and returned to Nassau due to the 5-6 footers on the nose ..

at the bar we also ran into Sammy from the SOB ( Smokin Oyster Bar ) on FTM Beach .. and enjoyed meeting up with the Crows Nest girls who are here celebrating the 60th birthday of Linda's sister  .. and our own birthday girl just had to have her picture taken with such a fun and good-looking group of ladies!
Staniel Cay Marina 
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Wednesday July 23rd - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
since we no longer had a concern about being asked to move or relocate Dee Light ( and now have 2 boats docked behind us ) .. and the 17 boats once expected had now dwindled to ( we think ) a total of 5 or maybe it was 6? .. we decided to rent a golf cart from Rhonda to explore Staniel a little more .. also the weather had really changed for the better and it was a gorgeous day .. after some exploring and ( being told we couldn't ride around in the  'oh so fancy neighborhood' which overlooks the ocean side if we weren't staying there! ) .. we were also quite surprised at the number of housing construction projects underway on the island that you don't see from the marina .. it seems that Staniel may be experiencing a mini building boom .. we actually watched someone operating a backhoe on a pile of sand smack dab in the middle of the water while dredging .. it appeared he was actually building himself an island and was a very bizarre sight to watch!

we ended our afternoon on the Pirate's Beach where we found a shady spot to camp out under a causerina tree .. we think this is one of the nicest beaches in the Exumas with its sugar sand bottom and it's quiet protected location from the surf .. after returning to Dee Light and a refreshing shower to remove the salt we walked up and for a fish sandwich and onion rings at the yacht club bar and made arrangements with Rhonda to use the golf cart for another day ..
Isles Inn - Berkie and helper


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Thursday July 24th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
it was again a beautiful day so we loaded up the golf cart and took off for another 'eventful' day on Staniel .. the supply boat had arrived yesterday so we stopped at the Isles Grocery and picked up some fresh romaine, an onion, a beef steak tomato, a Bahamian grown cucumber and a nice package of fresh mushrooms ..

we returned to Pirate's Beach where we were joined by a couple of nice families on summer break with their kids who were busy playing on the beach and in the water .. what a great way to spend a week or two of summer vacation and make wonderful memories ..

we decided to give the Taste and Sea Restaurant a try again tonight and met up with Lee ( the Volvo Penta cap guy ) at the yacht club who we invited to join us for dinner .. we were surprised as we walked thru the door and were greeted with a big smile from Drecko the nice young man who gave us the boat ride to Fowl Cay last Sunday! .. turns out he also works here and waited on us .. again the food was very good and very plentiful .. we were also glad we arrived when we did as the place was jam-packed by the time we got our orders ..

after dinner the yacht club was also packed with island party-goers and the joint was jumpin' .. after one drink we decided it was getting too noisy for the 'older set' and we headed back to Dee Light where we were met on the dock by our neighbor Emily who invited us to come aboard Volo for a drink and tour of the boat .. the interior is a very contempory design .. all off whites and light grays and the main salon is very airy with at least 7 feet of head room and very cool state-of-the-art LED lighting .. in a word very Miamiesque .. on the bridge their captain Chris showed us the ultra high tech electronic features built into the boat and in turn we gave him some local info about the Bahamas as he had never boated further south than Bimini! ..
Volo heading out
Bahaman dinner at the SCYC
Friday July 25th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
today was a catch-up day on the boat with work on photos and log and returning emails, etc etc .. we were also hanging around the boat waiting for Watermakers Air and the delivery of a new camera addition which was finally located and kept the Captain occupied most of the afternoon ..

since we planned to leave Staniel first thing Sunday morning we made reservations for one last Bahamian Dinner at the yacht club and asked Rhonda if the golf cart was available for rent again on Saturday .. over dinner we talked with a lovely couple from NC at the adjoining table .. they had just arrived today and as it was their first visit to the island we shared with them some 'local points of interest' to see and things to do the next day with their dinghy .. back at the bar we had a drink and said goodbye to Linda and the gals as they were flying out in the morning ..
afternoon at our Infinity Pool 
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Saturday July 26th - Staniel Cay Yacht Club..
it is with mixed emotions as we enjoy our last full day here on Staniel Cay .. as we have mentioned before each island / cay is uniquely different and each has its own vibe and personality .. however we have always found the local people to be so very welcoming and friendly and accommodating .. and as a bonus we always seem to meet up with the most interesting cruisers at every stop .. yesterday afternoon we found ourselves seated sat next to a couple at the bar .. he on a sailboat from Kemah, TX while she lives with her 2 daughters in Naples, FL .. we thinks he is trying to 'woo' her to come sailing with him on a full time basis! .. we shared with them a short version of 'our story' and told them if they are looking for a marina in the Fort Myers / Naples area to come check out our home port of Legacy Harbour ..

a little before 11:00AM we picked up the keys to the golf cart at the yacht club and loaded it up with our beach stuff for a final afternoon at the Pirate's Beach .. it was totally deserted when we arrived and still at low tide so we walked over to the tidal pool aka 'our infinity pool' to take some photos before heading back to camp out under our shady causerina tree .. we were content to just spend the rest of our last afternoon enjoying the beautiful scenery .. an occasional refreshing dip in the crystal clear water and the general peace and quiet of our surroundings .. until we determined we had enough sand sun and surf and headed back to the boat .. stopped at Rhonda's to see if she had more bread but forgot she was off-island for a couple of days so no luck .. we are glad we had stashed a few loaves in the freezer!

we stopped by our neighbors' boats docked behind us to advise them we would be backing out of our slip in the morning and asked if they could move their tenders and other 'toys' so we wouldn't have to worry about smashing them against the sides of their boats as we left .. no problem as the captain on the end boat said they would be going out fishing in the morning anyway ..

so .. our last evening ended up at the yacht club bar with our 'usual health food' fare .. a diet coke, Kalik light over a glass of ice, onion rings and a big Caesar salad .. we briefly met our newest dock neighbors on a Hatteras Sport Fish from Montgomery, TX .. we also met up with the young couple from NC and they shared their 'amazing day' with us telling us what a great time they were having .. we wished them goodbye but not before telling him to be sure not to leave the Exumas before finding a nice secluded beach for a little skinny-dip with his lovely lady in these beautiful waters! .. oh yes .. and since she forgot to bring a hat we gave her one as a farewell gift from us .. it's so nice to see young love! .
first day at Highbourne Cay 
Sunday July 27th - Staniel Cay to Highbourne Cay ..
left the Staniel dock at 09:15AM and snuck past the boat directly on our stern with a generous 4+ foot clearance off his tender .. the captain of the larger boat on the end of the dock had kindly moved their 'stuff' so we had no issue backing out and clearing their stern ..

reflecting on our time at Staniel Cay as we were leaving and heading for the 'ICW' of Exuma Sound we were very glad we took the extra time to extend our stay there as we have thoroughly enjoyed our visit this year ..

as predicted it has turned into an absolutely picture perfect day for a cruise .. actually the nicest and calmest seas we have experienced since leaving Fort Myers and starting on this trip .. we arrived at Highbourne Cay and were docked by 12:15PM .. in the slip right next to the one we were in on our previous visits ..

we have a 16 year old dog named Autumn and we often are reminded that she is a lot smarter than we give her credit .. our usual routine right after tying up at the dock is to put on her leash and take her off the boat for a walk .. today she was beside herself and was sooooo excited .. she raced along the docks and acted like a puppy .. we think she knows exactly where she is at and that we are on our way back to our home port! .. and we have to agree it is nice to be back at Highbourne .. not only for its reliable and high-speed internet but for its laid-back and relaxing atmosphere .. whereas Staniel Cay has the Key West / FTM Beach party atmosphere Highbourne Cay is much more relaxed .. much like a Sanibel /Captiva beach house  ..

after being warmly welcomed by the staff and registering the boat we walked up to the Xuma bar for a drink and made dinner reservations .. the weather forecast looks to be the same for the next couple of days so we launched the dinghy to do some exploring tomorrow ..
we enjoyed another outstanding meal at the Xuma restaurant .. we had made an early 06:30PM reservation with the idea of making it an early evening after an active day .. we were seated and just finishing our salads when another couple ( about our ages ) were seated at the deuce table right next to us .. well of course we got to talking and before we knew it our waiter had moved our two tables together so we could continue our conversation and have dinner together .. John and Nora are from Sarasota and had just arrived in the Bahamas on their 42' Egg Harbor Sportfish .. Nora is former mayor of Sarasota and a current county commissioner and John is a semi-retired attorney and they intend to head down to Warderick Wells next .. they also were very impressed with the food and we all complimented the chef when he stopped by our table .. so much for an early evening as after finishing dinner John and Nora invited us to their boat for a 'nightcap' of vanilla Hagan Daz ice cream with fresh peaches as a topping ..
afternoon on the beach with the Iguanas
afternoon on the beach with the Iguanas
Monday July 28th - Highbourne Cay Marina ..
today was once again sunny and very hot ( it is almost August after all ) but the waters are super calm and clear and great for dinking around .. it had been several years since we had visited the local iguana beaches so we set out for Allen and Leaf Cays where there is a protected colony of these critters that have faces only a mother could love .. honestly they are pretty ugly! .. we ended up hanging around on the beach and in the water most of the afternoon and had a great time watching a group of about 25 tourists arrive on the Nassau tour boat to feed the iguanas 'grapes on a stick' .. we swear the seagulls can also tell time as there must have been at least a couple hundred on the beach waiting before the tour boat arrived and only a few stragglers after the boat left!

after deciding we had enough sun we left the beach to return to the marina and Dee Light for a nice shower and to chill in the cool A/C of our aft cabin before preparing dinner .. Xuma is closed on Mondays so we dined on board tonight with a nice romaine salad and pasta ..
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